Everyday I receive messages from readers asking me questions about their angels, working with them, and how to connect with higher dimensional Angel Guidance. Here is a wonderful question from one of my readers:

“With all this craziness, when can we expect things to get back to normal?”

The angels said to not expect things to get back to normal. Expect a new normal! We are going through a shift in consciousness, a raise in our vibration and there is no going back! Thank goodness!

Expect to feel more grounded in the energy or at peace with things this summer. It is the summer of love they like to call it. Some of us will find ‘true’ love, and others will fall more in love with life, or renew commitments to each other in a higher light of love. They say this isn’t the past stuff, it is the future stuff we all knew we came here to experience.

It is the summer to follow your passions regarding your careers too. Great shifts always bring about movement and some of you will be moving to another town, city, or place. Others will be finding new career paths, while those of you already following your hearts will find unexpected support, so don’t give up on those dreams just yet.

We know so many of you have been going through challenging times of late and you will see things start to lighten around you soon. Make waves of positive energy to bring it on faster if you choose. Remember that you are the masters of the shift and it responds to you and each and every one of you affects everything and all that is through your actions so choose those that are the highest and best for you.

No more procrastinating! Your power comes from taking action with your dreams and goals. Don’t overthink thinks as that usually slows you down from seeing those dreams come true…trust yourself and go for it…fun and love of life awaits your arrival!

Your Angel Guidance is to Connect with your Angels for greater understanding, healing, and love.

Everyone has angels to help guide them. It is up to us to ask for their help and assistance.

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