Your inner-game is the most crucial of all aspects when it comes to meeting and attracting women.

I have never shared these insights with anyone before, as they are pretty personal to me. I’m only letting them out now because a close friend of mine convinced me that it would help guys to get to the next level, and break through their current issues.

If you believe what you read online time after time (courtesy of countless so-called ‘pickup gurus’ and wannabes), then you just need that next special technique, or line, that magic pill that will magically make all of your problems with women go away, without any effort on your part.

I’m here to tell you differently. You already have the seeds of awesomeness within you. Your potential exists already, you just need to learn to harness and express that potential.

It is slumbering within you. Right now as you read this.

Don’t be one of those guys always searching for the next hot ‘system’ or ‘technology’.

You have everything you need right now.

If you focus on your inner-game, your character, your personality, and your life in general, then everything else magically seems to just take care of itself.

And with that, we come to what I want to share with you.

The biggest factor that contributes to an awesome sense of confidence, power and really strong inner-game is centered around a habit that everyone on this planet shares…

The habit of your self-talk.

When you are walking in a public place, what is that voice inside your head saying?

When we are kids, we don’t seem to notice this voice. That’s why we find it easy socialising before we mature.

Then, sometime during late childhood, the voice makes its appearance:

“You’re ugly.”

“You’re shy.”

“They won’t like you.”

“You don’t deserve that.”

Sound familiar? These were all things that used to be on a loop inside my head when out interacting with women. And I’m willing to bet that one or all of them have made an appearance in your head too.

They are self-destructive. We need to rid ourselves of this shit and put something empowering in their place. But how?

The first thing to realise is that you can’t stop the voice inside your head. It comes from your subconscious, and is automatic.

And there is no point in struggling or fighting with it. The stronger you resist the voice, the more force it exerts on you.

So the best way to deal with its pesky ways, is to re-frame what it comes out with.

For example, let’s say you go up to a girl, and she says something dismissive, and walks away from you.

Your inner voice is gonna be quick to come up with something like, “Well done, another fine performance. You are just not attractive to women, and there’s proof.”

Ouch. We’re not gonna let the pesky sucker get away with that. Let’s reframe his ass, in our head.

“Nah, she was just so flustered by my attractiveness, she just couldn’t take it. She got too excited and had to eject outta there.”

Boom. Self-talk just got reframed. Bye-bye negative influence over you.

Start paying attention to your inner voice, and if it comes out with something you don’t like, reframe that sucka.

The change you will notice in yourself will not happen overnight. But it will be profound. I speak from experience.

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