There was once a woman who, longing to make a new start after a painful divorce, moved with her young daughter to a new town. Part of her plan included opening a small shop in the town’s main square that would feature beautiful and unique objects from all around the world.

Several months later, the big day arrived. The shop was brimming with all the things she loved. Tea and cakes were set out on silver trays; everything was ready. And so she eagerly awaited all the customers she expected to come pouring in; but, as the morning passed, not a soul walked through the door. She began to despair.

Later still, with the day drawing to a close and without a single customer having come into her shop, she could no longer contain her dismay; she finally let out a deep sigh, followed by a complaint that she couldn’t help but speak out loud.

“Where is everyone? How is it possible that no one cares enough to even drop in and at least say hello? Is it even possible that the things I love so much could mean so little to everyone else?”

Overhearing what her mother had said, her daughter lifted her head from out of her coloring book and said, “But Mom, of course no one has come in; what did you expect?”

The mother looked at her child with an expression that said what—are you kidding me? Like you know what the problem is?

And dropping her head back into the coloring book, her daughter said, quite matter-of-factly, “Well, just thought you’d like to know—you never put your Open—Please Come In sign on the door!”

Key Lesson: Is it better to know or not know the truth of yourself in any given moment? To answer this question in the affirmative – and to then respond accordingly – is to fling open the doors of perception, welcoming into your heart the divine light that alone can make you whole.

open door to outside

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