I know it sounds so cliché.

I know.  But seriously all love starts with self.  I know it’s easy to say when you are in a happy relationship, but if you’re feeling down today on the “love” day, refocus.  It’s when we focus on the lack of what we want, that gets us in trouble.  If we focus on the presence of something good we have, we can attract more good stuff.

So if you’re single, focus on the love you have in your life.  Period.  Whatever you water, grows. Whatever you give your attention to and your energy to will yield like itself.  Whether someone brought you flowers, chocolates, or champagne shouldn’t be the question.  It should be have you bought them for yourself?  Are you taking care of yourself?  Are you loving yourself?

Too often we look towards others  to fill us up when really, it’s our job.  I have a loving marriage and he is my best friend, but I fill myself up.  That’s my job.  I buy myself the bling!  As in, crystals usually.  Not only do I use them for my energy work with clients, but I’ve sent them to clients as well.  You should surround yourself with things that make you feel good.  Buy yourself flowers every week.  You’re worth it.

Make today the day you commit to yourself to pamper yourself, nourish your spirit, and really live from a place of self-love.  Decide that you will finally do that thing you always wanted to.  Or the thing you know you need to do.  What are you waiting for?  Are you looking for permission to actually live your best life, the realest you there could ever be?  Is there a reinvention in your future?  Ask and you shall receive.

What will it take for me to fully step into my fullest expression?
What will it take for me to love myself completely?
What is the best path for me to take?
Will you give me a sign please?
Will you remind me and show me how loved I am by the Divine?

What if this time next year, you have found your ideal partner or your relationship has gotten deeper and richer?  What would that look like?  What if things were exactly the way you wanted?  What if you actually got what you wanted?  What is it you want?  Have you asked yourself?

You can put your energy into the question.  What do I want to experience or feel?  If I loved myself would I….?  Ask yourself that!  From the end, you can imagine some of the steps it took to get there or you can allow the space to fill in behind the scenes.  Do what you feel is right.  Trust your intuition and trust your power.

Wishing you all the love in the world on this Valentine’s Day and always.  Imagine my magic wand is waved over every single one of you and now you feel exactly how you want about yourself.  Let your new mantra to yourself be “I love you.”  It will help all the other relationships to be the best  they can be.  Trust me.

Blessings, sweet Valentine!

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