Ok, boys, before you get excited about the possibility of this article helping you score the three-way of your dreams, stop reading. This one is for the ladies, and for the ladies who would like to friend other ladies.

Women are emotional. Women can be downright caddy at times. And for reasons like this, many women stay away from becoming close friends with each other. Instead, we flock to our close “guy friends” and keep one or two ladies around for good measure. But the reality is, we need our girlfriends. It is in the company of other women that we can be ourselves, not have to explain ourselves, and cultivate a bond that will see us through the boyfriend-of-the-month.

And as we score finish college, change cities, and score our dream jobs, scouting out good girlfriends can be more difficult than it was back on the playground. Men hit on us and we may go on a date or make a great new guy friend, but women? Well, it’s not as easy to meet them or infiltrate the girl group. What can a woman do to make good girlfriends? Follow these suggestions to find yourself a few:

Follow your heart.

Do you love going to the downtown art walk? Have you been dying to take a screen printing class? Start to take classes, go to galleries, and do things you find interesting on your own. As you continue to do some of your favorite things on a regular basis, you will start to see women who may have similar interests as you. Now you’ve found them, but what do you do next?

Just ask.

You are hanging where the girls you want to hang out with are going. But what do you do now? Strike up a conversation. Let them know you really enjoy art, music, or whatever tickles your fancy. Ask them if they go to other galleries in town. It can sound like a slew of pick-up lines, but finding a good girlfriend is much more difficult than finding a boyfriend. Do not be afraid to let the woman you have found know the truth. Let them know you are new in town and haven’t met many girlfriends yet. Exchange emails and start to make plans to meet up at different events you enjoy.

Skim from the top.

Get friends from your other friends. My husband introduced me to a group of people at a dinner party when I was new in town. I met an awesome girl there, who helped me get a job and we became friends. Then I met more girls from her, and my circle of awesome girls continues to grow. When you hit it off with another woman, let her know you enjoy her company and want to get together again.

Our female friendships can provide us with a sense of self-worth and happiness that our guy friends can’t quite match.

If you are having trouble finding girlfriends, you can even join a girlfriend service like They will match you up with other friends in your area.

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