This week was partially a fog.

On Monday, my teenage son had ingrown toenail surgery on both big toes. Afterwards I did blizzard prep shopping as we were expecting almost a foot and a half of snow starting Tuesday.  They cancelled school and closed the restaurant my husband works at for the day…actually the day before the storm that never happened. I’m not complaining. I’m over snow. I like winter clothes, but I hate being cold. I had client sessions. Hubby got a new tattoo. (Still needs work on it.) My youngest son had a fever and tested positive for the flu. Middle son had gotten over being sick. Then baby had a fever but tested negative for the flu. This morning my oldest son tested positive for the flu and has a fever. So four out of five kids have been sick this week. Life coaches may have great tools, but life happens to them too. I resisted reality a few times in worry as a mom. I had to center in trust a few times very intensely.

It’s the times when you just want to wish away the day. When the kids are fighting or sick, I wish I could fast forward. Times of fun, I wish I could pause.  There was even more craziest in the week, but you get the point.  It wasn’t the best on in our history. But it wasn’t the worst.  My brain is a little mushy now and I’m taking some R & R.  I don’t really know what that means but I’m being slower and more peaceful.  I will make sure I have fun at some point today though.  Hey, at least I showered.

I started writing because it was fun. I started coaching because it was fun.  These are two things I can do in my sleep.  I love fulfilling my purpose.  But when MomWorld gets intense, you must do minimal to conserve energy.  I don’t need to do everything…or even perfect or right.  Some people may have perfect lives, but I don’t know if that’s real and with five kids is possible.  My kids all have big personalities.  Wonder where they get that from?

As the baby finally naps on my lap, I finish this blog and ask…
“What do I want to create?”

Setting intentions for a peaceful evening with my kids.  I want to be more present with them than I have been before.  When there is sickness that rolls through the family, you cherish health.  I will have even more gratitude for all of my blessings.  I could complain about a lot of other things that happened this week that were inconvenient, stressful, annoying, and not what I wanted.   What would that do?  A victim has no power.  A goddess always has power.  She thinks of solutions, possibilities, silver linings, and hot the Universe has always got her back.

No matter kind of week you had, no mater what is going on, stop…
Regroup only after you let go.

Deep breath.
Release the tension and the questions.

Breathe in God and the answers.
Exhale whatever no longer serves you.

Blessings to all.

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