Letting Go with Guy Finley

We know in our heart this life, as it is, isn’t all there is. Knowing this fact has been a fuel that stirs us to seek something greater. But we get fooled. We accept substitutes for that Greater Life. Guy Finley explains one of the main limitations in our quest to know that new way of living. We don’t understand we can’t enter into that Greater Life through our own will. That Life is never-endingly trying to give itself to us, but it cannot enter into us when our intention is to take from the moment.

With one hand He gives, with the other He takes
Filling and emptying the soul,
Carving out receptivity to His Name
With each deft blow of His soul-sculpturing hands.

I am never full, nor ever bereft. Neither am I,
But all is He.
I am His form. No other form have I
And it is to the shelter of His Name He guides me
Regardless of how He shapes me.

God wants me to want only Him;
To have no place to rest outside of His Heart,
To hold nothing in mind without the thought of Him.

To this He surely bends my will to His own,
Silently, so that no one,
Not even I see His hands hard at work.
But I cry out nevertheless,
Let it be done!

Guy Finley talks about the fact that every moment is new and untouched, and if we cannot see that fact it is because we are seeing life through the eyes of an old nature that is comfortable only with what is familiar.

Your Experience of Life

Your Experience of Life

Your experience of life is the same as what you value most in each moment. -Guy Finley

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