As we approach this wonderful new moon and solar eclipse (see it here), and we have some powerful energetic opportunities to shift things in our lives. Hopefully you have been doing a review over the past few weeks of Mercury Retro that you have an idea of what isn’t working and what you want to keep in your life. It is a good time to see how projects, people and things are progressing. Also remember to not be so hard on yourselves as you do this…IT IS AN EMOTIONAL TIME! And with mercury causing havoc, remember that none of us communicate at our best during Mercury Retrogrades.

Here is a meditation we did a few years back that can help you do your work this evening

Another resource I use and check at the beginning of each month is one from a fellow columnist of mine here at Beliefnet, Mathew Currie at and particularly his first column each month as it talks about the moon phases for the upcoming month as well as the void moons (which we should know about). I also like his way of explaining things and his sense of humour too.

Here is June’s link

Love and Blessings, Sharon and the Angels

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