of There are certain days when we feel our best.  There our others days when we are not at 100%.  My five year son will say sometimes that he doesn’t feel like himself.  Some people will go through a time period like that, years even.  I know I have.  Maybe you think 80% feeling like yourself is okay?  You may wonder if the doldrums you are in is the real you?

The winter blues can certainly get to people, along with raising kids, and paying bills.  But the real you is fun.  You may have just forgotten that.  Don’t worry.  Lots of grown ups have.

With my life coaching clients, I make sure fun is woven into their exercises and infused in my work and guidance.  Stretching ourselves in self-growth may not seem fun, but the a-ha’s sure are and the freedom it brings.  Self-empowerment reminds us of our power.  That we can create epic change.  It’s a glorious thing.

I challenge you this week to have fun every day.  Yes, this is possible.  It connects you to the real you, beyond the masks, roles, jobs, and the baloney.  You may only let the real you out when you’re on vacation.  This is a common mistake people make and seriousness seems to equate to intelligence…but life is too short for boring every day and the silliness for just holidays.

Make a fun list.  Check off something daily.  Start the day off with your favorite song and a special coffee or tea.  Be deliberate in your joy.  You don’t have to spend a lot of money.  You don’t have to spend a lot of time either.  You do have to put your energy into it though.  Maybe exercise or your job is fun.  That’s awesome.  Many people need to schedule it in and give themselves permission.  Fun looks different for everyone and has a different volume and velocity for everyone.  Some may race cars and go to rock concerts while others do crossword puzzles and prefer silence.

I am going to paint this week.  I am making that commitment to myself.  I will have fun in the kitchen cooking up some soup.  I will have fun with my clothes, make-up, and hair.  I will ask the Universe, “How much fun can I have this week?”  I love asking that and knowing how my creativity skyrockets when I’m having fun.  Stress doesn’t produce the gems for me like being in the zone, feeling connected to God and all that is, does .  I think I could teach a class called How to live a fun life in an ordinary way or something like that.  I feel I live an extraordinary life though.  I see life as a miracle.  When I wake up in the morning, it’s a gift.  Tomorrow morning is Monday and I’ll start the week out by looking in the mirror and setting the tone for fun with a big old smile at myself in the mirror, saying “I love you, beautiful.”

Wishing you all a wonderful week.  Smooches & blessings to you.  Remember:  The Real You Is Fun!

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