Letting Go with Guy Finley

If we will do the right thing, in the right moment for the right reasons, there is no other possible outcome than for us to know Rightness. Such Rightness is its own reward; it is free of conflict because it is whole, and being whole it never seeks confirmation, which means it is fearless. These facts reveal that the path to True Happiness is not an uphill road to be struggled over each day, but is a place found within our own heart. It is the path of willingness to see ourselves as we are; a new order of watchfulness dwelling within a Lightness that is Rightness itself.

man fishing, river

The effort to remain inwardly awake, the work to be grounded in the present moment, is not to put away some pain that may be troubling you. The act of being “in Presence” – the attention required to do so — is to make possible the following revelation, including its self-liberating realization: the negative experience of any given moment is, in fact, inseparable from the nature of the seer. In other words: when you mingle yourself with dark thoughts and miserable feelings, is it any wonder why you feel dark and miserable? As goes your attention, so comes your experience.

One reason why so many people can be found rushing down the road to nowhere is because it costs nothing to get there.

man walking down road to green hill

A life in the presence of God, safe forever, costs us nothing except to see that our life spent in selfish pursuits costs us everything.


Learn to see your attention as a form of “currency”… for it’s not just where you spend your time,

but upon what you spend it that determines what you receive — or don’t — from this life.