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Approaching girls on the dance floor is always a stressful situation.  You really want to dance with her but at the same time you don’t want her to be uncomfortable.  You want to meet her but you don’t want to get shot down in front of the whole club.  You want to get her attention but you don’t want to be the creeper staring from across the bar.

So how exactly do you go about it?  What’s the etiquette?  Don’t fret, we created a list of “Do’s and Don’ts” to help make your approach a little more smooth next time you feel like showing off your inner John Travolta…

Don’t: Assume She Wants To Dance With Yo…

Unless you’re Brad Pitt…notice we said, “unless you are Brad Pitt,” …and NOT… “if you think you look like Brad Pitt…you have no reason to assume she wants to dance with you.  She might have a boyfriend, or just prefer dancing with her girls, so bombarding her on the floor is probably a bad strategy. Most girls will give off clues when they aren’t interested. Take note if she’s moving away or her friends are pulling her away. You’re better off swallowing your pride than becoming the “creeper” of the club.

Do: Bring Your Boys..

If you’re approaching a girl who’s with a  bunch of her friends, then approaching them all with a group of your buddies will give you a better shot of not getting turned down…or at least being the only one to get turned down.  Just make sure you don’t all approach them like a heard of animals. Traveling in groups always seems to take the pressure off the situation.  It’s always easier to joke with your friends about being rejected when your friends got rejected too!

Don’t: Pull her away from her friends

Girls travel in packs, and they usually don’t like to separate… at least not right away.  So when you first start dancing, give her the space to dance with you AND her girls.  You don’t want to go yanking her away and having her friends think that you just kidnapped their best friend.  Build some comfort and attraction and then make the move to the little corner in the back of the club.

Do: Bust Out Your Best Moves…

Impress her with your dance skills and have fun with it. Rather than sticking to the easy dance style of “bump ‘n’ grind”, think outside the box and move to the beat. Twirl her, dip her, show her you’re not like every other guy who just is using her as something to grind up against.  Sure you might come off as being silly, but it’s also cute.  Plus, it’s way more attractive to be the guy who is confident, doesn’t care what others think, and enjoys having a good time.

Don’t: Approach From Behind…

Most guys know one move and one move only: The Grind-From-Behind. They come up from behind their “target” when they’re least expecting it, and start grinding away.  You shouldn’t be approaching girls on the dance floor the same way you would hunt a wild tiger on an African safari.  Giving her no opportunity to see your face, is an easy way to get her her friends to pull her into the girls bathroom and smack the “loser” label on you for the rest of the night.  Switch things up and dance in front of her just as much as you dance from behind.

Do: Just Ask…

Although most guys don’t ask, it’s kind of nice when they do. A simple “mind if I join?” works just fine if you’re approaching her while she’s already on the dance floor.  If the two of you are just standing around, you can always take the polite route and say “You wanna go dance?” or the funny/cute route and say, “You wanna go burn some rubber on that dance floor with me?”  Either way, you’re giving her the option to decline and that’s a good thing.  If she does shoot you down, don’t drop your head, maybe she’s simply in a bad mood or already in a relationship.

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