Sassy Spirit

I know it sounds so cliché.

I know.  But seriously all love starts with self.  I know it’s easy to say when you are in a happy relationship, but if you’re feeling down today on the “love” day, refocus.  It’s when we focus on the lack of what we want, that gets us in trouble.  If we focus on the presence of something good we have, we can attract more good stuff.

So if you’re single, focus on the love you have in your life.  Period.  Whatever you water, grows. Whatever you give your attention to and your energy to will yield like itself.  Whether someone brought you flowers, chocolates, or champagne shouldn’t be the question.  It should be have you bought them for yourself?  Are you taking care of yourself?  Are you loving yourself?

Too often we look towards others  to fill us up when really, it’s our job.  I have a loving marriage and he is my best friend, but I fill myself up.  That’s my job.  I buy myself the bling!  As in, crystals usually.  Not only do I use them for my energy work with clients, but I’ve sent them to clients as well.  You should surround yourself with things that make you feel good.  Buy yourself flowers every week.  You’re worth it.

Make today the day you commit to yourself to pamper yourself, nourish your spirit, and really live from a place of self-love.  Decide that you will finally do that thing you always wanted to.  Or the thing you know you need to do.  What are you waiting for?  Are you looking for permission to actually live your best life, the realest you there could ever be?  Is there a reinvention in your future?  Ask and you shall receive.

What will it take for me to fully step into my fullest expression?
What will it take for me to love myself completely?
What is the best path for me to take?
Will you give me a sign please?
Will you remind me and show me how loved I am by the Divine?

What if this time next year, you have found your ideal partner or your relationship has gotten deeper and richer?  What would that look like?  What if things were exactly the way you wanted?  What if you actually got what you wanted?  What is it you want?  Have you asked yourself?

You can put your energy into the question.  What do I want to experience or feel?  If I loved myself would I….?  Ask yourself that!  From the end, you can imagine some of the steps it took to get there or you can allow the space to fill in behind the scenes.  Do what you feel is right.  Trust your intuition and trust your power.

Wishing you all the love in the world on this Valentine’s Day and always.  Imagine my magic wand is waved over every single one of you and now you feel exactly how you want about yourself.  Let your new mantra to yourself be “I love you.”  It will help all the other relationships to be the best  they can be.  Trust me.

Blessings, sweet Valentine!

C.mon. You can’t believe that.

I remember thinking that in the fourth grade…maybe?  I remember we were getting our report cards on a Friday the 13th and this 80’s child had seen plenty of the movies by that title to scare the pants off of me.  I thought for sure I’d get bad grades.  It was also around the time chain letters were going around.  I hated when those damn things came around.  I remember believing in bad luck.  While I still say, “Good luck,” I mean blessings really.

I believe in setting intentions, doing the work, and co-creating with the Universe in order to make your dreams come true.  I’ve heard people say they were unlucky in love or whatever, but they are usually focused on that instead of the triumphs or gratitude.   What if every morning you woke up with…

“I love my life.”
“Thank you, God.”  (insert Universe/Source/Higher Power)

When I wake up, my house is usually not tidy, because I have five kids and clutter loves us.  When my mindset is positive, looking for good to appreciate, the sunlight streams in the window into the kitchen like magic.  I literally feel grateful to be alive.  The light bathes me in good vibes.  I don’t start out the day with a set routine, but I go through phases of what works or when I remember.  Listening to Abraham-hicks Law of Attraction audios on or setting intentions are my go-to’s, or exercise, blasting favorite songs, writing, or just being present.  That is a challenge for me at times with promoting my book “Sexpot With Stretch Marks” and my coaching, along with all the projects I have brewing.  We all have what I call big lives.  I don’t like saying I’m so busy because it reminds me of a bee.  Buzz.  Buzz.  Buzz.  That frenetic buzzing energy that eventually catches up with us and stings us.

I do more laundry than is actually fun.  I’ve had to let go of a lot for my own peace of mind around here.  All the household stuff will wait until the morning.  Business will wait a day.  Life does not.  Kids grow up in nanoseconds.  How much luck you have has nothing with the amount of time you have in a day.  We all get 24 hours.  When you do good things for people and create love and light daily, luck seems to be on your side.  You create that.  Tomorrow morning ask yourself…

“What else do I get to create?”
“What can I create today?”
“How many great experiences can I create?”
How much luck can I create?”
“How lucky can I feel?”

Happy weekend to all.  If you’d like to see what free ebooks and stuff I’m creating, sign up for my email list here.


of There are certain days when we feel our best.  There our others days when we are not at 100%.  My five year son will say sometimes that he doesn’t feel like himself.  Some people will go through a time period like that, years even.  I know I have.  Maybe you think 80% feeling like yourself is okay?  You may wonder if the doldrums you are in is the real you?

The winter blues can certainly get to people, along with raising kids, and paying bills.  But the real you is fun.  You may have just forgotten that.  Don’t worry.  Lots of grown ups have.

With my life coaching clients, I make sure fun is woven into their exercises and infused in my work and guidance.  Stretching ourselves in self-growth may not seem fun, but the a-ha’s sure are and the freedom it brings.  Self-empowerment reminds us of our power.  That we can create epic change.  It’s a glorious thing.

I challenge you this week to have fun every day.  Yes, this is possible.  It connects you to the real you, beyond the masks, roles, jobs, and the baloney.  You may only let the real you out when you’re on vacation.  This is a common mistake people make and seriousness seems to equate to intelligence…but life is too short for boring every day and the silliness for just holidays.

Make a fun list.  Check off something daily.  Start the day off with your favorite song and a special coffee or tea.  Be deliberate in your joy.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money.  You don’t have to spend a lot of time either.  You do have to put your energy into it though.  Maybe exercise or your job is fun.  That’s awesome.  Many people need to schedule it in and give themselves permission.  Fun looks different for everyone and has a different volume and velocity for everyone.  Some may race cars and go to rock concerts while others do crossword puzzles and prefer silence.

I am going to paint this week.  I am making that commitment to myself.  I will have fun in the kitchen cooking up some soup.  I will have fun with my clothes, make-up, and hair.  I will ask the Universe, “How much fun can I have this week?”  I love asking that and knowing how my creativity skyrockets when I’m having fun.  Stress doesn’t produce the gems for me like being in the zone, feeling connected to God and all that is, does .  I think I could teach a class called How to live a fun life in an ordinary way or something like that.  I feel I live an extraordinary life though.  I see life as a miracle.  When I wake up in the morning, it’s a gift.  Tomorrow morning is Monday and I’ll start the week out by looking in the mirror and setting the tone for fun with a big old smile at myself in the mirror, saying “I love you, beautiful.”

Wishing you all a wonderful week.  Smooches & blessings to you.  Remember:  The Real You Is Fun!

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we see hearts everywhere. I love champagne, roses, and chocolate of course. I’m a gal who loves romance. I’m a feminist to some and old-fashioned to others. I love gentlemen. When a man holds the door for me I always give a huge thank you. I think both sexes should do that, but I always have such respect for men with good values. I’m married to a man like that with great manners. I find kindness in him super sexy. Funny as I’m in my thirties, substance is what I value in others versus desirable external features.

My husband will clean the bathroom for me. That is more valuable to me than pretty gifts.  He’s not a surprise me with flowers, but pick up a great bottle of wine instead…except for our anniversary and Valentine’s Day.  He does kind things for me. That’s the real romance in marriage. He’ll also text me that he misses me or that he’s thinking of me. Those texts make my day.  We often love others in the style and means that we want to be loved.  We have to let others love is in their own way.  You can ask for more of what you want, but with an approach that’s not making your partner wrong which will make them defensive.  Say things like:  “You know what I would love…”  instead of “How come you never?”  It’s a totally different energy.  I always say marriage is like a piggy bank.  The more I put into it, the more I get out of it.

In my twenties there were times in our marriage where we were on autopilot.  I was stressed about the kids.  My husband would not be present when he was home and he worked a lot.  There was no texting to stay in touch.  We both stressed about money issues.  It was like the third wheel in our marriage.

As I got into my 30th year, I started reading all about the Law of Attraction and sharing what I learned with my husband.  I remember us both looking at the home we lived in which felt so small and we looked at it through the eyes of gratitude.  A total shift happened.  Of course it passed, but we had a new appreciation for what blessings we did have.  That’s our foundation.  We look at the good.  We soak up the good moments.  We take responsibility for our own happiness.  We have fun together because we remember to treat each other like boyfriend/girlfriend again.  We flirt with each other.  We’re silly.  We laugh a lot.  Our house is crazy with five kids and we don’t always agree.

We focus on what really matters.  We cheer each other on.  We want the other person to have their best life.  We are happy to see the other person happy.  That feeling trumps all the chocolate hearts and flowers in the world.

Spread love, folks,  and it’s returned to you.  Never worry the vessel who returns it.  Just let in the good.