Letting Go with Guy Finley

Letting Go with Guy Finley

Love Will Give You Everything You Need

posted by Guy Finley

Question: So if a person feels “I have no love in my life,” if that person would even have a sincere wish to know love, would that be the beginning of true love?

Answer: You can build a fire in the winter, and if you come back after it has been out for a long time, if you stir those ashes, there’s always a little spark in there. I don’t care who you are, how dead the heart feels. If you can feel that the heart is dead, it’s still alive. And if it’s still alive, that means it can be re-inflamed. But it’s work. Love will give you everything that you need — that which draws you to it will also give you what you need to succeed with that relationship — but you have to be willing to approach it. You have to give up what is un-loving — that sense of self that you cling to about how you’ve been denied something or didn’t get your fair shake. It can be changed if you want it to be.

Being United With Love

posted by Guy Finley

You know what the most outstanding feature of a human being is? Whatever he or she wants to be in relationship with, they can be united to. It is the greatest gift. No other creature has this. Even the angels themselves don’t have it. If I want to really know something… if I want to know a tree, I can learn so much about it. I can spend my time with it. I can give my attention to it so thoroughly, that there will be a time in which there is no longer a distinction between my sense of self and my understanding of that tree — so thoroughly will this awareness of my intention unite me with that through the field of Love.

It is possible for us to become one with whatever we give our love to. And in the end, everything is intended for us to learn what it means to give our love to Love, to God, to the Divine. Because in that, then there is a completed cycle, and when the circle is whole, then there is no longer a distinction between ourselves and that which we love. And what could be better than that?

Love is Always Waiting

posted by Guy Finley

Question: People believe that they have to have certain conditions in their lives in order to have love. I have to have a person in my life. I have to have everything just right. But what you teach is that love is always waiting for us, isn’t it?

Answer: This is Love’s word itself: Seek me and I will find you. Come toward me and I will guide you every step of the way. These are not nice ideas. They are veracities. They are truths, principles, and they’re meant to be expressed in us, but only as we’re willing to act out our wish to approach Love through them.

Every one of us shares in common a consciousness that can be completely enamored, taken over by, possessed with, filled with Love. Every last one of us is intended to be prepared by Love for Love.

The Essential Goodness of Balance

posted by Guy Finley

In this world of opposites not everything that we go through can feel good; but to see the necessity of naturally conflicting states — and how they are balanced in all things — is to realize the existence of an essential Goodness whose Wisdom integrates them

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