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Sassy Spirit


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I came up with this term earlier in the week.

I think we can use holidays as reminders of what’s really important in life, like family and counting our blessing.  Not like the forced, obligatory type of…we should be grateful for_____.  We are not always grateful during any given day and the holidays can be tough energy actually.  It’s when we need to practice gratitude within and embody thanksBeing.

The holidays bring up money worries, family issues, unresolved feelings, a spotlight on your love life or lack thereof, and life review as the year comes to a close.  Couple that with lots of food, sugar, and alcohol…it’s like carb-vaganza!  We tend to overindulge as a way to manage the chaotic energy at parties as well.  I’m feeling like doing a December challenge of gratitude to really anchor in the feelings we want to feel, like gratitude, peace, love, joy, prosperity, and all that good stuff.

It’s easy to plug into the collective consciousness and feel the buzz of it all.  Or you can disconnect and plug within.  Meditation is the perfect choice.  Prayer, communion with nature, loving without attachment, and soul activities are what we stir that spiritual mojo to the max. Why not start out the new year by laying the ground work a month early?  Divine December I could call it!  Or Delicious December!  To do something for Body-Mind-Spirit each day and write it down.

This doesn’t have to be boring or heavy, like a to-do-list, but more like a celebration of Self.  God gave you this life to experience, not to endure.  I was reading The War of Art, by Steven Pressfield which I highly recommend it to everyone.  He spoke about the concept that people totally change their lives when they get cancer.  Like they now have permission to have the life they actually want to live.  It’s when they realize it’s not a dress rehearsal.  I think of that when I look at my body.  How a person would feel about the magic creations that their bodies actually are when their health is in question and their life looks super precious.  They get an instant flash of living in Thanksbeing.  We don’t need to get sick in order to feel that or to have the right to have things we want.

Combine that whole energy and being grateful, taking care of your being, living on purpose, and ask yourself if you are willing to receive as much good as possible.  Are you open to receive?  How much?  Do you feel only worthy when you are giving?  Do you always have to be the host?  From compliments, money for your gifts, talents, and services, love, attention, and more?  Can you receive easily?  Does it feel weird?  Does it bring up stuff for you?  The holidays are a giving and receiving time.  Sometimes we want to give more but we can’t and it feels bad.  I get it.  But look at it this way…time, energy, and love are free.  You can give from your heart and not by dollar sign value.  Write someone a poem.  Write them a love letter.  Give with the intention to make the other person feel good and that is the best gift ever.  Ask for what you want.  Be open to receive it with pure gratitude and no guilt…and you will get more.  It’s not about stuff, it’s about the feelings behind it or what is created in receiving.

Sending you all blessings this holiday weekend here in the US.  This empath can’t take the energy of Black Friday shopping, but hope you brave shoppers got some good stuff!  Keep on Thankbeing not just until Monday, but forever.  I need to make up Thanksbeing cards. I still love snail mail.  Don’t you?  I love receiving.  It’s Thanksbeing every time I receive.  It feels so good.  We’re taught to give, but often stumble on asking for what we really want or actually being open to receive it.  Keep asking yourself questions.  How do presents feel to you?  Do you feel comfortable accepting good things of do you instantly feel the need to give of equal value or more?  Imagine opening your heart to receive a little more love… and then feelings of Thanksbeing are right there.

P.S.  If you would like to send me a Christmas card, I am a good receiver.  I do happy dances of gratitude and Thanksbeing.

P O Box 1132
Ocean City, NJ 08226

Good Stuff Guilt

posted by jperry

I have a wonderful life.  It’s always getting better.   The holidays are one of the times I really feel it the most.  I look at those who have lost loved ones, have no family or the unhealthy dysfunctional kind, or just have so much less than I do and I send blessings.  If I could, I’d wave my magic wand and give them all the good stuff.  When people used to tell me how bad things in their life were, I’d want to relate to them and play down my life, complain, and minimize my problems in my own mind (guilt was my constant companion). I used to feel bad that I shouldn’t want more because I have a loving husband, healthy kids, etc.  God didn’t give me my words in order to play a small life to make others feel better.  That would be temporary anyway.  I came here to reach many with my words and help them improve their lives in some way, whether big or small.  No guilt or do I deserve all the good either.  That’s hogwash baloney sandwich.  We’re all worthy and no matter what hand we are dealt, good or bad, if we decide it will stop us, it will.  I used to believe in and live in limitations.

Luckily, I have an insatiable desire to connect to my own soul, God, and self-help/improvement/empowerment/love, ya know…all the selfies movements.  It means I believe you can change.  If you want to change things in your life, you must look at your thoughts, beliefs, and subconscious gunk in the process.  There will always be things I’m working on because I’m about growth and expansion, this epic love ride of self.  I cannot imagine a life without striving to be more and understand even deeper, this experience on this planet.  For instance, I had a block for years that I wasn’t smart enough to be a writer.  If I didn’t work on myself, that would have been where I stayed.  Not smart.   I thought I could never change that.  My second book will be out January 8th.  I was so intimidated by business stuff.  I thought I’d never know the business world and closed off a lot of possibilities for myself.  But that was just a story.  It wasn’t the absolute truth.  Question everything is one of my mottos and especially question your thoughts.  I am still learning business and working on upleveling.  New thoughts on these daily.

If you have thoughts that make you feel bad, examine them.  Are they truth?  Are they what you think you should think?  Are they thoughts that were passed down or you learned?  Look to open your mind up to new concepts and ideas.  This gives you clarity about what you really deep down feel, believe, or know.  Knowing is that place inside, past the thoughts, where grace resides.

Writing in a journal helps us really get to our subconscious blocks and also on the other side of our issues, our holy space of wisdom.  It’s also in writing what we are grateful for, where we can get to add more of that consciousness within us.  Focus on what you want to grow.  So always balance the wanting to learn and release more, with integrating and looking within.

Think good thoughts.  Many blessings to all.

Perfect Recipe

posted by jperry

I just cooked up a quinoa breadstick recipe. I have been staying away from cheese, but added it because the recipe called for it. My youngest son, Seamus, and I were calling in Quin-cheesy-roni because we added veggie pepperoni.

It was okay.  I’d need to tweak it.

I topped it with hot peppers and it was very Jennylicious then.  I love cooking and finding new recipes. I love learning.  I love newness.  I love expansion.  I love ideas, creativity, and possibilities.  I will be growing in some way every day of my life.  It’s how I want to live and how I see living to my fullest potential.

Now did this specific recipe work for me?  Not really.  I look at it as a metaphor for life.  Have you ever followed a recipe to a tee and it didn’t turn out right?  Like the Pinterest fails that make you feel so not crafty or Martha-ish, as in Martha Stewart, the Queen of home living type world.  I’ll go for the Goddess of being me instead, cause that I can do.  In truth, you never know what brand people use in their recipes and even if you do, altitude, temperature, and other factors come into play.  Just like in life.  You can follow someone else’s path to a tee and NEVER have the same journey.  You can read all the same books, go to the same training, school, workshops, or certifications and it would be impossible to have the same outcome. Your cake ain’t ever gonna look or taste like anyone else’s.  And thank God.  That would be so boring.

In my twenties, I was always comparing my cake-making skills literally and figuratively.  Even at this wise old age, I still get tripped up sometimes, especially in new surrounding, classes, or especially as I uplevel from a big fish in a tiny pond to a small fish in a big pond.  It’s like I’ll advise peeps in my upcoming book and what I spoke about relating to reinvention last year at a business event.  Take in your new surroundings and observe what you see others doing, how they are succeeding, what they’re good at, and what you want to strive towards.  You can look at that corner office and how great their view is and how amazing they are at their job…but then remember you are running your own race.  Stay in your own lane or you will trip up.

You have no idea how much hard work went into their cake.  They may have tried to perfect that recipe for ten years, toiling away at it every single day.  They may have “lucked” out with being handing the perfect recipe from their family.  They may have magic golden pans, a hook up for the good flour, a technique only told to certain people once their cake skills are at a certain level.  So should you give up making cakes cause what’s the use?  Their cake will always be better  That is a copout, an excuse, it’s giving up and you will create the life you don’t want that way.

If instead you don’t worry about other people’s cake or quinoa crusty thing and create a brand new recipe.  Maybe your cake will have quinoa in it and it will be delicious and healthy.  Maybe you will make a new cake every day.  You get to create the perfect recipe for your life.  What do you want to create?  How much fun can you have with your own recipe?  How delicious will your life get?

Start cookin’ now!

Work or Play?

posted by jperry

Is it possible to feel like what your job actually feels like play?

Growing up, I didn’t know that was possible, but jobs look glamorous through a child’s eyes.  I thought my parents’ jobs looked cool.  They looked really fun.  My dad was a bartender.  That soda gun with different flavor was power, baby.  He had limitless maraschino cherries, lemons, olives and….SODA!!!  I loved eating olives and still do.  Only now in my martinis.  Back then, I wanted bottomless Shirley Temples. Those pink drinks I’d raise my glass for a refill as often as I was allowed.  All the waitresses were older and very loving in the Italian restaurant in Center City Philadelphia.  I even loved the coat check lady, Diane.  They made such a fuss over me and my little sister.  I loved getting dressed up and going out to restaurants.  Who doesn’t?

My mom also worked in Center City Philadelphia.  She was a manager at Bell Atlantic, the telephone company.  She was a boss.  She was a pioneer in my mind for being strong and smart, while still being kind and a woman.  She wore the power suits in the eighties and I idolized her.  And I always will.  She would let us visit her work and spend some time there which was so magical.  Going up on the elevator to the higher floors was like being on a TV show in my pre-internet mind, I-just-play-in-my-Barbies mind.  Sitting at her desk and looking down below to the street where cars looked so small made me feel like a giant.  As we walked the hall (little kids are not very common in office buildings) people treated us like we were celebrities.  Plus, we were cute.  I have to say the highlight though was the office supply room.  I’ll take some pens please.  Black, blue, and yes colored paper clips are the jackpot.  The BEST part was using the copy machine to photocopy my hand.  It seemed like a dream job.

I would play teacher often as a kid and I’d always change my name.  I thought I’d marry Michael Jackson eventually.  My Barbie playing always included fashion, friends, and being in love.  I lived in a world of play as a child and had a great imagination and people skills.  I thought I’d be a star, cause doesn’t every kid think they’re special.  Some things never change, except the Michael Jackson part.  I don’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up, but I always knew I’d be a mom.  Never thought I’d have five kids though.

Fast forward to picking a career.  I tried psychology for a semester in college and then Culinary school.  I got pregnant at nineteen and was a cook, hostess, and waitress.  I set up make-up at a drugstore.  I sold home goods.  I stayed at home with the kids and didn’t know what my career would be or if I’d be anything beyond a stay-at-home mom.  I decided I wanted to write.  But didn’t think of it as anything but play.  It was a hobby.  I didn’t think I was smart enough to be an actual writer.

I wrote because it was fulfilling me.  It was also an escape from the same day syndrome of cleaning, dishes, laundry, school pick up, talk about the weather.  Writing my novel opened up a world to me.  Once that door opened in my mind, writing fiction lead me to writing blogs.  I gave author talks and realized I could actually teach what I’ve learned.  Being open to play and not being afraid to work means the world is my oyster.  I’ve taken my writings and saw they belonged in a few books…which are to come.  My first non-fiction book will be coming out January 8th and I am getting more excited by the day.  I love inspiring, uplifting, and empowering others.  I am going to be able to work and play my whole life.  Writing is both.  What about you?  What can you do that is both work and play?

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