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Full Moon in Cancer Horoscopes at Tarot.comWell, Christmas is over and the gifts are all unwrapped, but there are still a few surprises in store. That’s because tomorrow’s Full Moon in Cancer on December 28, 2012 is making a square with Uranus, planet of surprises,  and an opposition with Pluto, and altogether it’s going to be intense!

Cancer is a highly sensitive sign, so this Full Moon is going to put our emotions on high. We may be feeling especially vulnerable, and the cosmic conditions are setting up for emotional explosions if we feel unhappy or threatened.

That’s not exactly the kind of surprise one looks forward to, I know, but it’s not all bad.

These kinds of emotional outbursts can also be looked at as breakthroughs. You know, like when you have a bad fight with someone you love and it’s terrible at the time, but afterward you’ve cleared the air and somehow you become closer because of it.

I expect that’s the type of weekend we have in store, so read your Full Moon Horoscope to help you prepare!

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