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Sassy Spirit

I would do it again

posted by jperry

I insulted a disabled person yesterday.  I did not mean to.

Maybe it was that I was too busy and wasn’t thinking since my book Sexpot With Stretch Marks had just launched that I made a boo boo.   Or that I was in a rush that I didn’t survey the situation correctly.  But was I wrong?  I ran to the grocery store for onions to make soup.  I had the baby in my left arm and grabbed a basket to hold with my right hand.  My thirteen year old texted me a list for “Breyers Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, Cheddar Chex Mix, Waffle bowls, and a Coke.”  I do not like buying that stuff, but especially on a regular basis.  It’s hard for me to fight it.  I’m the organic, non-GMO type.  My son had been helpful around the house, so after I grabbed the onions, I started towards the end of the aisle to get the junk food.  I looked back instinctively.

I saw a man who was in a wheelchair and was missing both of his legs.  He was looking at jelly.  He was scanning all of the different brands with his eyes.  I went over to him and said, “I’m short, but can I help you?”  He shrugged me off and shook his head.  I almost wanted to feel embarrassed that I had insulted him.  But my intention was kindness.  Maybe it was wrong, but I would do it again.  I will never be one of those zombie people who walk around unaware of people around them.  I’m an observer.  I have needed help and didn’t want to ask.  I’ve had people offer help and I refused out of pride.   I have learned to be strong and allow help.  I want to stay a helper.

As I went through checkout with my son’s junk food stash and my onions, I heard the double amputee laughing with one of the checkers. I saw him pushing a cart with one hand, wheeling his chair with the other.  I proceeded to the parking lot.  I saw the man loading up his groceries into his trunk.  I loaded up mine in the next aisle.  I watched out of the corner of my eye.  He was alone.  No one was in the car.  He rolled his chair over to the driver door and opened it.  He climbed in.  He collapsed his chair and put it in his car.  I thought what I watched was amazing.  To him, it’s life.

I asked myself what would I be like in his situation.  How many people would be driven to the store or get groceries delivered?  Some would have to because they would not have the upper arm strength to do what he did.  I have no judgement there.  I wondered where I was using something in my own life that someone else was not using in theirs.  Sometimes I use my kids as an excuse for not being able to do something for my business.  What limitations that I have been using are not really real?  What if the new way would just become part of life?

And what would you do?  Was I wrong?

New year, New You?

posted by jperry

A lot of people make resolutions they still may be onboard with. I don’t make resolutions. I make intentions. First and foremost, I want my book Sexpot With Stretch Marks which comes out January 8th to be a huge success, a bestseller of course. I will do this by being me, authentically, not by marketing a certain way. Maybe that works for the big fancy and famous peeps, but real always works for me.

I don’t think I need to be a new me, although every day I’m learning, growing, and blooming.  As for other people who are looking to reinvent themselves this year, GO FOR IT!  Why not?  I did that a few years ago and the transformation is ever unfolding.  Just give yourself permission to be you.  My intention this very morning was to be my highest version, fullest potential, greatest joy today.  I think living our truest expression as in our sacred truth, deep down to our core, that beautiful child of God we are and always will be is so pure awesome.  This looks different for everyone.  It’s rockstar, in-your-face for some and others a quiet, gentle power like a cloud.

Our greatness can never be measured by an outside source.  Those achievements, accolades, pats on the back, are fleeting and dependence on them will bring you misery.  Deciding on goals of this new you is fabulous, but never lose sight of what matters.  I’m not talking about your family, that goes without saying.  I’m talking about the whole reason you want to change, be different, makes resolutions, set intentions is that NEW aspect of yourself you think will make you feel good.  You want to feel good.  So feel good.

Just feel good?  You ask.

Yes, this is one of the ways to both happiness and self-love.  Examine your life and those people, places, and things around you.  From your job, friends, activities, blogs and articles you peruse on social media…what makes you feel good? I’m not talking about short-lived happy, the high people get from some toxic behaviors as well, but the feel good that makes you proud of yourself and connected to others.  The feel good that makes you feel like yourself.  My husband is one of those people for me who makes me feel smarter, wiser, prettier, and funnier than I used to actually think I was.  It wasn’t enough in my twenties.  I felt good when others built me up but when I was alone, I felt deflated or if I was around someone I thought was cool, I felt like a dork and judged.

Now I know it is MY job to make myself happy.  I choose to feel good.  I chose the new me and even when I have moments I forget I’m her or I’m overwhelmed (in haggard mom mode)…I still know who I am.  I am a Divine spark of the Cosmic Creator.  Knowing this energy I can access at any time when I tune into it, feels expansive and free.

What does the New you feel like?


posted by jperry

My Declaration of Jenny for 2015 goes like this.  Be clear in the signal you are sending out to the Universe.  Know the energy you put there to the other people.

This year I will not add any energy to any relationships that do not nurture me. Exception to the rule is my relationship with my children which do not always feel good. They challenge me to grow and I always find more love past my judgment and theirs. Parenting is a spiritual boot camp at times. Five completely different strong-willed beings with their own intention and I’m raising them in a world conditioned to be normal.

My friendship circle is tightening up and my time for acquaintances with chit-chat will be limited. If you can accept all of me, I will love you fully, if not I’ll love you on a soul level and choose other beings to play with. If you ask me my opinion this year, prepare yourself for full me. I’m intense and I don’t play small anymore. You don’t have to believe in your dreams anymore, but I’ll be creating more until the day I die. Crystal clear on my wants. If you don’t like how I roll, keep on moving along, I bless you. If you don’t agree with me, you are not wrong, you are you and I’m me. I’ll remain open to newness but no focus on bullshit.

I will not counsel through messaging, if you would like exclusive intuitive coaching, email me for my limited availability. I’ll see if we are a fit. This snobbery of my vibration serves me, my family, and the world. I am keeping my vibe high and pure, blasting Light and sparks of Divine blooming even more.

My book, Sexpot With Stretch Marks, will have lots of inspiration for $8.88 and Kindle will include pictures and a slightly lower price. I’ll have gems on my website for free and I’ll always have free wisdom, but it’s time to take my vision to the next level. I’ll be cheering you on in my heart forevermore.

P. S. Never assume anything with me. This isn’t about anything but fire words coming through and picking up on this in the world. No incident or person came to mind, I just knew it needed to be declared for myself.  Stay tuned.  I’m ready to SOAR!  Who’s ready to FLY with me!  January 8th, 2015!  What’s your declaration?  I want to hear so I can cheer you on!

P. P. S.  Remember you amazing!  Know that!  Trust that. Know God has your back. You are loved.  You are Divinely loved and supported. Namaste, blessings, and yummy delicious to you!


My Hero

posted by jperry

Today I want to wish my hero a big Happy Birthday. My Mom, Anne Glenning, turned 70 today. She is one of the most beautiful, intelligent, spiritual, giving, loving, kind, and amazing joke. When she tells a risqué joke nowadays we have to laugh because it’s funny but also because she cracks herself up. I hit the Mom lottery with her.

She teaches me constantly and challenges me to stand for what is my truth even when it’s not hers. She’s modeled what parenting an adult will look like with a delicate balance of attachment. She’s so classy, graceful, and sophisticated and yet, totally badass in being her own woman. She started working at 19 and changed careers in her 50’s. If she had a motto it would be Rosie the Riveter. She is definitely a let’s find a way if we really want to do it. No matter what Catholic School, Church, or CCD told me, she would tell my God’s love was unwavering and unconditional, just like hers. I put her through a lot of shit in my teens as I was hurting so much. She would move a mountain for me, just like I would for my children, but taught me that we have to move our own mountains.

We don’t always understand each other but yet we are best friends. She is the yin to my yang. The Universe put a limited edition out this day 70 years ago, a one-of-a-kind gem of a woman who has the capacity for love, patience, and forgiveness, while still being boss, in charge, fair, and a force to be reckoned with integrity. And finally, one of the lessons she taught me was before I ever heard if the Law of Attraction is to focus on what you want, positivity is power, and don’t pay attention to the things that lower your mood. (I thought in 5th grade she was a wimp for my watching scary movies, just like my kids think if me.) She was just a vibe snob and I totally get it now.

I teach this all the time.  It’s important what we put in our body, as in food, and what we put in our minds is even more important.  You are constantly putting in new info, but is it of value?  Read good books, chew on inspiration, write of gratitude and your vibration will change.  Be a good person.  It feels good.  Don’t do it out of guilt or try to be a martyr.  Then you just resent people.  Do things for others for the joy of it.  My Mom volunteers at the Rescue Mission in Atlantic City because she is a good egg.  She helps the CASA, an organization to help foster children. She does these things because she has a heart of gold.  She always looks even more beautiful because that heart shines through her eyes.

I love you, Mom. You’re a Goddess of awesome, the Queen of all good things.  Blessings to you!  Blessings to all.

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