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So you’re out on a date with a girl for the first time.  She’s pretty cool and nothing strikes you that she’s a stage five clinger. The convo throughout the night has gone really smooth with a lot of giggling here […]

Is love on your menu? Are you trying to find that hunk-a-man to complete you like Mini-Me completes Dr. Evil? If so you’re in luck for today here at Loveawake, I shall share with you the do’s and don’ts to […]

Ok, boys, before you get excited about the possibility of this article helping you score the three-way of your dreams, stop reading. This one is for the ladies, and for the ladies who would like to friend other ladies. Women […]

Everyone wants to feel like they are a special part of someone else’s life. Sharing inside jokes, getting flowers, or just having another person know all those little details about you that make you unique. However, when someone knows that […]

There’s no question that every guy should have at least one good friend of the opposite sex that he can turn to during times of desperate needs.  The question is, how do you be a good friend back?  There’s many […]

We’ve all heard of them, some of us have even have them. Friends with benefits (or FWB), they’re the friends that you can have fun with physically and hang out with afterward without all the messy emotional attachment and commitment. Right ? […]

You and your significant other just broke up, you’ve cried your tears, made voodoo dolls resembling them and destroyed all the old photos. Or maybe the two of you were the lucky exception and ended on good terms. Either way, […]

You and your new significant other are head over heels for each other: you want to spend every waking minute together and use any excuse to be alone. Well there’s no better way to do all the above than to […]

Approaching girls on the dance floor is always a stressful situation.  You really want to dance with her but at the same time you don’t want her to be uncomfortable.  You want to meet her but you don’t want to get shot […]