Letting Go with Guy Finley

Letting Go with Guy Finley

Accepting the Invitation

posted by Guy Finley

Question: I am wondering if all spiritual teachings, especially concerning being present and realizing expansion and contraction, apply to my current situation. My spouse of many years has left me, and I am now isolated and surrounded by memories. Can anyone say that this (perceived) agony is subject to the same laws as you teach?

Answer: All conditions in our life, regardless of the sorrow or suffering they bring, have the potential to liberate us from who and what we have been up until that time of trial. God, the Divine, is not trying to take something from us when we lose what we love or depend upon; in truth, all “losses” are a kind of “invitation” to gain, in the only way possible, the realization of another order of ourselves that is less dependent on personal relationships (whatever their nature) because it is more firmly grounded in Reality… the only world where we can hope to find the lasting freedom of everlasting Love.


Awaken the Life of Revelation

posted by Guy Finley

There is no such thing as a bad fact for those who seek spiritual freedom…

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Find Your Way Out of the Prison of Dark Thoughts and Feelings

posted by Guy Finley

If there could be only one idea — a lamp whose light could show the aspirant of real life the way out of the prison of dark thoughts and punishing feelings — it would surely be this: your true self doesn’t win in life by overpowering problems but by revealing they never really existed as you once believed they did.

Truths such as this can be difficult to accept. Tell some people the basis of their present mental or emotional pain is a negative byproduct of a mind trapped in an illusion and, as a rule, their response is to cling all the more tightly to their suffering. With few exceptions, the justification of their pain is as follows: given what they have had to endure, there is no alternative but this, their pain.

No one is saying to deny this pain or to otherwise pretend it’s not there. Yes, the feeling of any pain is real, but here’s what we must come to see if we would set ourselves free: all the excuses we’re handed—by ourselves—for why we must continue to hurt ourselves are like flies that travel with trash. The only purpose they serve is to make something worthless seem valuable; garbage is garbage, no matter how it comes wrapped!


Consider closely the twin truths in the following summary. Within them rests the understanding—and the power—you need to start throwing useless suffering out the door:

The justification of any negative state serves one end only: the protection and the preservation of the nature responsible for its manifestation.

Any part of our nature that finds good reason to justify our pain is the source of that pain it justifies.


(Audio) Every Day Can Be Your Birth Day

posted by Guy Finley

In this podcast, Guy Finley talks about the absolute fact that it is never too late to open yourself up to the possibility of being a better human being and having an authentic relationship with real life.


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