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Idol Chatter

Russ Mitchell

A recent newspaper article that indicated Twitter is some kind of fad that could come and go in the next few years seems kind of sad to me.

The great equalizer in our society isn’t economic or legal or anything like that. It’s actually twitter, I would argue.

Where else can a schlub like me reach out to greats in their respective fields like TV anchor Russ Mitchell, entrepreneur Daymond John and sportscaster Dick Vitale and ACTUALLY get responses to things I have written?

I have one main social media to thank … and that’s twitter.

While Facebook has done its part, as well, it’s really more of a social outlet. Twitter, to me, is more about promoting oneself professionally.

And it has been a remarkable way to “meet” stars like the ones I mentioned.

Mitchell and John both took a few moments to respond positively to  tweet and/or story, while Vitale wasn’t too happy that I’m not a big fan of his work on ESPN.

That’s OK, we can agree to disagree, but just to get his response is pretty darn cool…and I did refer to him as ‘great’ earlier in this post!

I enjoy having over 800 followers on twitter, it’s a real honor … and I have Beliefnet to thank too for that!

So … who really gives a tweet about twitter?

I do!

I just noticed that the late, great Sammy Davis Jr’s birthday, Dec. 8, came and went over the weekend.

I miss the talented man, who broke down racial barriers through high great singing, dancing and even acting skills.

Yes, even the latter, as judged by his appearance on the TV classic “All in the Family””

Sammy Davis Jr.

Davis had many hysterical moments in the episode, where he supposedly left his briefcase in Archie’s cab and had to pick it up at the Bunker home.

Many laughs ensued as the liberal duo of Rob Reiner and Sally Struthers tried their best to ruin conservative Archie’s moment in the spotlight with the star, who played himself.

Davis showed off his acting chops a bit with his reaction to Edith’s offering of a Twinkie to their guest.

Davis looked positively stunned at the sight of the sponge cake stuffed with vanilla filling.

It was a subtle moment, but it should be noted that a Twinkie, reportedly about to be undergoing its final shipment, helped bring together black and white, rich and poor.

The episode stands in stark contrast to what ‘passes’ for comedy today: Jamie Foxx’s pathetic rant about Barack Obama being his ‘Lord and Savior’. (I won’t write ‘our’ as I couldn’t disagree with his assessment more and believe it was very tasteless).

I haven’t enjoyed a twinkie for a long time, but the world was a better place with them in it.

The same could be said, with all respect intended, for Sammy Davis Jr.

Daymond John

Inspiring people who are role-models are often difficult to come by when it comes to today’s television shows.

Programs are often so full of rude, crude and offensive behavior from people with the same qualities it is making TV harder and harder to watch.

ABC’s “Shark Tank” thankfully has little of that so-called “edgy” material in it, though the hosts can sometimes be unnecessarily rude to each other as they battle it out to possibly invest in others’ dreams/inventions.

Another reason I enjoy the program is the presence of Daymond John. The FUBU creator and business entrepreneur comes across as a good man and role-model in a time when the world is practically crying out for decent people.

Although he has an unwavering desire to succeed in his many ventures, John still displays his huge heart and compassion. He once ‘chased down’ a couple to complete a deal when he knew it would be in their best interests to work with him.

That just doesn’t happen on “Shark Tank”, where once you show your hand a deal either gets done, or not, often in the best interests of the hopeful entrepreneurs.

Things won’t come easily for the business hopefuls, whether or not John or his colleagues, like Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, invest in them or not.

Perhaps that’s the way it should be.  John started out by working on his FUBU business while keeping a full-time job at Red Lobster until he built it up.

So keep on keepin’ on Daymond John. The world needs more people like you!