Letting Go with Guy Finley

No true spiritual growth is possible without (agreeing to) be uncomfortable.

message in bottle, in water

Any agitation in the soul that is unattended by the conscious light of awareness is a dark heat, one that is unable to change anything about itself except for what it blames for its burning state.


Real spiritual responsibility begins with our conscious agreement to stand — in full self-awareness — between the force of any negative reaction and those still-in-the-dark parts of us that have given it birth… and that continue to keep it alive.


Only in our awareness of a weakness — by our ability to sense the presence of any negative, or otherwise self-denigrating thought or feeling — is found the strength we need to die to this lower level of self that, otherwise… lives to ensure that we accept its limitations as being our own.


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Freedom from self-wrecking behavior must begin with our recognition that we are voluntarily serving that which compromises us, even though we may strongly claim the counter is true. Such a conscious awareness of (this) conflict inherent in our own divided mind may be difficult to endure, but only if we fail to realize this last point: This conscious awareness (and it alone) is the seed of a new action that eventually flowers in a self-wholeness that is one and the same with true self-freedom.sitting woman, raising pledge arm

There is no such thing as the innocent remembrance of some past pain or tormenting moment in your life.


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