Affirmations are powerful tools that we use all of the time without even realizing what they are or how they can affect our lives in positive and unwanted ways.

An affirmation is a message that you keep repeating to yourself, whether it is true or not. The power is in that you do start to believe it, whether it is true or not. Powerful and dangerous all at the same time.

Our media uses this tools against us. WE often use this power against or own selves. As you become more aware of the vibration of words, thoughts, and feelings, you can then create more powerful affirmations. I am choosy about my affirmations and intentions as I know that they will manifest in  my life, whether I want them or not.

Two rules of life and evolution come to mind to remind me of this. They are:

  1. Energy flows where you attention goes – the Law of Attraction
  2. Your mind doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is not. (I don’t know if this has a ‘law’)

So, this means that we can change our lives by becoming more aware and conscious of our words, thoughts, and feelings.

The angels say, “That is how you learn to walk in mastery as humans and how we are evolving to become beings who live in our hearts.” We can’t become the masters until we master those realms and work together with our spirit body and this is really what this great shift in consciousness is all about.

I created these affirmations after hearing  some words from others and reading them on social media in several post as meaningful advise to others going through stuff. They were:

You are strong, you will get through this! This will just make you stronger!

I said to the angels, “I am tired of being strong. I am tired of getting stronger. Aren’t I strong enough by now?” and they said…”there in those thought and words is the danger, the spells you cast for one another, so choose your words wisely when you wish them for another, for you are literally creating in their reality.”

Repeat them with emphasis on the capitalized words, make them a song, and sing your song of life the way you want it! You are Powerful, You are that, YOU ARE!

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