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Sassy Spirit

Grocery Store Adventures

posted by jperry

I have five kids. I practically live at the grocery store. I’m not complaining, I’m grateful I have the variety to pick from and the money to pay for it.  I know that place like the back of my hand.  I don’t know the aisle numbers, but I write my list according to their location if I’m organized, or just type some on my phone in the “notes” section of my cell phone and delete it as a go along. (Busy mommy tip there. If I’m there with all five kids which is maybe only happened once or twice since my oldest is seventeen, but it was hilarious. Going with the kids is an adventure, especially because my baby, Dylaney Maeve is such a cutie and everyone needs to talk to her. If I’m by myself, it’s like a vacation there, unless I’m running late to pick up my son from karate at night…then it’s a race.  The self-check out always has some snafu then.

Yesterday I did like regular small order which was four bags and a giant toilet paper. If I did a full order I’d be there all day. I’m short. (5’0 nothing)  I’m not intimidating. Kids like me. Adults do too. People are always kind to me. I give smiles. I get smiles. If not, I know it’s not about me. One day, I picture myself paying for someone’s whole order, but anonymously where I watch from a distance. I love doing good things for people.  I truly am a happy person with a wide open heart.

A woman came up to me yesterday at the grocery store who loved my hair so much she wrote down my name, my hairdresser’s name and the salon’s number. We talked hair. It was funny. She talked about her life a little. I have that bartender personality (my dad was a bartender) and this of course is why I’m good at life coaching. A friend told me before that people tell me things because they think I won’t judge them.  I am human though, we all have judgements arise sometimes, but not with my clients.  It’s my job to love, guide, and help in that space.  I think people feel safe with me. Even about their hair. I mean hair is serious business for some of us women. Don’t judge us.

I also ran into a woman I had met in the grocery store when I was pregnant. Her name is Jill. Her husband has been fighting cancer for three years now. I asked her how she was holding up and what I could do. She said it was enough running into me. WOW…I felt that in my heart and the feeling that I have an impact with my presence is the wildest and most wonderful feeling in the world.  Jill amazes me. She’s dealing with her situation with such grace. She’s the cutest thing ever too. She said she just keeps on going. We happened to be in the checkout line together and talked healthy food. I’m going to email her and stay in touch. It’s one of those moments I know God put me there. Like you just know. I felt blessed we connected again.

As I bagged my groceries, one of the cashiers asked me about zucchini pasta. I helped her with some food ideas and meals she could tweak to taste good and be healthy. I cheered on the changes she had already made.  She’s a diabetic and Italian, so we talked no pasta, but lots of flavor. I always hope I don’t sound like I know I’m trying to bossy anyone around, but rather just be their bold cheerleader.  Okay, I’ll drop that.  I’m bossy sometimes.  I’m a mom so I gotta be.  Also, to take myself to the next level with career and business, I have to be a boss.  Conscious boss, I like it.  And if someone asks my opinion or help, I give it, but not if they don’t want my two cents.  Learning to know when to mind our own business and to jump in is based on gut, our intuition, and not the mind’s need to be right.  Never be afraid to help someone you don’t know, when your heart calls you to.  That’s the Divine nudging you.

Every day ordinary experiences with extraordinary meanings. I love really spreading joy and having good conversations. That is my zone. Not in the problems, but in the solutions.

Food Love

posted by jperry


They say it’s not healthy to love food, but I do. I guess it’s healthy to love celery…but does anyone really LOVE celery? Maybe there is someone. Even as a healthy chick, I still love cheese fries. But a healthy love, not a negative one. I’m picky about which place I get them from and know I can’t have them all the time. I savor them. I also do love healthy food too. It teaches me how to be present. I am a spazz. I’m thinking, talking, writing, and buzzing around like a bee. Ceratin things like food ground me. I don’t mean eat a ton of food so you don’t feel spacey. Try this experiment. Next time you are eating, take it all in.

This starts if you are cooking it too. Put some love in it. Look at the colors, smell the ingredients, and even put some music on. I don’t always have time or energy to do this, but when I eat, I eat. I don’t scarf down food or shove in my mouth (although eating cheese fries looks like that probably). Something simple like eating berries can be an extraordinary experience. The colors and bursting flavors are Technicolor magic for the body, eyes, and belly. Today when I put my blueberries and raspberries into my oatmeal, it was like the best meal I ever had.

I’ll take you through being present when eating and experiencing what food love is like. As I took the spoon and stirred the yummy goodness, I took in the beauty. I microwaved 1/2 cup dry whole oats, cup of water, handful of blueberries and raspberries, dash of cinnamon and packet of Stevia. The turn of the spoon revealed the pinks, purples, reds, and blues beneath of the pale oatmeal color. It was so pretty and I leaned in and the steam created a dreamy smell that came up and kissed my nose. It was the first time I added raspberry. I didn’t have enough blueberries so I gave it a whirl. There was a crunch from the berries too and I thought next time I’ll add some chopped up almonds. Maybe I’ll toast them first. Food excites me and so does creating recipes and cooking. It’s therapeutic when I am in the mood for it. This kind of self-care is self-love for the body, mind, and spirit. It’s a great thing to remind our kids about as we share how we are grateful for our meal.


Raise Your Vibe, Change Your Life

posted by jperry

It’s easy to complain. I can fall into that trap as a mom especially.  When we’re on that complaining, love vibe channel, we see a bunch of crap come on our screen.  Everything is broken.  Everything needs to be fixed.  It’s exhausting.  Everything is.  At the end of the summer, I was burnt out.  I was asking for not just the typical “me” time which I advocate to stressed out moms.  It wasn’t about time or being alone or self-care.  I felt good during yoga, but had a hard time bringing the OM to my M-OM self.  I had been wracking my brain trying to learn and create business while letting go of any fears or limitations.  I am always on a path of self-growth.  I believe we all are.  There was just so much going on inside of me.  It was like storm.

I had anxiety arise as my oldest daughter was getting ready to  start her Senior year of high school.  My baby will leave the nest and yes, I know I have four others at home, but her and I have a different relationship.  She’ll turn 18 right after she graduates.  I started dating my husband when I was 18 and about to turn 19.  A few months later, I was pregnant with her.  Within less than a year of knowing each other, I married him.  I was nineteen.  A month after I turned 20, McKayla was born.  We became parents.  We became a family.  I learned who I was through being a mother to her.  It’s surreal that they actually grow up.  We watch our love form into a being, totally separate from us, and the become a person…like a real adult.  I had to allow myself to feel sad over this process.  I could feel myself release it.  I feel back to me now.

I asked myself what I was yearning for personally?  The answer was to deepen my connection with the Divine and to write.  Not just write, but full being, all of me writing again.  I learn so much and it fills my soul up through writing.  I can feel most myself when I’m really in my mojo-magic-writing flow.  It’s like I’m connected to all of myself, the part that’s always been and will always be.  Focusing on what I love, versus what I need to change or do, is not avoidance, procrastination, or not following through with the business side.  I am still working on a lot, but from a different perspective.  My higher viewpoint knows so much.  When I get out of the wants, needs, striving, I see magic.  I believe in magic then.  I believe in miracles.  I see there is so much potential, possibilities, and an infinite amount of ideas that can become reality.  Getting out of the mind and revving up my vibe is all I ever need.  Once I am real and clear about what I want, the Universe conspires on my behalf and I can feel the love.

Staying open to newness and that life can surprise and delight me is key.  I can make big power moves as I see the opportunities arise, but I must stay present, in today and savor the goodness right here.  Goals, dreams, and stretching your mind beyond your wildest wishes is a given, but stopping and smelling the whole world is what we came for any way.  That sweet scent is love.  We came to feel good and be happy, to enjoy this cosmic dance while we’re here.  I’m not going to waste any moments being frazzled.  There’s too much to appreciate and experience.  It’s not just gratitude on paper, but in your hear to.  Look for the good in your life and ask what your soul needs.  Signs and answers always come.  Raise your vibe and see what happens.

What does a strong women look like?

posted by jperry

We’re all used to seeing strong women portrayed on television. She’s fighting crime. She’s tough. She doesn’t like people to get too close to her.  Softness equals weakness.  That’s good and all for entertainment, but for me I see strength differently.

I have many friends who embody strength to me. I wanted to highlight three of them today.  These three ladies I admired before I even knew the depth of their strength and what they had gone through. I attract rockstars, as I always say. These women share their stories in order to inspire others and give them hope.  They are three of my soul sisters.  They embody resilience and if I listed all the reasons or their whole stories, I’d have a book.  You can find out more about them, but they have dealt with something we all like to avoid the subject let alone know it firsthand.  Grief is something we wish we could skip in life altogether.  They all lost loved ones before I met them.   Losing a child or spouse…end of the world feeling.  Unfathomable, unbearable, the love never dies but the idea that they would not physically be present with us is incomprehensible in my heart.  It’s one of those things I will admit that I fear.  Last year, my husband was having chest pain on his left side.  I was pregnant with our fifth child. As we sat in the hospital, I pleaded with God.  I’d take all the struggles I’d ever had, never ask for anymore success, prosperity, or dreams to come true…I’d never take a moment of him for granted again…I needed him to be okay.  God, do not make me learn this lesson.  It will break me. I’m strong, but don’t do this to me.  There was a surrender point.  Then the doctor told us it was shingles.  I have never felt so grateful, lucky, blessed.  I had been texting one of my friends I’m including below.  I teared up just thinking about Jennifer losing her husband.  It made me even more in awe of ladies like these.

One of the goddesses is Edie Weinstein, a fellow Beliefnet blogger, The Bliss Blog, she is the author of The Bliss Mistress Guide To Transforming the Ordinary Into The Extraordinary.  I won’t go into her long bio cause we don’t have all day.  She interviewed the Dalai Lama for goodness sake.  She is a counselor which is no surprise.  Those who heal often help those that hurt.  My friend, Jennifer Harp-Douris, owner and jewelry designer of Mermaid Tears jewelry.  When we first met for coffee a few years ago and she told me her story, it hit my heart. She makes custom jewelry that many people get in memory of their loved ones. She has a gift of empathy when dealing with grieving customers.   Sandy Peckinpah, author of How to Survive the Worst that Can Happen, lost her sixteen year old son, her marriage then ended, and just as she was reconnecting with her ex-husband, he passed away.  She is one of the kindest people on the planet and her beauty radiates from within.  These women were instant friends.  I didn’t know their pain when we met and then when they told me about their pasts, I loved and admired them even more.  They make me look within.  You wonder what you would do?  If you lost your husband or child, how do you go on and not just function, but thrive like these ladies do.

Within each of them, they have a few common threads, which are their big hearts, their willingness to always help others, and their spirits.  They are always on their unique path and they know it.  Some people don’t realize they’re just playing a human currently on their spiritual journey.  We are all ultimately on a spiritual journey.  These woman are still not asking “Why me?” years later.  They took their own healing and turned that into wisdom they share.  And I’m lucky enough to know them.  These are strong women, where toughness looks different, it’s the courage to show your vulnerability and the bravery to never give up.  I’m grateful the Universe continues to bring me gems like these ladies.  They are rockstars, my idols, heroes, and the coolest souls ever!  I love you, soul sisters.  These goddesses all have websites if you’d like to know more:

Edie Weinstein:

Jennifer Harp-Douris:

Sandy Peckinpah:

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