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What does a strong women look like?

posted by jperry

We’re all used to seeing strong women portrayed on television. She’s fighting crime. She’s tough. She doesn’t like people to get too close to her.  Softness equals weakness.  That’s good and all for entertainment, but for me I see strength differently.

I have many friends who embody strength to me. I wanted to highlight three of them today.  These three ladies I admired before I even knew the depth of their strength and what they had gone through. I attract rockstars, as I always say. These women share their stories in order to inspire others and give them hope.  They are three of my soul sisters.  They embody resilience and if I listed all the reasons or their whole stories, I’d have a book.  You can find out more about them, but they have dealt with something we all like to avoid the subject let alone know it firsthand.  Grief is something we wish we could skip in life altogether.  They all lost loved ones before I met them.   Losing a child or spouse…end of the world feeling.  Unfathomable, unbearable, the love never dies but the idea that they would not physically be present with us is incomprehensible in my heart.  It’s one of those things I will admit that I fear.  Last year, my husband was having chest pain on his left side.  I was pregnant with our fifth child. As we sat in the hospital, I pleaded with God.  I’d take all the struggles I’d ever had, never ask for anymore success, prosperity, or dreams to come true…I’d never take a moment of him for granted again…I needed him to be okay.  God, do not make me learn this lesson.  It will break me. I’m strong, but don’t do this to me.  There was a surrender point.  Then the doctor told us it was shingles.  I have never felt so grateful, lucky, blessed.  I had been texting one of my friends I’m including below.  I teared up just thinking about Jennifer losing her husband.  It made me even more in awe of ladies like these.

One of the goddesses is Edie Weinstein, a fellow Beliefnet blogger, The Bliss Blog, she is the author of The Bliss Mistress Guide To Transforming the Ordinary Into The Extraordinary.  I won’t go into her long bio cause we don’t have all day.  She interviewed the Dalai Lama for goodness sake.  She is a counselor which is no surprise.  Those who heal often help those that hurt.  My friend, Jennifer Harp-Douris, owner and jewelry designer of Mermaid Tears jewelry.  When we first met for coffee a few years ago and she told me her story, it hit my heart. She makes custom jewelry that many people get in memory of their loved ones. She has a gift of empathy when dealing with grieving customers.   Sandy Peckinpah, author of How to Survive the Worst that Can Happen, lost her sixteen year old son, her marriage then ended, and just as she was reconnecting with her ex-husband, he passed away.  She is one of the kindest people on the planet and her beauty radiates from within.  These women were instant friends.  I didn’t know their pain when we met and then when they told me about their pasts, I loved and admired them even more.  They make me look within.  You wonder what you would do?  If you lost your husband or child, how do you go on and not just function, but thrive like these ladies do.

Within each of them, they have a few common threads, which are their big hearts, their willingness to always help others, and their spirits.  They are always on their unique path and they know it.  Some people don’t realize they’re just playing a human currently on their spiritual journey.  We are all ultimately on a spiritual journey.  These woman are still not asking “Why me?” years later.  They took their own healing and turned that into wisdom they share.  And I’m lucky enough to know them.  These are strong women, where toughness looks different, it’s the courage to show your vulnerability and the bravery to never give up.  I’m grateful the Universe continues to bring me gems like these ladies.  They are rockstars, my idols, heroes, and the coolest souls ever!  I love you, soul sisters.  These goddesses all have websites if you’d like to know more:

Edie Weinstein:

Jennifer Harp-Douris:

Sandy Peckinpah:

I Pray for the Schools

posted by jperry

Three of my children start school tomorrow here in New Jersey. So much has changed since I was a kid. I am not a person who hates on how things are, but as a mom, I can wish for the feeling of innocence we all had when I was in in the second grade. My oldest starts her Senior year of high school (cue the sentimental music), my oldest son starts eighth grade, and my middle son starts second grade. Thank God, my youngest son who starts preschool this month (fingers crossed-the school had issues which are delaying the opening), and my baby girl are home with me. Next year, I’ll be a mess! Too many changes for me, but I’ll have to deal. Back to the 1980′s…

From the second grade to fifth grade, I went to a Catholic school called St. Christopher’s in the Somerton section of Philadelphia. Nothing was scary about school. The news gave us some bad news and every once an a while an urban myth or possible creepo in a car with like 100 stuffed animals were whispered about. I had terrible anxiety falling asleep as a kid and I worried incessantly. In this day and age, I’d have been sent to a therapist with all the borrage of news 24/7, terrorism, school shootings, and internet insanity of the worst of the world. Watching scary movies back then did not help me any. I avoid them like the plague now.

You hear stories of mean nuns, which were before my time. The two nuns I had during that time as teachers were super sweet and the convent was a lovely serene place to visit. I forgot I was scared at school twice, once when we had a haunted house in the school gym (never again), and when I thought I was in trouble with the principal, Sister Elaine, but I totally was not. I was reprimanded in third grade for talking, but my teacher didn’t understand I had important stuff to say. I cleaned up that business with Sister Phyllis in the fourth grade and won a poster contest for “Good Manners” and I felt like a rockstar. Second grade, I felt like a little princess of God for my Communion in my beautiful white dress. Memories blur, but I remember in fifth grade having three teachers and learning a lot. I can picture myself clapping erasers outside with all of our doors leading outside were open. They let the breeze in. Fresh air was so welcome then and safety concerns were in case of fire. Now, can you imagine doors wide open. Nostalgia makes me take a deep breath of that one. Our computers were just old TV’s and all we could do was add and subtract numbers. Our VCR was the greatest invention. CD’s, our phone lines with call waiting, and cable TV were not even in my world yet. Ahh..I sound old and that I yearn for the past. I don’t. I know there were bad things going on behind the scenes then and afterschool special kept bringing awareness and new knowledge of danger in my world I didn’t know existed.

Fast forward to now and there are a trillion more things to worry about. School shootings since Columbine have changed our country and our schools. This is not as simple as saying God is not in our schools. I am a deeply spiritual person, but don’t want to force my views on others. I know it’s also not as simple as the theory of broke homes, absent parents, or video games, cause they don’t breed hate in violence in all kids. I don’t have all the answers.

What I do think improves everyone’s lives is a connection to themselves, their souls, and a Higher Power. Nature can be your church and your prayer may be yoga, mediation, or thank you. God doesn’t care how you pray. If you are connecting to the Divine, your life is different. It’s not going to solve every problem, but you will think different. Your perceptive will be that of love, a higher consciousness, your inner light is your own lighthouse. I may sound all New Agey, woo woo, and I own that. It works for me. I pray my own way. I pray for my kids. I pray for your kids. I pray for all the kids. I pray for the good kids who get hurt. I pray for the bad kids that hurt. I pray for the families. I pray for the schools. I ask angels to surround the schools and that the kids can learn and grow as people. I pray for the teachers that they may be their best selves and give hope, knowledge, and encouragement to those who need it. I pray for the administrators who create the educational structure for the children to thrive. I believe the teachers are truly the foundation and deeply value their contribution. As a parent, I thank you for teaching my children and taking care of them, along with all the staff, when they are in school. I pray this upcoming school year is a peaceful one for all. I pray. I pray. I pray. I send love out to this whole planet that we know more peace than we ever have. I choose peace. Thank you. Amen.

What will September bring?

posted by jperry

Today is the last day of August and also the last day of the week. What magic will it bring?  Tomorrow is the first day of September and I am so excited. I’m ready for change.  I will so miss the freedom of lazy summer days of no schedule but my kids need more structure.  I feel that shift.  I don’t like cold weather or shorter days, but there are so many things to look forward to in Autumn and I’ll focus on that.  We’ve already started looking at Halloween costumes which is the earliest ever.  But first things first, September will fly by like it always does with kids back to school and I want to enjoy Indian Summer at the shore.

Here’s what I’m feeling…the soul nudge…I’m going to stretch myself outside of my comfort zone.  It’s time to go within to get clear. The clarity will be revealed to me as I slow down and put pen to paper.  I need a solid business plan and to see what I need to learn.  I get overwhelmed when stuff is all business.  I am going to sort and sift through limiting beliefs like this and replace them.  I think I’ve had to learn so much personally, because I have a lot to teach.  This will be a never-ending cycle, as a spiritual journey.

I’m willing to be vulnerable and real, but it must have spiritual and positive foundation to it.  Intention setting and finding a mentor.  I feel I’m on the cusp of magic again.  What this will bring I don’t know.  I trust it will be amazing.  I will connect with Universe and do some from the soul affirmations.  It’s super important that I refresh this and envision what I would like.  What if I could get everything I ever wanted? What would that be?  What would that look like?  If I didn’t feel I’d be judged or care how frivolous my wishes were, how big could I dream?  When I open to the possibilities, it’s wild and kind of crazy.  Asking my self the tough questions:

Am I worthy of infinite riches, epic success, and having it all?
Do I feel I deserve millions of dollars for my work and sharing myself with the world?
Do I feel I can balance it all, handle the challenges, and stay authentic?
Do I feel good enough in every way?
Do I feel anything is possible for me?

I want to keep asking questions that I already think I know the answer to. I want to see if there is another layer to it.  How much more am I seeking or striving to learn, grow, have, be, and even become a wiser, fuller, truer expression.  Where will this lead me?

I am fully jumping into the next level.  I’m going to do whatever it takes.  I don’t need to struggle.  Easy, effortless, when you’re in the flow, magic happens.  It’s in the knowing that we have faith in ourselves and the Divine, that the projects, books, inspirations come through.  It’s like we are a vessel, portal, channel for a Higher Power of holiness.  I’m in alignment when I’m grateful and daring.  I’m daring to keep seeking.  I’m daring to keep being authentic.  Things will all work out even grander than I could imagine.

My affirmation for today is:
My soul will lead the way.

Healing is Natural.

posted by jperry

I fell on my knee the other day. Long story short, I landed on my right knee hard. (Dramatic story and boo-hoo on my website.) Two days later, I’m ready to get back to exercise and me, but I can’t.

Yesterday, I had to go up and down the steps like a little kid, one at a time, which is super annoying. I couldn’t kneel without some pain. Not sharp, just sore. My body was wondering what we are doing, acting like an old lady. I iced it and didn’t do anything crazy, just normal life.

Today, it’s not sore to the touch and was fine going up the steps.  Healing has begun.  Put some arnica get on it.  Doing what feels right.  I posted a question on Facebook this morning about any physical therapy or yoga stretches that would be good. Of course, I opened myself up to all points of view and opinions by bringing it up. I can be super protective of my vibe and know others mean well. I don’t let everyone in on if I’m working on something or my energy is off balanced until I find my knowing. Worry and fear based energy or pity feels terrible to me. Everyone else’s experiences aren’t mine. I listened with love to all the comments, but then it just started to feel like crap. I deleted the thread and after this post, I’m putting the “injury” type vibe to bed. I am good at listening to my body and am uber aware of my own “stuff.” I always get my gems of clarity and see this will all work out perfectly for me.  It’s a reminder for me to honor what others feel as their truth, answers, and soul whispers even if I don’t agree.  I try to only give me two cents if asked anyway.  I’ll be sure to remind others I have faith in them. It’s a dance. With my kids, hubby, parents, I can go into fear about stuff too, out of love.

It’s all more trust lessons.  As I was driving today, I heard the Rod Stewart song, “Forever Young” and of course started crying about my daughter going into her Senior year of high school next week.  I’m a goober and I own it.  I have to trust. I have to trust God. I have to trust the love was enough. I have to trust I was enough. I’m a ballsy chick with a mushball heart, who was a young mom who always felt like she was messing up.  My daughter has turned out amazing.  She actually inspires me.  So underneath all the physical stuff, like this falling on my face, and my knee giving out is a fear of moving forward.  My career is taking off and I’ll keep pushing myself and getting bolder. But in my life, the juice of my experience, my family is everything.  This time next year, my oldest daughter will be off to college, my oldest son will be off to high school, middle son into 3rd grade, youngest son starting kindergarten, the baby girl will be 1 1/2, my mom will be 70, my hubby will be 40.  It’s a WOWSA year.  A lot of change.  As I drove along taking in all my feelings, I asked myself, “Can I put this sad energy to bed?”  And I got that I can just change my take on it.  Not to be morbid, but next year who’s to say whether I’ll be here or any of us?  Meaning, I must be present and enjoy all the moments with our family.  Savor all the good moments instead of mourning that they’re be no more moments like it.  They’ll be different special moments.

Balance is key.  This summer I was juggling working and my kids.  Time to get clear about what I want and recenter.  Healing on all levels.  As for my knee:  My knee will heal.  Sometimes we hurt ourselves and it just heals. I’m old school like that. I will be smart and listen to my body. Rest is called for and I am a go-go-go girl so I will adjust and it will be all good. Working my abs and arms today because movement is still what my body craves. I am resilient. I am strong. I am open to receive healing. I listen to my body. I receive my signs loud and clear. I move forward with ease. I am Divinely loved and supported by the Universe. Much love and many blessings. (And when it’s all better, I’ll appreciate my legs even more. Thank you, body, for all you do for me.)

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