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Mars in Aquarius at Tarot.comYesterday I mentioned that action planet Mars was moving into quirky Aquarius on Christmas Day, but I didn’t elaborate on the fact that this is a very personal transit for me because Mars is in Aquarius in my own birth chart.

What this means is that the “eccentric” streak people will experience from December 25 until Mars moves into Pisces on February 1, 2013, well … this is something I experience every day of my life.

I’ve always been an independent person — sometimes to a fault — and my offbeat sense of humor and original spin on things has led to me being called “weird” a time or two, for sure. Whatever!

It bothered me a little when I was younger — I always felt like I didn’t belong or fit in anywhere. And then one day in my teens while I was reading an Astrology book I came across a description for Mars in Aquarius that changed my life.

It said Mars in Aquarius is one of the wackiest — and also most wonderful — planetary placements a person can have, and I was like “Ah-ha! That’s why my brain is so weird!”

Mars in Aquarius people are often hard for others to understand because we have our own way of doing things and of looking at the world, and it’s usually very different from the norm.

This is a placement that’s fiercely independent, open-minded and accepting of others, but also a bit detached and quite stubborn if others aren’t equally accepting of our own wacky ways. Mars in Aquarius will not be pushed around!

I have always had a very fierce “live and let live” attitude that parallels this description, and now that I’m all grown up I love it.
Mars in Aquarius is basically a green light to pursue your most outrageous dreams. What’s so weird about that?

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