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March 2011 Archives

After hearing that the newest rewrite of the New International Version of the Bible uses gender-inclusive language such as “he or she” instead of “he,” the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have written to the committee that edited the NIV, …Read More

The billboards are quite startling: The profile of Barack Obama gazes upon the words: “Every 21 minutes, our next possible leader is aborted.” Thirty signs began going up around Chicago on Tuesday. Why? “Our future leaders are being aborted at …Read More

In case you’re getting ready to go stand on a hill to welcome Jesus’ return on May 21, 2011, perhaps you’ll want to consider what Christ said on that subject. Harold Camping, an 89-year-old California radio preacher, says he’s certain Jesus …Read More

In his just released book The King James Bible: A Short History From Tyndale to Today, author David Norton mentions a startling discovery. Long referred to as the 1611 King James Version, the most published book in human history may not …Read More

What if you were asked to translate the Bible? Today, hundreds of scholars are doing just that in the jungles of South America, Africa and the Pacific, bringing God’s word to cultures whose language has no Holy Bible in their …Read More

The American Civil Liberties Union has threatened to sue Cranston High School West in Rhode Island — warning that resisting the no-religion agenda of the ACLU can be extremely expensive. So, a local alumnus who happens to be a First Amendment attorney …Read More

The 100th birthday of cartoonist Al Capp, has come and gone, ignored by the hundreds of newspapers that used to carry his satirical daily comic strip “Li’l Abner.” In today’s politically correct environment, Capp’s centennial quite a few months ago didn’t rate …Read More

Thousands of Christian kids are headed for the beach this Spring Break. They’re modern fishers of men, writes Kris Axtman of the Christian Science Monitor. Some are part of the Southern Baptist Convention’s 2011 Beach Reach. Others — some 3,000 …Read More

The diagnosis was grim – little Jacob Barnett was autistic. He didn’t speak until he was two. The doctor said the toddler had Aspergers Syndrome, a disorder often characterized by a lack of communication skills, limited empathy with others and …Read More

The Muslim-dominated government of Malaysia has called off a plan to stamp serial numbers on Bibles printed in the Malay language following protests by Christians throughout the country. About 35,000 Bibles have been in limbo for two years, impounded at two Malaysian …Read More