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Totally Eclipsed Out

posted by Karen A. Kay

Eclipse Season Survival Guide at Tarot.comMy good friend Tiffany does the best karaoke version of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” I’ve ever seen or heard.

She lovingly mocks the overly-dramatic theatrics of the original Bonnie Tyler lyrics, wailing and collapsing into faux sobs as she sputters “once upon a time I was falling in love, and now I’m only falling apart … ”

I can’t help but wonder if Bonnie Tyler was into Astrology. How else would she know how emotionally intense a Full Moon Eclipse can be?

This Wednesday’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse takes place in scorching Scorpio on April 25, and it’s expected to challenge our relationships and finances.

Maybe now it’s my turn to be melodramatic, but I can’t stand relationship drama and I’m always struggling with finances, so I’m pretty much studying up on my Bonnie Tyler lyrics to prepare for a troubling time.

A Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio always stirs up powerful feelings, but this time it’s making a conjunction to stern Saturn that will add extra pressure. Can you hear the wailing in the background yet?

This is just the first eclipse of the 2013 eclipse season, too. It will be followed by another Lunar Eclipse on May 25 and a Solar Eclipse on May 9.

Eclipses are usually challenging times because they can bring about sudden change, but you can prepare yourself for the eclipses to come by studying up on Maria DeSimone’s Eclipse Season Survival Guide at She explains how each eclipse can pack a powerful punch that can be good or bad, depending on how you handle it.

I, for one, will be calling Tiffany to see if she can meet me at our fave karaoke joint to sing our troubles away before they even start!

Read the Eclipse Season Survival Guide at »

Every Day Is Earth Day, Natch!

posted by Karen A. Kay

flowers-tulips-380x235I live in Portland, Ore., where most of us go green every day — not just on Earth Day.

I’ve been recycling and riding a bike and conserving water since I was in diapers — in fact, my diapers were cloth rather than disposable — so I can legitimately say I’ve been recycling since birth.

That said, Earth Day (every April 22) is an important day to educate and raise awareness about how to take better care of our planet.

And also, it’s simply a great spring day to appreciate the things that grow here, like big, bright, beautiful blooms. Lilacs and roses are my favorite flowers, so I think I’ll put together a bouquet with each to celebrate Earth Day in my own special way.

I do think it’s awesome that Earth Day always takes place just when the Sun has moved into Taurus — the zodiac sign most closely associated with nature and most likely to stop and smell the roses (and lilacs).

Another funny fact — I’ve always loved lilacs, even before I found out they are associated with my sign of Gemini. Perfect.

Every zodiac sign rules its own set of plants and flowers, so why not use this Earth Day to celebrate the beauty of nature and see which flowers correspond to your own zodiac sign.

Happy Earth Day!

See Flowers for Every Zodiac Sign at »

Lights … Camera … Nap Time!

posted by Karen A. Kay

Mars in Taurus at Tarot.comAction planet Mars is moving into Taurus tomorrow (Saturday, April 20), and I always tend to think of this as a lazy transit. But it’s not!

Even though Taurus loves to lounge around getting comfy on the couch with a pizza pie, Mars in Taurus is actually capable of getting quite a lot accomplished — it just takes a little bit longer.

This is an especially great time to put energy into creative projects because Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, and our actions may be more inclined to create beautiful things now.

My boyfriend is a painter — fine art, not houses — so I’m sure he’ll benefit from this energy. Maybe this would be a good time for me to ask him for a painting lesson, as that’s something I’ve always wanted to try. I can already feel my creative juices flowing, and the urge to make my surroundings more beautiful!

I should mention there will be three planets in Taurus by the time Mars makes its move tomorrow (Venus moved into Taurus on April 15 and the Sun moves there today).

All this Taurus energy is good news to me. This has been a tragic news week and a tough time for so many people — it’s hard to stay upbeat amid the mass anxiety happening right now.

I’m looking forward to fiery Mars taking a break in the more relaxed and loving sign of Taurus. And before I get to that painting, I’m just going to take a much-needed Taurus-time nap.


Learn more about Mars in Taurus at »

Slow Down, It’s Taurus Time!

posted by Karen A. Kay

Sun in Taurus at Tarot.comThe Sun is moving into Taurus tomorrow, and I’m INTO it!

This highly indulgent transit lasts from April 19 to May 20, during which time we’re all inspired to slow down the pace of life, let our senses come alive and appreciate the simple (and best) things in life.

What this really means is that it’s perfectly OK to sleep in, have a lot of sex, eat as many pancakes as you want and splurge on that silk dress you’ve been eyeing at Nordstrom, even if it might hurt your budget a bit.

It all sounds terribly irresponsible, doesn’t it? But that’s not what’s happening here. What’s happening here is AWESOME.

The Sun in Taurus time is meant to help us appreciate life instead of charging right through it without paying attention to beauty and nature and how great things can look and feel and taste and smell and sound.

As a fast-paced Gemini who tends to run about scattering my energies every which way, I especially appreciate the Sun’s invitation to take it down a notch and let life in.

Of course, if I was as good at managing money as your average Taurus is, I would have started budgeting for the Sun in Taurus last year. That way I could afford all the fine things that would feel so good right now.

But that’s OK, having sex and spending time in nature are free … so I’m gonna love it all up, Taurus style, while still keeping the overhead low. But next year, watch out, it’ll be champagne and caviar all the way!

See how to make the most of the Sun in Taurus at »

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