Letting Go with Guy Finley

We are intended to be in relationship with the ongoing movement of life. But when you look at life as though nothing will change, it won’t. The more you push away what you don’t want, the more you keep it ...Read More

Life, in creation, is ceaseless change: (it is) a visible manifestation of an invisible Divine principle revealing itself through rebirth. We can either realize our existence within this eternal movement — as a designated part of its everlasting design — ...Read More

The fact that we always want something from the moment — even if it’s to not want what it offers, or has otherwise come to reveal — blinds us to the fact that every moment is always giving us… showering ...Read More

It wasn’t terribly long ago, before this world got as sick as it is now, that men and women were dedicated to the preparation of the soul, to an understanding that when the time came to leave the body, they ...Read More