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This is the kind of bok news that makes book lovers like me a little nuts.  Movies rights to books have often gotten snapped up quickly off of good advance word-of-mouth, but htis is ridiculous. It seems  the debut novel from Rebecca Serle, “When You Were Mine” won’t be released until May, but it is already in the works to be a movie.  The book has a clever premise – it is the story of Romeo and Juliet from the perspective of the girl he dumped for Juliet, Rosaline – but I  may get to see the movie before I read the book and that is just wrong.

Keira Knightley is rumored to be starring and the screenplay is in the works and some are speculating that the movie may be released before or at the same time as the book.  How sad. I don’t mind Hollywood adapting books , but at least give readers a chance to experience the book in their own imaginations before we see Hollywood’s take – which is rarely as good as what is on the printed page.

Millions were moved by Paul Young’s unusual recounting of a meeting with God in “The Shack” and if you weren’t moved by the novel, maybe youwere moved by his own personal rags-to -riches story. Now that legal dealings are concluded over complications with his last publisher, Young is now going to publish a new book with Hatchette Book Group.

No word on what the book is about or when it will be released or even how much he is getting out of the deal – which  probably mean he has received a Jerry Jenkins and Tim Lahaye “Left Behind”  kind of advance.

It’s time to continue  my list, my rants, my reflections about spiritual books that have shaped  America’s faith. This week the list will take me over the half way point. This section of the list has some surprises, and has more fiction than the past two installments. As always, let me know if you agree or disagree with my choices and and your own!

 The Cost of Discipleship by Deitrich Bonhoeffer

Bonhoeffer has been one of the most celebrated Protestant martyrs of the 20th Century and this is is his seminal work about sacrifice and community.

 A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle

Her allegory about time travel broke  new ground in publishing and  is still unsurpassed in my opinion – even by Harry.

 Chronicles of Narnia, by C.S. Lewis

You just know that that more than one Lewis book has to be on this list, so let’s start with the fiction series that has influenced millions of children over the decades. People of all faiths have taken any number of spiritual lessons and images away from this magical world.

Exodus by Leon Uris

Maybe I chose this book because I am  a devotee of “MadMen” in which the book is referenced several times in season one as a significant and controversial book  in its contribution to the Jewish experience.

Brighton Beach Trilogy , Neil Simon

 I know , he wrote plays, not books, but certainly Neil i has been a literary-  and highly commercial – force in bringing the Jewish experience to the stage in many plays, including the deeply spiritual “God’s Favorite.”

Two free downloads caught my eye over at Christian Audio  this week. One of the most prolific and spiritual poets and essayists of the last few decades, Wendell Berry, is featured for this month. You can download his book “Hannah COulter” for free. Okay I haven’t read this one, but really, I regret not being introduced to Wendell Berry sooner in my life. He has so much to say about respecting the earth and living in community.

And then I noticed that my former boss and now author/speaker/blogger Matthew Paul Turner has his book “Churched” over there as a free featured download as well.  He may not be quite as deep as Berry, but he is  funny and  makes plenty of relevant points about faith in our culture.