Which of these vacations are you most likely to take?


Which of these best describes the contents of your closet


Are you ecologically mindful about your food choices?


On a scale of one (not very) to ten (extremely), how green is your home?


Do you encourage your friends and family to become more eco-savvy?


How would you describe your spiritual connection to the earth?


Do you have a garden?


Do you decide whether to patronize businesses based on their environmental policies?


When you need apples, you:


When you vote, how important is the candidate's stance on the environment?

Your result is:
Those tree-huggers make you nuts! You do what you can to support the free market--and feel it's your right to take what you need from the earth; American jobs in logging, oil, and mining depend on it. The noise being made about global warming is just that, noise--you don't want any part of it. But in case this quiz has piqued your curiosity:

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Your result is:
Consumer in the Middle
You're not part of the solution. You may or may not recycle and you don't hold the environment as a personal or political priority—and it doesn't figure into most or any of your purchasing choices. Though you're not engaged in green living, you're not against it, either--and some of teh arguments make good sense to you.

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Your result is:
Friend of the Forest
Though you're not waving sustainable-timber picket signs, you do all you can in your buying, cleaning, and recycling habits to tread lightly. You've switched over some but not all of your light bulbs to LED or compact fluorescents and wish everyone else would do the same. You consider the earth a sacred sustainer of life that must thrive, but the green fight is not the center of your life.

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Your result is:
It's a bird, it's a biodiesel-fueled plane, it's Super-Greeen! You make all the right choices, and are probably organizing a tree-sit as we speak. Your heroes are Ed Begley, Jr. and Julia Butterfly Hill and it makes you absolutely insane that Tesla's ideas have not been put to use. You're one of our educators and enlighteners—just make sure you don't get too preachy about your practices and beliefs.

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