When you watch a movie at the theater, what do you like to get from the snack bar?


What is your favorite kind of movie ending?


There's nothing on TV. What channel(s) do you turn to anyway?


If you had the chance to hang out with one of the following celebrities for a day, it would be:


If you're stressed out over a personal problem and want to escape with a movie, you are most likely going to pick something that:


If you really love a film, are you most likely to:


What best describes what you do during any given movie?


You like to surround yourself with people who:


What's your favorite activity (aside from watching movies)?


Which movie character would you most like to have dinner with?

Your result is:
You like to be intellectually stimulated while watching a film. Sure, the occasional comedy or action movie is fine, but you'd rather watch a documentary, that can help you better understand how another culture lives or the story behind someplace/someone/something that you didn't know existed. Also prefers foreign films, mysteries, and indie flicks.
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Your result is:
There's nothing you like better than getting comfortable on the couch with a box of tissues and a romantic comedy or drama. You live for happy endings and watching dreams on true on screen because it makes you optimistic that you can achieve your own dreams too--in life, your career, and of course, love.
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Your result is:
Kid at Heart
You love good old-fashioned fun. You're a fan of animated films, especially ones with funny characters and storylines that help instill values in your own children. And, even though you probably won't admit it to your friends, you also get a kick out of some teen comedies.
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Your result is:
You are most happy surrounded by family and good friends who love nothing more than to hear a good story and laugh out loud. Obviously comedies are your thing, but some adventure movies also keep you entertained.
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Your result is:
Thrill Seeker
You aren't really satisfied with your movie experience unless you're watching a film that features action, adventure, suspense, and lots of special effects. Even if you aren't a risk-taker in real-life, you sometimes wish you were. Horror movies give you the chills, but you love them anyway.
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