To truly love others unconditionally, we have to love ourselves first. When we do, we look for partners who love, honor, and respect that. If you are looking for a partner or looking to improve your current relationship, look within. Maybe your partner sees the greatness in you and you’ve forgotten it or haven’t found yet. Good news is no matter what age you, you can practice self-love…which leads to happiness and better relationships.

What is self-love? Is it ego-driven?

Nope. You are a cosmic spark of your Divine Creator. You’re magic. You are meant to cherish your body-mind-spirit as a gift. Hating yourself is not holy. What I teach in my book Sexpot With Stretch Marks is self-love day and night and to question what you’ve been told about your beauty and worth.  A lot of women are concerned with their weight or some external aspect of them being a deterrent in the dating world.  Well, if that guy is not going to like you because your figure isn’t perfect, he doesn’t deserve you.  Plus, there are body dominant people and then there are mind dominant people who see past looks and go for how intelligent and witty the other person is.  We don’t have to judge them as being shallow.  It’s just there preference.  I teach in my book and to my private clients that your mojo, that magic that is just you is not a type.  You can be overweight, older, and not as attractive by society standards and have the it factor.  It’s like a bright spirit.  An energy that is full and magnetic.  I’ve seen thin, wallflower types who were young and beautiful but didn’t own their mojo.

How to increase your Mojo is about self-love.  It’s how your talk to yourself.  Yes, there are some in the world who know how to put on a good show with their mojo because they are an entertainer, but they really don’t love themselves.  I’m talking about loving yourself with no make-up, wearing your pj’s, with a fever…just like I am right now.  I own my mojo as a way of living.  I taught myself this.  It starts by asking:

“If I loved myself, would I….”

This goes for how you live, eat, and breathe.  It’s not about being perfect or a goody two shoes.  I’m certainly neither, nor do I strive to be.  I aim to be the best version of myself in every moment. Sometimes that doesn’t look very pretty.  When my kids are acting up and I yell, I get all fired up and justified on why I’m right.  What I’ve learned is I can’t hold a grudge or stay mad because I love myself too much for that.  I like to feel good.  Being mad means I have to feel disconnected from love.  That feels lousy.  I say sorry because it feels good to clear the air.  I pray for others and wish them good things, not because I think God will love me more.  God loves me so much and that is a given, cause God is love.  I am kind as much as I can because I love myself and it feels good to be kind.

Look at your patterns and habits and see if they serve you or not?  Could you think a little differently.  Could you choose this month to make one change in the self-love department. Why not try it?

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