Angel Guidance

Are you willing to walk your talk ? Then you are ready to have Archangel Michael to overlight your journey. If you want to work on Archangel Michael’s Team – Get yourself Committed Now – Committed to your journey that is! There is no better archangel to have your back, but he does expect you to do your work! Are you Ready?

walk your talk

Archangel Michael is probably the most popular or well known of all the archangels. An archangel is like a boss angel and there is no better way to start working with your angels than join Archangel Michael’s team.

Rosy or warm cheeks lets you know that Archangel Michael is hanging out with you. Blue or purple orbs, or sparkles of light can be seen around you too. You will also have repetitive thoughts and feelings that are empowering and positive action. He does expect that you step up to the plate should you choose to ask this archangel to work with you.

To work with the angels, all you have to do is ask and then pay attention to the signs, they will be there.

Angel Invocation (prayer):

“I ask for God and the Angels to surround me in your loving and protective light. I ask Archangel Michael to clear away any lower energies, or thoughts and feelings that are not for my highest good. I know that as I walk each step, you are by my side and it is safe for me to walk in my truth. Amen”

Your Angel Guidance is to start to walk your talk in full consciousness:

Become more aware of your thoughts and actions. Are your thoughts and words saying the same thing? Are you words and actions working together? When you live your life in this way, you are on Archangel Michael’s team and he will overlight your life!

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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I think everyone wants love letters from those we love in heaven. I often receive requests from readers asking me if someone they love who has just passed away has arrived safely in heaven. Here are some tips to help you know.

love letters from heaven

I was around 8 or 9 before I realized it wasn’t normal to talk to dead people. I didn’t actually enjoy the movie ‘the Sixth Sense’ and I was surprised others didn’t know he was talking to dead people. While my experiences are not as graphic as the movie is, I can feel their death. It isn’t always fun, but I learned how to deal with it by necessity.

As I experienced life, I learned what dimension beings who visited me came from by where I feel them in my body. If they are successfully on the other side (heaven), I feel them in my heart. If a being is stuck in between dimensions – their soul does not move on after death of the physical body – then I feel them in solar plexus. It actually makes me sick to my stomach. When I suddenly feel nauseous, I ‘look around’ to see if there is a ghost that needs to cross over into the light and do ‘ghost therapy’ if there is.

Ghost hunting 101 – Always remember – love is the strongest force in the Universe and you will always be okay. Also take Archangel Michael with you, he will always have your back!

One of the messages our loved ones usually send us is that they are okay on the other-side. They are surrounded by ancestors and loved ones who have crossed over before them and that the love energy is magnificent. It really is beyond words or description.

Steve Job’s last words before he left this dimension were ‘Oh WOW, Oh WOW, Oh WOW ‘. As a nurse who held many beautiful souls as they transitioned, I have witnessed some remarkable deaths where there was no doubt that others came to take them home. For me it is a truly beautiful experience. For others it scares them, some a lot, some a little. They don’t want us to be afraid of death or dying, but instead to embrace the life you are living so you live with no regrets at the end.

Another message they want to share is; We waste a lot of earth life time on unforgiveness and drama. Let go of the things that aren’t important and most of it isn’t important!

And lastly for today the message they wish to share is to stop spending so much of your time looking back longingly for the past. You cannot go backwards to what was or what might have been – stop doing that!


Your Angel Guidance is to open your heart and get your own love letters:

Messages from your loved ones are always based in love when they come from the other side. If they are filled with anything less than love, it is a message delivered from either the ego or a lower realm.

To get a message, the best way is to connect with your loved ones through meditation. Say prayer stating your intention. Surround yourself in love and light, and journal about the experience. Thoughts and feelings will come flooding back to you. Remember it is about vibrations – we raise ours down here and they lower theirs to meet with us in-between.

You can also order your own spring special session (on a discounted rate for the next month only) with your loved ones through Sharon at Sharon’s website. 

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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We’ve been going through some big changes, and Archangel Michael says it is time we get our Shift Together!

aamichael Shift Together

The energies lately have been a bit intense and bringing about lots of changes. Changes means big shifts, and it is time for us to get our shift together and get things moving in a positive direction.

Many of us have been experiencing radical shifts since the equinox and so we thought we would share some of the symptoms  that have been occurring. More and more individuals are being affected as the whole is beginning to wake up and it is time to get on board and get our shift together.

The equinox seems to have uprooted things. As much as we think we are prepared for these shifts, sometimes you just get hit with a bang! Most everything seems to have been blasted out of its comfort zone and much of it is still floating around out there somewhere without having found its place to land. Endings are manifesting in real form.

Experiencing endings before the new has arrived can be alarming. It can cause emotions like panic, fear, insecurity, and uncertainty. We are all human beings still, and so we have a plethora of emotions to go through with each big shift. In the process of awakening, you lose another layer of the old ‘ego’ self. Personality traits and behaviours which vibrated lower have to depart. The parts of ourselves which we developed to survive the harsh times can no longer exist at this new level.

Some of the symptoms being experienced are panic, anxiety, and depression. You have been evolving into an even more sensitive being. If you have not developed your energetic defences, now is the time to get working on those skills.

Does any of these questions feel like you?

“I don’t know who I am anymore.”

“I used to know my purpose and now I am completely and totally lost.”

“I can’t move forward, I feel like I am frozen in fear.”

“Why should I even bother trying, the world just seems full of chaos.”

“It is so difficult to know which road to be on, if I am on the right road, or if there is even a road.”

“I just don’t know what to do next.”

“I feel boxed in.” “I feel helpless, powerless, vulnerable, insecure, confused, alone…and nothing seems to fix it.”

“I don’t feel like doing anything.” “I wish I could just play all day.” “I want to retire.”

Health crises, relationships breaking up, job losses, financial stressors, death in the family, and a general experience of having your life fall apart are all around.

You get the picture. The signs are there that change is what is necessary to get on with the shift! This too shall pass, I promise, and when it does, you will be grateful for the new space you live in.

Your Angel Guidance is to make a plan and get your Shift Together:

We are so rapidly accelerating now into higher vibrations and everything that doesn’t match has to go!

Archangel Michael says “It is time to get primed, realigned or leave it behind!”

Remember to use your shields and filters, to use your spiritual practices and welcome in these big shifts!

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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I have spent a lot of time contemplating life over the past few weeks as I prepared the eulogy for my sister-in-law’s Celebration of her life.  When we are putting together a lifetime into a few pages and trying to capture her essences as best we can, it causes one to also look at their own life in a different way.


I think it is important to celebrate a life, not mourn the loss. This does not mean we don’t miss them, but as a student of metaphysics, my belief is in so much more. One of the things I would like to see change is how we look at the end of a physical lifetime. So, as I prepared for her celebration, I did a lot of inner soul searching of my life too, as well as a lot of research on how others celebrated their exit.

I have been studying for the past four years for my a degree in metaphysical ministry. When I am done, I do plan to offer ceremonies and celebrations for weddings, celebrations of life, and more spiritual counselling, so this was a great experience for me to put together. When my time comes, I want a party, then I want my ashes to be put together with my pets and we can all become a tree.

One of the send off homes I wanted to share with my readers is a beautiful story that made the news here in Canada because Dan and Stef decided to openly share their story. As friends and followers in real life and on facebook, I was there to watch, send love and healing, and share in this beautiful love story from that first blister. When Dan began to have some health issues, we were sending him strength and light. Some holistic healers feel we have failed because Dan isn’t in physical form anymore, but nothing could be further from the truth. Death, or freeing the spirit from the physical body is the ultimate healing and I just love that they were so willing to put themselves out there and share their story. I think it was generous and brave.

Dan left behind some words of wisdom worth remembering and repeating…

“My best advice is if you want to do something in life get on with it. Tomorrow you may be in here with a little blister on your toe and there goes all your life – all your plans. All your stuff, everything you thought you were going to do – out the window. And there’s nothing you can do about it. So my best advice is do it now. Just get out there and do it. You’ve got nothing to lose and if you wait to do it later you have everything to lose.” 


Here are some of the links to their brave share and beautiful story:

Your Angel Guidance is to journal when you find yourself contemplating your life:

Look at your life and remember Dan’s words, “Tomorrow you may find a little blister on your toe and there goes all your life…”, Don’t wait, do something today towards your goals and dreams for you really only have today!

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

Sharon’s book contains lots of messages to meditate with Angel Guidance, Messages of love and Healing or get the kindle and begin reading a page today!

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