Angel Guidance

What books and movies does Sharon keep in her Spiritual Library you ask? I do have a special collection of books and movies that have helped me grow, kept me sane, as well as continually keep me entertained.

The first book I remember reading that I found remarkable and changed my view of life was Jonathon Livingston Seagull .  This is a fantastic book about perseverance and believing in yourself. Jonathon dMichael the movieidn’t listen to what others had to say, he believed in himself.

The movie Michael. I could only find a link to rent it online not buy it. I loved this movie and the message it brought. When Michael is standing looking at the world and says it is the last time he can visit earth and he is taking in the beauty, I was so moved. It is a reminder of how truly beautiful a gift it is to have a earth life. I also love how they portray him appreciating all the aspects of being human. I also so love Archangel Michael.

Of course our book, Angel Guidance, Messages of Love and Healing is on my list. It truly pulled me through Spiritual Librarysome difficult times when I was going through painful rehab and wanted to give up on life. There was actually a day when I read the book 7 times from start to finish. It was such a rough day that I knew I had to change to my mindset so I kept reading it over and over until I felt like I could keep going. It truly saved me that day. I hope it becomes one of your favourites too.

I have the complete written works of Kryon – by Lee Carroll. I think Lee is amazing. He is a true lightworker in my books. I have interviewed Lee, as well as met him at some of his events. I am sure he doesn’t remember me and I am not saying we are friends, but I do greatly respect him and his work. Kryon’s messages are always from love, amazing to go back to and timeless. Lee is also generous in helping out others…he just hasn’t found me yet lol. You can check out his youtube channel here . I do think the best book to give to someone searching for the meaning of life is Book Five… The Journey Home  The story of Michael Thomas and the Seven Angels.

I actually lent out my first book from Lee and it was never returned. A few years ago my Mom brought me a book from a charity book sale. She said her people didn’t know what category to put it in. She said  “Oh, my daughter will know what to do with this book!” and sure enough it was book one so my collection is complete again lol. I love how spirit works sometimes – well all the time lol.

Most books made into movies aren’t as good for me. Being such a visual person, they usually lack too much of the story for me. An exception is the Harry Potter movies.They were well done. I also feel that the books are fantastic reads. Love them. They have a message for the new kids on the block for sure. I will say I was disappointed in The Wrinkle in Time movie. The book is so good. I felt they spent all the money on a few big stars and missed out on the amazing message from the story. If you have not read this book – go get it!

Start with any of these and you are well on your way to expanding your mind and possibilities. I will add some more of favourites again soon.

Your Angel Guidance is to create your own Spiritual Library

I love books! I like to hold them and feel them. While I do have some eBooks for ease of transportation, if I really like the book, I buy a hard copy. When I am in the need of a pick me up or some motivation, they are ready to inspire me.  A good book or movie can change your day.

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

Sharon’s book contains lots of wonderful ways to work with the angels  Angel Guidance, Messages of love and Healing or get the kindle and begin reading a page today!

Life happens in Cycles. We are in the midst of another cycle with Mercury Retrograde (July 7th to August 2nd), so expect this next month to be an interesting one. Don’t groan, learn to love mercury!

cycles mercury

I love Mercury Retros. I know that puts me in a minority, but I hope you will come join me on this side of the field. It happens at least 3 times a year anyway, so you might as well get on board and learn how to make the best of it. Begin to see these skills as ones that help you make a better life during the times when things aren’t working well.

I am not an Astrologer. I know my own chart and what it means to me. I do encourage people to explore and know their own charts and placement and what it means to them. I have a few astrologers I like to follow because I like how they encourage us to use it to enhance our lives. I don’t follow fear mongers, or sensationalists, or ones filled with drama, must do’s or don’ts. A great site to learn about where your planets are if you haven’t had your chart done is at Astrolabe

One of the great things I have noticed over the past decade is that Mercury Retro is known by people who don’t follow astrology. I have been whispering “Mercury’ for a long a time – just ask my family. When Marty Deeks shared mercury’s influence on NCIS LA I had to laugh. I seriously felt like they were watching me and added it to the show. I loved that it went mainstream. My computer tech guy follows the dates of mercury because his calls triple. He told me he didn’t know what it meant, expect he was so much busier.

REmember your RE’s. I know to slow down and RElax and it shows me what isn’t working out and needs to be REvised or REvisited or REleased in my projects. Spend time going through your things. If you don’t absolutely love it, REcycle it or REgift it. Don’t let it rule your life and stop making decisions. REmember to slow down and RElax. If you don’t, you just get more familiar with the REdos lol.

I also really liked this article by one of my fellow beliefnet writers What is Mercury Retrograde and How Can I profit from it?

Your Angel Guidance is to remember your RE’s and enjoy these Cycles of Mercury:

Here is a blurb from my Sharon’s Take for the Summer about navigating this Mercury Retro 

“The next Mercury Retro is coming up – I actually felt this one coming so I am getting ready for it now so I won’t be left disappointed. If you need to make some summer plans, start right now. As long as you have already started planning them, you should be good. Do expect the unexpected too though and remember to take your time.

Mercury starts it’s retro in Leo then goes into Cancer, this should make the voice of the people stronger against governments…if you find yourself in an election, know that your voice will make a difference. Could make for some interesting times politically speaking, in the news, and around the coffee table. The main dates for this one are July 7th to 31st.

The best advice we can give you is to not get caught up in gossip and dramas going on around you as well as checking yourself – in other words, think before you speak, especially with the important stuff. Read your emails and text before you send them and be sure they are going to the right person. Because it is mercury, also re-read your words. You might find this one is a bit of an emotionally roller coaster, filled with highs and lows.

Double check your stuff and make sure you get some rest. During this one you might notice you are tired or even exhausted if you don’t. You also may find you are more forgetful than normal and some of you will find this a bit disturbing. The best you can do is try not to jump to conclusions (we just wrote an article reminding Assumptions – Don’t Make Them!).

Remember, no one is communicating at their best during these phases, so also don’t take things personally and try to just do your best!”

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

Sharon’s book contains lots of wonderful ways to work with the angels  Angel Guidance, Messages of love and Healing or get the kindle and begin reading a page today!

A visit with Archangel Raziel is a fantastic way to raise your vibration and learn to work in this new energy of earth. He is like having Dumbledore, Merlin, or Gandalf hanging out with you. He is a fantastic teacher, especially when it is time to focus on your own journey.
 Archangel Raziel1
Connecting with this beloved Archangel is always a pleasure. He kind of reminds me of one my grandfathers, deep love, deep wisdom.
Enjoy this wonderful guided meditation designed to help you connect with Archangel Raziel:

A message from Archangel Raziel that was shared some time ago continues to be the most popular page on my blog. It obviously has touched a lot of people. Let this beautiful archangel help you with Opening Your Third Eye.

Becoming more spiritually active is important for you and your growth. It helps you to remain more balanced during stressful times. It helps you to clear the stagnant or discordant energy around you. It lifts you to higher planes of awareness and understanding. Let Archangel Raziel clear the energy around you and within you to stimulate and clear your chakras. Also remember to take the time to consciously connect with your spirit guides, higher self, and angels for higher wisdom and understanding.
For those of you who are visual, you often find Archangel Raziel carries a sceptre with crystals from all of the colours of the rainbow. Collecting crystals and making your own magic wand is a wonderful way to connect with his light.

Your Angel Guidance is to raise your vibration with Archangel Raziel

Call upon Archangel Raziel before you engage in any spiritual teachings. Ask him to surround you in his golden light and touch your crown with his sceptre of the rainbow and be healed. He will assist you in better understanding the many levels that is layered into the process, as well as to unlock the mysteries stored within your encoded DNA.

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

Sharon’s book contains lots of wonderful ways to work with the angels  Angel Guidance, Messages of love and Healing or get the kindle and begin reading a page today!

Walking in Consciousness is an amazing experience! It is healing, gifting, and you just never know what surprises come your way. I take a walk everyday. I have dogs and I believe they and I will live a longer, healthier life because we take a few walks each day. When I set my intention before I go out, we often wonderful, unexpected experiences.

walking in consciousness

Recently while out for our walk, one of my dogs had been really sick and couldn’t go for a walk. With just the younger one, we could go further faster in the same amount of time, so we set out on a different route than normal. I was doing a breathing, connecting with the plants meditation as I went along when suddenly I heard ‘hello, hello’. Since I often ‘hear’ voices from other realms, I almost didn’t stop, but something caught my eye. One of the ladies who lives along the way with a lovely garden, came out to chat with Pixie and say hello.

We had a lovely chat about her garden, plants, life, the Universe, and everything. I left with bouquet of dried, painted flowers in all the colours of the rainbow and a bag full of different herbs than I grow in my garden. What a great gift. She also invited me back later to pick some raspberry leaves for my winter stock. (I use it for my lotions as it is a natural sunscreen and you can also use it for tea for upset stomachs and intestines – you can even eat them, just use it either fresh or completely dried).

Recently I was asked about doing a guided meditation for walking in consciousness. I was also asked about connecting with nature for those who can’t go outside or walk very far. Here is what we came up with. For those who can’t go outside or walk very far, make a container garden. Use an old fish tank and add some plants and rocks and a few of your favourite things. I grow tons of veggies in containers. Each year I grow more edibles and less decorative. I have flowers and some herbs that come back every year so I don’t have the cost of replacing them.

The elemental kingdom is symbiotic with us. We need the oxygen from the plants, and they need our carbon-dioxide in order to grow. We need each other on so many levels. Becoming more conscious of our connection to each other is a beautiful thing.

Your Angel Guidance is next time you go outside, do it walking in consciousness:

Walking in Consciousness is easy. All you really need to do is go outside and go for a walk. Before you go, get yourself in a meditative state and ask that you be tuned into your environment at a deeper level while you walk. If you can do this in wild forest, or by a stream or river, even better. When you become more aware of the subtle worlds, it is amazing what happens.

Love and blessings, Sharon and the Angels

Sharon’s book contains lots of wonderful ways to work with the angels  Angel Guidance, Messages of love and Healing or get the kindle and begin reading a page today!