So you’re out on a date with a girl for the first time.  She’s pretty cool and nothing strikes you that she’s a stage five clinger. The convo throughout the night has gone really smooth with a lot of giggling here and there.  There’s no doubt about it; you’re feeling pretty damn good about the night and you’d love to invite her over to your place. So how do you know if she was digging you too?  You don’t want to invite her over, make her feel uncomfortable, and ruin everything. It’s always easy to determine if you’re digging the girl but it get’s a little harder when you want to know if she’s feeling the same way about you. Here’s a 4 signs that will surely tell you whether or not she’s hoping for the invite back to your place.

4. She’s keeping eye contact

Pay close attention to her eye contact when it’s nearing the end of the date.  When she’s into you, she’s into you and only you.  That means she’s not interested in anything else around here.  Paying close attention to here eye’s will tell you if she’s bored or is trying to figure out what you look like with those pants off.

3. She’s keeping conversation

It’s common sense in everyday interaction but on a date, you sometimes forget these things. Take note to the conversation, especially towards the end of the date.  Is she maintaining convo on her own?  Is she actually going out of her way to spark a conversation?  If so, she’s trying to get you focused on her and nothing else…which is always a positive sign.  If you find her giving short answers to your questions and barely providing input, then you know she’s lost and not interested.  You never want to ask a girl over if she’s lost and not interested because if she doesn’t want to maintain convo with you, she more than likely doesn’t want to see you naked either.

2. Read that body language

Body not facing you when you’re talking?  Walks way in front of you instead of beside you?  Runs out the door to grab a cab as soon as the check comes?  These are all pretty bad signs as you can imagine.  Somehow, after observing things like this, men still are able to convince themselves that she might be interested in coming over after the date.  Don’t be a fool.  Body language is one of (if not the most) obvious signals someone can send you.  If she’s going out of her way to touch you (even if it’s just grabbing your hand) or makes a point to sit next to you rather than across from you, then you’re doing something right.  All these things are ways she is telling you without talking if she’s interested in extending the date at your place .

1. Making subtle hints

When people want something they usually will give off little clues during normal conversation to help the other person out. For example, if your date keeps mentioning how they need to get to bed early or has plans with a friend for after, it’s probably not a good idea to ask her back.  However, if she mentions that she doesn’t have anything going on or suggests that the two of you should rent her favorite movie sometime in the future, then she’s throwing you clues in hopes for an invite to your place. Don’t be oblivious because verbal cues can be the easiest signs to pick up on.

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