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Happy Reading!!!

Many books have already been published about Steve Jobs and his career and unparalleled success. But two books containing some of Steve Jobs own words will now be published posthumously. Jobs authorized biography “Steve Jobs: A Biography,”  was going to be released in 2012, but perhaps because those around him knew of his medical issues was then scheduled to be released this November. Another book filled with quotes by Jobs has also been assembled and was also scheduled to be released in November.

In light of today’s sad news of Jobs passing,   I wonder if the release of the books will be pushed up yet again so as to give the public a way to celebrate Jobs’s memory and give insight into the entrepenuer’s life.


I try to support some pretty high brow reading here on this blog , doing my best  to bring a little awareness to some excellent, but not mainstream , spiritual reads. However, this month I will t to read a little pulp fiction, a little romance, a mass market paperbook or two in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Penguin Publishing is doing a promotion – “Read Pink” – to shed light on breast cancer awareness by sponsoring a “Think Pink” campaign. Penguin is highlighting eight female authors and is also making a sizable donation to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation as part of the campaign.

So go ahead. Try a little Nora Roberts or Christina Dodd this month. It’s for a good cause.



It’s National Banned Book, that time of year when freedom of speech and the written word are celebrated. As a teacher I have  dealt with my own battles to keep certain books on the classroom shelves and I may post more on that later.

Right now I am having fun watching many of the videos posted by famous authors and celebs over on youtube on a channel dedicated to reading aloud portions of their favorited banned books.

Here’s a  video of Whoopi Goldberg reading  a poem by Shel Silverstein, but you can also check out videos by  popular authors like Judy Blume. Sara Zarr. and many others.