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You and your new significant other are head over heels for each other: you want to spend every waking minute together and use any excuse to be alone. Well there’s no better way to do all the above than to jet off somewhere on a romantic getaway.  But then you ask yourself, what if it’s too soon for them?  What if merely suggesting the idea is enough to send them heading for the hills?

There’s no rules set in place to let you know when it’s ok  to take a vacay with that special someone. However, there are several things you should and shouldn’t do that will help guide you to your decision.  And remember, any relationship meant to last, will not end just because you suggest a simple idea like a vacation…

Do: Consider The Seriousness of Your Relationship

Before actually proposing the idea of taking a trip together, think about the facts. How long have you guys been dating? Is it serious or has it been kind of chill? If the two of you have been casually hanging out and haven’t been seeing each other that long, you might want to wait a little while before throwing out the vacation idea. On the other hand, if the two of you have been hanging out everyday and are on a serious dating level, throw it out there. If they get freaked out by the idea, maybe it’s a sign that you need to re-assess your feelings about the seriousness of the relationship and make sure you two are on the same page.

Don’t: Overreact

Taking a trip for a long weekend isn’t a huge deal… so don’t make it one. If your partner does indeed accept your invitation, don’t overreact: this is not the time to start thinking of baby names and wedding colors.  Just be excited to get away with your significant other. Same goes if your partner suggests that he/she isn’t ready to go away with you just yet. Rather than jumping to conclusions and immediately ending the relationship, discuss where each of you stand and take everything into consideration.

Do: Weigh The Pros and Cons

Think of how this vacation may affect your relationship overall. Put aside all  the prospects of sightseeing and great sex, and take time to think about the negative aspects too. Instead of bringing you closer it might push the two of you away from each other. You might find annoying little quirks sooner than you wanted to. The honeymoon phase of the relationship only lasts so long and you don’t want it end sooner than it has to. Listening to them snore every night, or the way they smack their gum incessantly, could drive you nuts!  It could also put things into perspective and make you realize how much you DON’T get annoyed with their bizarre tendencies.

Don’t: Surprise Them With Airline/Bus/Train Tickets

Catching them off guard and trying to surprise them with a trip you planned might be sweet and romantic in theory, but chances are it will come off as overwhelming, especially if you went the whole nine yards in booking a flight and hotel somewhere far. It’s a lot to spring on your new love all at once.  Not only are you unsure if they can get the time off work, but more importantly you can’t guarantee that they’ll be comfortable with the idea. So play it safe and run it by them first.  Save the surprises for future adventures!

Do: Start Off Small

Rather than going all out on tickets for a 7 day 6 night stay in Florida or some other tropical getaway, choose a destination only a few hours away and drive off for the weekend. By not planning a huge extravagant trip, it takes a lot of pressure off the both of you. Think of it as a test run for bigger and better trips in the future.  Plus, if things turn for the worst, you’re always an hour ride at the most from home.

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