You have a headache. What's the first thing you do?


How often do you discuss emotional or spiritual issues with your doctor?


You believe that pain is...




How often do you turn to alternative therapies in your health care?


Your instincts about potential health problems:


Spiritual healing methods like hands-on healing:


When I feel sluggish what helps me most is:


I get most of my health information from:


After a heated argument the first thing I do is:


I will finally be completely healed when:

Your result is:

Happily Disconnected

Spirituality may be very important to you, but not when it comes to your health. You are drawn to conventional medical treatments, and you don't trust techniques that aren't administered by medical school graduates.

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Your result is:

Still Learning

You aren't sure what to make of the myriad altnernative remedies available today, and you're not even sure they're worthwhile. You've heard of things like yoga and meditation, but "ayurveda" and "hands-on healings" are not familiar terms.

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Your result is:

Open but Skeptical

You have dabbled with alternative therapies, and your instincts tell you that spiritual wellness is directly related to physical wellness, particularly when it comes to stress-related ailments. But you're not sure you're ready to have a homeopath as your primary care physician just yet.

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Your result is:

Totally Connected

You are very aware of the relationship between your outer body and your inner spirit, so you see your health in highly spiritual terms. You have experienced healing through alternative therapies that take a holistic approach to health and well-being.

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