Angel Guidance

Awakening symptoms are signs from your physical, mental, emotional, and spirit body that something new is going on or you are now feeling and experiencing your world in a new light. One of the 1st signs of awakening is a ...Read More

It’s been pretty ‘peopley’ out there and the Empaths know exactly what I am talking about. When one becomes more sensitive to the energy around them, they are what we call empaths. Empaths feel energy and don’t always even know ...Read More

When you need to feel loved, surround yourself in the light of one of the Archangel. There is no better feeling that being surrounded by love. I think that is why we as humans search so long and hard to ...Read More

Everyone is on some kind of healing journey. For some it is mainly physical, but it always has other components, for changes in your physical health always starts out in the spirit world. Today Archangel Raphael has some wonderful advice ...Read More