Nothing beats the feeling of falling in love.  But falling into a state of dizzying attraction or over-attachment to an object of desire can spell trouble. Being out of control and too "high" on love can be as destructive as an addiction to alcohol, drugs, food or shopping. In the questions below, check the answer that most applies to you. Find out if you are just head over heels or a complete head-case  looking for your next fix of affection when it comes to love.

Dr. Judy Kuriansky, or "Dr. Judy," is a clinical psychologist, sex therapist, and media personality. A pioneer of radio advice talk, she was host the call-in show "LovePhones," based in New York and syndicated across the U.S. She is author of many books, including: "The Complete Idiot's Guide to a Healthy Relationship" and  "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Dating."


When I fall in love, I usually:


When I meet someone who seems perfect for me, I usually:


My feeling about love is that:


When my love interest calls but I have other plans, I usually:


When I am in love, my emotional life seems:


When I am in love, I have a physical reaction that includes:


When I meet someone I'm wild about, my mood tends to:


When deep feelings are sparked by someone I love, I usually:


When I do not have a love relationship in my life, I usually:


When a love affair ends, I usually:


Life without that "special someone" makes me feel:

Your result is:
a Love Addict

Too quick to fall in love, and hit too hard when love ends, you're caught in a love trap, likely addicted to love. Get more control over your feelings by giving infatuation more time to grow and see what happens. Like addictions to other substances, addiction to love requires recognizing your emotional needs, regaining control over urges, finding other sources of fulfillment. Medication and therapy helps in extreme cases before you lose your job, friends or your mind.

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Your result is:
on the Verge of Being Addicted to Love

While you haven't quite lost control over all your senses when love appears, you’re still too focused on Prince Charming solving your life problems. Instead of desperately seeking love from an outside person, do things to love yourself.

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Your result is:
a Level-headed Lover with Self-Appreciation

Like every healthy person, you enjoy being in love but it doesn't drive your life or edge out anything else. You know that the thrill can come and go. Keep that reasonable head on your shoulders so you can still enjoy the moment without sabotaging the rest of your life.

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