People don't often realize how important getting just enough sleep is for a fresh, energetic and healthy life. Find out if your sleeping habits are aiding in your journey to a healthier you, or standing in the way.

The latest you will drink a caffeinated beverage is:


Before a long car drive, you make sure to:


How often does daytime sleepiness interfere with your daily activities?


Do you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day?


You exercise:


How much sleep do you normally get on weekday?


If you go to bed an hour later than you normally do, you:


Your nightly routine consists of:


How often are you accused of snoring by your partner?


Where are you most likely to nod off?

Your result is:
Sleep like a baby, and fresh as a daisy!
Sleep is important to you, and you do your best to optimize your surroundings so that it'll come easily. When you have a bad night, it's unusual, and you do your best to get back on track immediately.
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Your result is:
More than a few yawns
Lack of sleep hasn't interfered too much with your daily life -- yet. It may seem like the norm to be tired on a fairly regular basis, but you may want to check in with your doctor for a complete discussion about your sleeping habits.
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Your result is:
A living zombie
Feeling refreshed and energized after a night of sleep seems like wishful thinking. Speak to your doctor as soon as possible, as you may have a sleeping disorder interfering with your ability to enjoy life!
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