Letting Go with Guy Finley

Letting Go with Guy Finley

The Revelation that Heals

posted by Guy Finley

The pain in any unwanted revelation about our present level of self is being created by an unseen part of that same low level of self now being revealed…

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(Video) Find the Freedom to Explore the Truth of Your Self

posted by Guy Finley

Guy Finley explains that the nature that pursues a pleasure in order to be rid of a pain exploits the soul for its own end. When you finally start to see that your usual solutions to your pain don’t work, you naturally move from being exploited by that nature to being an explorer of it instead.

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Look Into the Invisible Mirror of the Immortal Self

posted by Guy Finley

Everything points to the existence of a timeless interior Presence that doesn’t just precede the relationships we are drawn to in our lives but actually serves to arrange them, including whatever life lessons we take from these encounters. Calling on our own past experience will help validate the truth of this last idea, as well as reveal some of the possibilities it holds for those willing to explore its extraordinary implications.

Within each of us lives a tireless, latent longing to touch—and be touched by—life’s invisible celestial forces. For instance, whenever we stand as a silent witness to the endless expanse of a dark night sky, we are inwardly moved by this outer display of timelessness spread out above us.

We can’t help being drawn to look at a newborn child because the innocence we see within those eyes stirs the depths of our own heart, reminding us of a vital but now largely forgotten virtue. Again, drinking in these exterior impressions awakens, moves, and reminds us of something still latent within us.


Which brings us to this very important point: each and every one of these precious impressions—taken in from around us, regardless of its nature—does more than just touch us: it reveals us to ourselves; it actually serves to tell us something about our innermost self that can’t be heard or felt in any other way.

In other words, anything that is reflected upon the mirror of one’s soul—be it a majestic mountain, a single red rose, or a smile on the face of someone we love—creates a kind of instant and corresponding recognition within us. And through this higher self-awareness, our new eyes see the truth that sets us free: the supposed “other” person, that stirring moment, or whatever experiences we are drawn to reflect within us—none of these are really “other” at all. Everything we can realize in this life or in any kingdom come is already an indwelling part of our consciousness—and always has been!


The unshakable self-knowledge this understanding provides is the secret wellspring of all spiritual mystics, saints, and sages; it is their undying source of wisdom, compassion, and strength, regardless of whatever religious tradition they may have come to represent in passing time.


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The Journey to Immortality

posted by Guy Finley

In one sense, the interior journey that leads to the immortal Self is demanding and difficult, even seemingly impossible at times; and yet, as paradoxical as it seems, there is nothing intrinsically hard about rising above ourselves and slipping into the stream of our own celestial possibilities. After all, how hard is it to let go of a favorite pair of shoes that no longer fit or a sweater worn so thin that it no longer stops even the slightest breeze? These things, beloved as they may have been, have outlived their purpose.

The realization of the immortal Self is inseparable from seeing that who and what we have been in the past—our flattering self-images, treasured ideas, and most prized opinions—no longer serve us. And how do we know when the time has come to drop the very things that once defined our lives? When we see that holding on to them causes suffering.


Much as a great hot air balloon rises into the open skies the moment its restraining tether is cut, so does the aspirant begin his or her ascent into the everlasting life in much the same way. One action: letting go. Two results: we leave one world—one level of self—behind us and, in the same moment, rise into a higher order of our own consciousness.

Growing into the worlds above us—realizing the higher realms of consciousness within us—requires that we outgrow the worlds beneath us.


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The Revelation that Heals
The pain in any unwanted revelation about our present level of self is being created by an unseen part of that same low level of self now being revealed...

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