"queen of swords" I remember my teacher telling us that the Queen of Swords represents “mourning.” A traditional interpretation. It stuck with me. And was often the case in client readings.

But time passes. And books are bought. And experience is gained. And decks magically appear in my hands 🙂 and these days I see her for more than mourning, grief, separation, barbed words.

I see her for wisdom (yes, wisdom gained through travail) and writing (Sword as pen to write, tongue for speech) and generally being on top. On top of her tasks. Effective. Neat. Clear. HONEST.

I brought the Tarot of the Hidden Realm to the cafe with me today and this Queen faces us, unlike the Rider Waite Queen who we see in profile. This Queen can bear to look. This Queen can bear to see. Don’t get me wrong. She’s not weak. She is powerful and super smart, maybe the smartest being in the entire deck but open she’s not (in the Rider Waite). Maybe because she’s too busy, pressed for time, or uninterested.

Purple is the color of mastery and power, including psychic power. Her sword is on her lap and she holds it gently. She’s not fighting anyone, not today. But if you look into her eyes you can see oh yes you can see, don’t even try to trick her. She is fully capable and happy to left up her weapon and give you what you deserve and more.

This is one of my obsessions actually — traditional Tarot decks with new images and thus new interpretations come down to us.

The following words are from an earlier Queen of Swords post of mine: 

How much pain can you bear comfortably? Hmm. Comfortably is a weird word here, isn’t it.
Apparently I can bear a fair amount of mental pain. Assimilate it. Integrate it. Learn from it. Teach from it.
I have a Moon Pluto conjunction in Virgo in my natal chart (in my First House). You astrology fans know what means!

And eventually there comes a time where you just sit there — you sit there — in shock at your… strength? Stupidity? Ability to bear.

I decided to look up “bear” on my MacBook Air dictionary and found some interesting stuff.
Dictionaries are full of poetry.

-the warriors bore lances tipped with iron
-have or display as a visible mark or feature
-she bore herself with DIGNITY
-to bear = to support
-to bear = to endure (she bore the pain stoically. I do not bear stoically. But I do bear.)
– a large heavy mammal

Do you see this Queen? 

Wishing you good cards xx

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