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When it comes to the qualities that attract girls there are 4 main qualities that you need to demonstrate in order to attract girls. According to online survey conducted by Lovestruck, ladies find a guy’s personality much more important than his physical attractiveness. So when it comes to attracting girls you need to remember to demonstrate these 4 qualities that attract girls in order to successfully pick up women.


Being a leader is about taking control of a situation and having others follow your lead. Whatever the situation you take control and tell others what the group is going to do. Women love men who take control and lead from the front. That’s why men in power (senators, CEOs, etc.) have women swooning after them. You don’t need to be in a position of power to be a leader. Just take control of the group that you are in (no matter how big or small it is) and this will show that you are a leader not a follower. This will get girls attracted to you.

Decision Making

Part of being a leader. Making decisions is all about having the courage and fortitude to believe what you are doing is right. Having strong values helps here. If you have values that you believe strongly in then it will be much easier for you to make quick decisions. Example on decision making maybe; you are on a night out and you decide that the group is going to such and such place. This is you making a decision and you must follow through with that decision. There maybe times when you get it wrong, like recommending going to a certain club and it turns out to be sh*t. This doesn’t matter as long as you made a decision that you stuck by, then women will find you attractive. Side note: if you do get it wrong, then hold your hands up but don’t apologies profusely. Admitting to mistakes is also very attractive and will impress girls.

Lots of Options

A real man is picky/choosy. This is all about having the ability to see opportunities where others may miss them. Having the ability to see these opportunities gives you plenty of options with women and this is very attractive. Start believing that every girl you see is attracted to you. This will give you an air of confidence. This confidence will be noticed by the female of the species whether it’s on a conscious or sub-conscious level. Also when you approach girls, this is attractive because it demonstrates that you do have lots of options. By approaching a girl you are showing that you have the option to approach and attract any girl that tickles your fancy.

Stop Caring

Don’t worry about what people think of you. This maybe hard for some, but it’s a great thing to possess. If you care what others think then you will never demonstrate any of the above qualities as you will be more concerned with what overs will think of the way you are attracting. You might worry that they may think your decisions are not correct or that you are arrogant because you know you have lots of options. This is not the case. These sorts of people are followers. They are happy to let someone else take the lead and sit back while they get all the girls. So stop caring and be the guy all women want. Also if you stop caring what girls think of you, the fear of approaching girls will become less. More approaches means more chances of attracting girls and therefore more chances to date girls.

As you can see there are no secrets when it comes to attracting girls, it just comes down to demonstrating these 4 qualities that attract girls.

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