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If you read lots of articles by PUA Gurus then you will know that looks are not the most important factor when it comes to attracting women. Things such as confidence, gift of the gab, value, etc are so much more important.However I still believe that one factor of your looks can make a big difference to your success with women. What am I harping on about?

Being in shape.

Getting into shape is something everyone guy can do. Women love a guy who is in shape. I always say that beefy arms and shoulders are to girls what cleavage is to men. And its attractive not only because it looks pretty, but also because it shows that the guy has certain qualities. Certain qualities that women can’t help but find irresistibly attractive.

Bear in mind though, that women don’t want a guy who is obsessed with the gym and fitness. If you are always in the gym, worrying about that tiny little bit of fat around your waist, then this can put women off. In the same way us guys are put off by a girl who is very insecure about her looks.

On the whole, women want a guy who is in shape, and looks good, but is not obsessed with it.

Let’s look into some benefits of pumping the iron and pounding the treadmill…

It makes you feel good!

There are 2 parts to training making you feel good.

Firstly, it’s a proven fact that training releases endorphins. Endorphins make you feel so gooood :-). But how does this help when it comes to meeting women?

The great feeling you get from these endorphins puts you in a better mood. If you are in a better mood, then you will more likely wanna go out and do stuff. If you wanna go out do stuff then you are more likely to meet women.

The second part is feeling better about the way you look and the fact that you are working to look better. If you can physically see changes to your body for the better then you will feel better about yourself. You will feel more attractive to the opposite sex.

It shows you take pride in yourself

Women want a guy who takes pride in the way they look. In terms of working out, if you go down the gym because you wan to look your best then it shows that you are willing to put in the hard work in order to achieve goals that you set yourself. Having goals is very attractive.

Bare this in mind though. Women don’t want a guy who is vain. Someone who stands in front of a mirror 24/7 posing. Repeating the same question; “How awesome do I look baby?” is not very attractive to women.

However the odd kiss of the bicep (in a joking way of course) does go down really well 🙂

It shows you care about your body and your health

The main reason you should go down the gym is for health benefits. Whether that’s being stronger or fitter doesn’t really matter. If you are trying to be healthier is always attractive to women.

If you care about yourself then it’s more likely that you are going to care about the girl. This will make her feel more comfortable being with you.

Having the right shoulder to waist ratio can make you 3x more attractive that you are *right now*

If you want to be more attractive to women then make sure you get your ratio right. This is not a must but it will really help. In fact it will help by making you 3 times more attractive.


I have seen, talked to and taught people who have never been to a gym in their lives. Does this mean they have never had a hot girlfriend?

Well no.

However I have always wondered one thing. Yes these guys have the ability to meet and attract women without the need for being in great shape. But what if they did go down the gym?

Personally I believe in the mindset that if you have the opportunity to improve yourself then you should always go for it.

So make sure you get down the gym and start getting into shape. Not just because you wanna improve your chances of getting laid but because you wanna take pride in yourself and be more healthy. With the right training you will achieve all the points above and therefore you will become more attractive to women.

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