Read My Mind

I had every intention of compiling my own list of must-reads in honor of 9/11’s anniversary, but I quickly realized there are some pretty amazing lists out there already.My favorite list of books related to the tragedy at Ground Zero is over at one of my two favorite bookstores on the web – Hearts and Minds Books. It’s not only a great reading list for reflecting on the lessons of 9/11, but is alsoa spectacular list of reading for any of us going through grief, loss, suffering, and questions of faith.

The most intriguing book on the list? Well , for me it has to be  “Fourteen Cows for America.”  It’s a children’s book, an illustrated book, but it is also a work of art and an amazing story of the  interconnectedness  of humanity.


National Book Award  finalist Sara Zarr’s fourth book is going to be released in just a few weeks, but I can’t wait that long to share her latest effort with readers. I have already read MY advance copy , but now I want to give a few readers a chance to do the same.

“How to Save a Life” is a timely story that is told from the perspective of two different teens as their families become interwined in unexpected ways. If you send me an email at wit your contact information by September 9 at 5 p.m., you can be a part of a random drawing to win one of two e of this powerful  novel.

Back to school Bargains

Some readers are back to school already or have sent your kidsback to school already, but in my neck of the woods, school begns next week.  So that means it’s time to find some back-to-school bargains on books and school resources.

If you are trying to prepare your kids for going to to school the first time then Huffington Post has a great list of books to help parents out. For the truly tech savvy, there are some back to school apps  you must download before the first day of school. The NY Times  also  has several new books of interest that might convince your children reading is fun.

And never forget that Frugal Girls always has great information on free book dowloads from Amazon and other outlets.

My must-read before I head back to my classroom? It has to be “Dear Bully: Seventy Autors Tell Their Stories” ,  a fantastic anthology of stories from well known writer about their days in the schoolyard.

As football season kicks off,  here’s a real life story from the gridiron that goes beyond anything I have heard  of. “The Sacred Acre ”  chronicles the life of football Coach Ed Thomas  and his murder by a former student who was suffering from a long bout with mental illness.

In the aftermath of this tragedy, Thomas’s son has taken over coaching  in his dad’s place and he along with the rest of his family and the family of the shooter, Mark Becker, are now sharing a story of reconciliation and redemption.

In fact, “‘Sacred Acre” is one of the most amazing portraits of community you will read in a long time.  Don’t miss out on this inspiring story.