If I could go back and do my education all over again, well, I’d do everything I could to study whatever it took to become Jennifer Lopez’s nipple tweaker. It’s truly amazing what some people in this world get paid to do. Well, number 764 on that list would definitely be a social scientist or sociological research analyst, because I have a lot of questions about people that only time-intensive studies could address.

For instance, I wonder if a woman sees a man she finds attractive, does he become more or less attractive if he’s wearing a wedding ring?

Weird question, isn’t it? Here’s why I thought about it.

I was recently featured in a discussion panel where myself and a group of panelists were asked various questions about how men think. Well, once the video aired, a lot of the women who commented immediately took shots at us because of some of the “truths” that we spoke. Now, I know for a fact that even the most attractive person can lose all kinds of points by saying obnoxious and ridiculous things. Losing attraction points is easy. But I’m wondering if aside from having a charming personality, do people gain points.

Some of the comments intimated that they’d like to see more married men as a part of the panel. I wonder if those men who were married were on the panel would get more leeway for speaking their mind because they at least committed to some woman. And because they committed to some woman, they looked like the kind of men who might commit – a quality that many men find endearing – and therefore, look more attractive.

I remember reading some random study a long time ago about why men all flocked towards the prettier of the opposite sex. It had something to do with our progeny and our instinctual desire to create the best new humans possible. And you couldn’t do that with an ugly woman by your side. I’m paraphrasing…horribly. But men look at certain women as being the type they’d want to reproduce with that would give the best chance at creating a worthwhile human.

Well, why wouldn’t the same principle hold true for women too. Seeing as it seems that women attach a lot of “quality characteristics” to intangibles like loyalty, commitment, and ability to provide financial security, etc. then it stands to reason that the most false-positive sign of commitment – a wedding ring – might cause a woman to look at a man in a different light and therefore find him to be more attractive than a similar man without a wedding ring.

Obviously the only way to test this theory would be to show a bunch of women two pictures of the same guy, one with a ring and one without, without telling them what was different to see if they even noticed. Then tell them that focus groups have stated that the men looked better in one picture over the other and see if they innately picked the one with the wedding ring. Flawed science? Absolutely, but I’m curious if that’s the case.

Hell, I talked myself into why it might possibly make sense.

Of course, the other side of it is that women might find a man less attractive since he’s taken, or at least spoken for. But that’s never really stopped anybody from pursuing what they were going to pursue, now has it? There truly is no honor amongst thieves.

So what do you think? Ladies, are men more or less attractive if they have on wedding rings? I know you all notice those rings. If you find the man attractive initially, does the ring add to or take away from it? Does it matter at all? Inquiring minds would like to know.

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