I’m a strange ‘cat’, I’ll admit it.

Just ab0ut completely broke all the time, yet I am as conservative as the day is long.

And I always will be.

In a similar way, I have always been among the working middle class, or poor, lol, but tend to see things in the owner’s point of view in many respects.

That is to say, I appreciate how hard it is to start a business and all the things it takes to  build it into something successful.

I even think it’s OK to be wealthy. I want to be rich someday too and don’t think it’s something to be punished for!

From the beginning of this most recent NHL dispute, however, I have sided with the players for several key reasons.

Chief among them, is the owners’ arrogance in believing players should make up for the owners errors in establishing teams in markets where they don’t belong.

NHL commish Gary Bettman

Take both Florida clubs … please. And Arizona too while you’re at it. The owners took the risk in these dumb moves, they should take the fall/loss for them too.

Player salaries ballooning to 57 percent of league revenues? The owners fault, collectively.

They got out of control with their spending and are now punishing the players for it.

The players still gave in on several things, including cutting their pay back to 50 percent of league revenues, but the owners ‘all or nothing’ approach isn’t really negotiating. It’s nonsense, really, and they are acting like a bunch of babies who are willing to destroy a once great league.

Shame on them, because it seems the vast majority of the public will do fine without hockey.

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