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mercury-in-taurus-380x235As a chatty Gemini, I always struggle when communication planet Mercury transits tight-lipped Taurus. But then again, it’s probably good for me to shut my mouth and focus on being practical every once in a while.

Mercury, my own ruling planet, will be in Taurus for exactly two weeks this time, from May 1-15. And during this time our attention will turn to practical matters, like money and budgeting, and our speech will likely be slower and more deliberate.

No fun!

We’re also known to have more of a stubborn streak during this time, and be less open to hearing other people’s ideas.

I don’t mean to sound like Debbie Downer. It’s not all bad, of course. It just goes against my nature!

I’m actually pretty familiar with this transit because my boyfriend’s Mercury is in Taurus, and we’ve had to learn to mesh our different communication styles.

We’re both Geminis, but my Mercury is also in Gemini so I tend to talk about, well, everything … all the time … and hop and skip from one topic to another and announce to the world how I’m feeling at every moment, or whether I like what I’m eating or wearing or watching, etc.

I’m a talker, and he is not. He’s a quick-witted Gemini for sure, but he’s definitely a man of fewer words. While I chatter, he doesn’t enjoy “over-sharing” his feelings. He thinks before he speaks, and when he does it is deliberate and he always means what he says.

That’s not so bad, right?

I’m just going to use this drama-free transit to take care of business, and then guess what? Mercury will move on in to my own sign of Gemini, and it’ll be the Jibber Jabber with Karen show for two whole weeks!

Take that, Taurus!

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889965-001If something smells bad this week, it could be your own rotten thoughts stinking up your otherwise pleasant world!


Well, there are a number of cosmic events this week that could give us all a case of the blahs, even though everything is perfectly fine.  So my best advice is to put some extra effort into getting out of your head this week.

This is NOT the week to skip your workout, because doing something physical, like going to the gym or taking walks in nature — or even just around the block on your lunch break — is the best way to combat this negative energy.

The key events to watch for take place on Wednesday, May 1 (May Day) and Saturday, May 5 (Cinco de Mayo), but we’ll feel the effects all week.

First up, Mercury moves into Taurus on Wednesday, which puts our minds on our money and our lack of money on our minds. That’s a built-in cosmic bummer for most of us for sure, right?

Don’t worry, it’s for the best — this is a time when we can really take a close look at our budgets and start getting practical. Like, did I really  need those red, strappy sandals with the high wooden heels that cost the price of a fancy dinner and will never ever ever be worn on account of their sheer pain factor?

No, and on Wednesday I’ll be reminded of that and probably return them.

We may also fight the blues on Saturday and Sunday, due to aspects between Mercury, Neptune and Saturn, as well as Mars trine Pluto. We may feel excited about something on Saturday, only to have our bubbles burst by someone of authority on Sunday.

This doesn’t feel good, but if you can try to look at it from a positive angle, it will help you see the flaws in your plans so you can adjust accordingly and proceed in a better way.

Now what’s that smell? Success! (See how I did that?)

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female-sun-meditation-380x235I love May! It’s that perfect mix of beautiful early spring weather, lots of lazy Taurus times to enjoy, and then the Sun scoots into my own sign of Gemini mid-month and the good times really get rolling.

The May Horoscopes call this a merry month, and quite mellow to start, but for me it’s going to be action packed from beginning to end.

I get to go to a Star Wars costume party on May 4 — (May the fourth be with you, get it?), then I may have a quick business trip to New York to plan for World Tarot Day, and then it’s my boyfriend’s birthday (he’s a Gemini, like me) and finally it’s Memorial Day weekend.

I also plan to enjoy the first official month of “drinking wine on the patio season” with my friends as much as possible through it all.

Of course, in spite of all the sunny Taurus-into-Gemini energy of several key planets, there will be a few things to watch out for this month.

Namely, there are two eclipses — a New Moon Eclipse in Taurus on May 9, and a Sagittarius Full Moon Eclipse on May 25, both of which could cause trouble.

Then, on May 20, we have the third square in the epic series of seven exact squares between Uranus and Pluto, which is definitely a date to watch.

Big things could happen for all of us this month! I just hope if anything takes place that isn’t wonderful, I’ll be too busy bopping about to notice!

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Weekend Love Horoscope at Tarot.comWhew (big sigh of relief). I’m SO glad yesterday’s Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio has passed, leaving me relatively unscathed and both my bank account and my relationship intact.

Now I can relax and enjoy the weekend. Or can I?

It’s true this weekend comes with a lot of sexy energy because the Moon is still in Scorpio until Saturday morning. But Scorpio is an intense sign, so emotions could still be a little on edge Friday.

My boyfriend’s Moon is in Scorpio, and I’ve noticed he definitely seems a little more moody than usual when the Moon in the sky matches the Moon in his birth chart. His Scorpio stinger strikes faster then.

The mood will lighten a bit on Saturday, when the Moon moves into Sagittarius, which is great for laughing and adventure — but sometimes it’s not so great for couples. This is a time when we can speak and act too quickly and inadvertently hurt each other’s feelings.

All told, this weekend looks like a mixed bag for love, so I’m going to try to keep things light and watch my mouth — except when it comes to kissing, and then I’m going to go for it.

Have a scrumptious weekend!

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