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  So, do we trust in God’s protection and refuse to live in fear? Or do we accept wise counsel and adjust our lives accordingly? Sometimes the news tests the Christian. In a stunning announcement the World Health Organization’s International Agency for …Read More

  There will be no 4th of July fireworks display in Chula Vista, California — or anywhere in the San Diego area if a state judge’s ruling stands. CLICK HERE for update: Judge backs off!  Nearby, LaJolla officials said they may …Read More

    CLICK HERE to read the rest of this fun fable!

  Demonstrating that the American can-do spirit is still alive and well, Florida fifth grader Michael Dashcer did what anybody would do when a six-foot alligator ate his fishing bait. He tried to reel it in. When it attacked him, …Read More

Here’s a video with stunning audio that makes up for the lack of visuals — as you hear for yourself the tornado ripping through the Fastrip convenience store near Range Line Road. Then, the second video shows where it all happened. Isaac …Read More

Legislation has been introduced on Capitol Hill requiring President Barack Obama’s administration to give international religious freedom a higher priority. Congressman Frank Wolf, who authored the 1998 law establishing the office, has proposed an amendment that would give the office’s ambassador-at-large new, direct contact with the Secretary …Read More

All you have to do is look at the TV judges’ faces to know what they were expecting. The guy wants to sing opera. Yeah, right. Obviously, nobody believed in him — except him. And even if all the audience …Read More

The Rapture actually did happen May 21, explains doomsday prophet Harold Camping. We just missed it. During a rambling 90-minute broadcast on Monday evening, May 23, Camping explained that while May 21’s Judgment Day had slipped by, nobody will miss …Read More

Among the stories of the May 22, 2011 tornado that devastated Joplin, Missouri, are incredible heroism as the staff of St. John’s Regional Hospital scrambled to protect patients who could not be moved to safety — and of the scores …Read More

    You and I may not be all that surprised that discredited cult leader Harold Camping blew it again. No, just as it did not on his previous “guaranteed” date —  September 6, 1994 — the world did not end Saturday. May 21, …Read More