Punish Google with boycotts, whistleblowing, and resignations

posted by Harry J. Bentham

Les mortels sont égaux; ce n’est pas la naissance,
C’est la seule vertu qui fait la différence.

All men are equal; it is not their birth,
But virtue itself that makes the difference.


I am very glad about the impact my rebuttal of Google’s The New Digital Age (2013) had, via Dissident Voice and the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies. In the essay, I explained how WikiLeaks’ value system is superior to Google, and we should give serious attention to Julian Assange’s criticisms of Google. These criticisms can be read in When Google Met WikiLeaks (2014), which I recommend to all readers who are unaware of the clash of values between Google and WikiLeaks.

In view of how important the struggle against corrupt corporate-government collaboration is, I intend to write a lot more on the subject and try to offer my views on what I think people should do about the injustices addressed.

I would like to take this opportunity to add another urgent point that I have not yet made.

I believe boycotting Google is difficult, due to the company’s leading role in providing Internet search and email services. Instead, I believe pressure should be placed on Google to actually change the company itself. The methods I recommend are:

  • Whistleblowing (insiders should expose the corporation’s cooperation with regime agencies in various countries)
  • shame campaign targeting Google’s behavior and exposing its shallow propaganda (I am doing my own part in that)
  • Tactics of persuasion and pressure aiming to convince people in the company to resign and work for other, more ethical companies instead

Because Google is essentially equivalent to the US National Security Agency (NSA), in its criminal obsession with acquiring as much data as possible on every individual, and is guilty of joining forces with the United States government and sharing its foreign policy objectives, I believe all public-minded Google employees should resign or take other action against the corporation for its cold betrayal of the Internet.

In essence, we need a Snowden of Google: someone who can denounce Google’s relationship with the United States government from an insider’s perspective. Although I do not know any Google employees at the moment, and so I cannot recommend any individual, I believe such a person exists, because Google has often projected a very libertarian image of itself. Surely, given the manner in which Google endeavors to be “different”, as in more consumer-oriented and popular, must have attracted a fair number of people who disagree with its cold-hearted collaboration with the United States government.

It is my wish to urge any such rebellious employees to take personal action against their employer, perhaps by leaking further details on its violations of the rights of users and its cooperation with authoritarian regimes like the United States government. Google’s betrayal of the Internet and servitude to the US government mean it is in the public interest to damage Google, and the people most positioned to damage Google are its own employees. Any form of vandalism, disclosures, or public acts of protest such as resignations, would help to pressure Google and make it realize there is a price to pay for betraying the public.

I do not expect people to take action based on my plea alone, but it serves to prove there is a way to confront Google over what it has done, and transparency advocates must broaden their targets beyond governments to take on corporations like Google.

RE: comments: I am not merely paraphrasing Julian Assange in this post, nor is the above intended as a definitive critique of Google. If you think you can refute my critique of Google, please go to my full critique of The New Digital Age (2013) available at DV, IEET, and ClubOfINFO instead of focusing your energy on this single post.

By Harry J. Bentham


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The Ottawa Shooting: will Canada die too, or discover it doesn’t exist?

posted by Harry J. Bentham

Je n’admets ni la notion de maîtrise ni l’universalité de la loi.

I admit neither the notion of a master nor the universality of his law.

Michel Foucault

My most recent publication is an essay at ClubOfINFO, titled A Viral New World Disorder. It explains a theory that is compelling but dark: I predict the delegitimization and collapse of states, as a natural course of social change resulting from forces like modern technology and expansion of populations.

In my essay at ClubOfINFO, I look at WikiLeaks and ISIS as opposite manifestations of a departure from the archaic norms of the nation state, the former public-minded and responsible and the latter coercive and brutal. With this observation, I call on people not to cling to nationalistic interpretations of security even in the face of threats like the Islamic State, but to reinterpret and re-imagine what security means in a more and more cosmopolitan world revolving around information and popular affections rather than fortifications and force.

Shootings like the recent attack in Ottawa, Canada, were not attacks on a “nation”. It would be madness to describe an attack on a state and its symbolic locations as an attack on a nation, when the outdated concept of national community has been jettisoned in an age of massive migration. One must see the world instead in terms of conflicts between regimes and disaffected people. It is not a world in which soldiers sacrifice “for their country”, as it was in the First and Second World Wars, so the commemoration of men who died in such wars has no place in a modern world where national background is irrelevant in the judgment of each individual. It is ironic indeed that the Ottawa shooting occurred at a war memorial. The idea that death in combat only happens in faraway lands, that enemies are far afield and the nation-state offers refuge from them, is obsolete – and this incident in Ottawa illustrates the point perfectly.

The lesson of the Ottawa shooting is not that Canada should be more involved in an archaic, Nineteenth Century-style war in the Middle East in defiance of those of its own people who oppose the war. If countries continue to wage wars in a Nineteenth Century manner, as the US and its allies are doing in the Middle East, it will cause deadly repercussions as Canada, UK, US etc’s disaffected migrant populations increasingly react violently to their host country’s archaic national policies.

In sum, acting as if a nation is some kind of secure base for waging crusades on another cultural group is fundamentally obsolete in an age of interconnectedness, massive migration and loss of state control over information. With access to the internet, people are no longer nationalistic sheep to be herded. Due to the openness of borders and the ease with which people are accepted into the “national community” in countries like Canada, the UK and the US, all “stateness” – of which war is the most extreme form – is becoming unsustainable.

Attacks like the one in Ottawa are possible because Canada, like the UK and the US, doesn’t exist as a “nation”. There is no “nation” as a body of associates with shared interests that can be defended by “national” armies, in each of their cases. Think about it: if they existed as legitimate regimes, as security-providing entities representing a “national interest”, why would they be under attack by citizens of their own country? All we can conclude from such events, is that these so-called “nations” don’t really exist as valid entities anymore, and claiming to know, defend or commemorate them is insane.

Allow me to reiterate this point: to be commemorating people who died “for their nation” at a time when the old model of national community has since been discredited and found to be offensive to minorities and migrant communities in one’s society, is insane. It is an archaic practice which flies in the face of modernity, offends minorities, and undermines community cohesion.

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By Harry J. Bentham


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Submissions and opportunities at ClubOfINFO and the Mont Order

posted by Harry J. Bentham

Le désespoir lui-même, pour peu qu’il se prolonge, devient une sorte d’asile dans lequel on peut s’asseoir et reposer.

Despair itself if it goes on long enough, can become a kind of sanctuary in which one settles down and feels at ease.

Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve

Mont Order association seal

The Mont Order (seal shown here) is a purely symbolic club I am developing steadily, to be based on a leaderless sense of global affinity between leading anti-statist and technology-enthusiast opinion makers, authors and so on. If you are interested in participating, visit one of our growing linked organizations such as ClubOfINFO or the WAVE institute. Contributing worthy articles at ClubOfINFO, as Harry Danilevics recently did, is the most effective way to be invited to join the Mont Order and get all the prestige that comes with it.

Visit the ClubOfINFO page on Facebook

In March 2014, I created the ClubOfINFO newsletter, based at clubof.info. The newsletter’s main focus has been to discuss transhumanism, techno-progressive theories, sociology, anti-statism and other schools of thought that – according to my best judgment as a political analyst – are at the forefront of challenging cultural and political prejudices and established norms. I feel that challenging these norms is important to stimulating debate, and that issues facing politics and society are best understood in terms of the wave of radical, positive social and technological change and the resistance it faces from conservative ideologues on the opposite end of the spectrum, defying the inevitable.

Since the newsletter’s inception, ClubOfINFO‘s position and reputation on the internet have been rising steadily. It is still modest, as can be seen at Alexa, but I can see it rising into the future as it adds vital progressive opinions into the debates surrounding the future of ethics, politics, society and the new dimensions added to each of these by the introduction of emerging technologies.

If you support this plea, please leave a link at your blog or website leading back to clubof.info and recommending it to readers.

As it continues to make gains, I now ask that people go to ClubOfINFO with their own opinion articles touching upon the subjects of politics, culture and technology. I am particularly interested in the ideas of students and radical thinkers, whose views I feel deserve as great and far-reaching a platform as possible on the internet. Submissions can be made at the ClubOfINFO submission form, and I very much recommend them.

One point, I must reiterate. An additional honor that I provide to fellow writers and colleagues who share compelling, positive views of converging social change and emerging technologies is their symbolic inclusion into the mystic Mont Order club, which has already publicly welcomed the WAVE institute’s collaboration.

Thank you for considering each of these paths to collaboration and success with my help, and do not hesitate to contact me via the submission form if there is any other way I can help.

By Harry J. Bentham


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Knowlege is free: fast and easy publishing steps online

posted by Harry J. Bentham

Mais les fausses opinions ressemblent à la fausse monnaie qui est frappée d’abord par de grands coupables et dépensée ensuite par d’honnêtes gens qui perpétuent le crime sans savoir ce qu’ils font.

False opinions are like false money, struck first of all by guilty men and thereafter circulated by honest people who perpetuate the crime without knowing what they are doing

Joseph de Maistre

new Twitter background 290814

I would like to call attention again to the proven and effective route I took to publish and circulate all my ideas and works on the internet. My aim by making this information public is to help others discover the right publications through which to express their own views and knowledge.

One of the main reasons I am writing this post is due to my recent Skype conversation with Harry Danilevics on Sunday, 12 October, in which I negotiated his inclusion in the Mont Order club. During the conversation, he stated his interest in gaining connections and writing for other publications. Among those we mentioned were h+ Magazine and the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies (IEET) website ieet.org.

I am willing to assist writers in finding the best publishers, and the methodology I used for it is written down in a very accessible format in my book Make Your Own Headlines (2014).

The very short book contains only essential information, and is best used as a manual rather than a traditional book. It will be made free this weekend, 18-19 October, and so I invite Harry and all others who wish to exploit the information in it to download the book while the price tag is removed. The book’s full title is Make Your Own Headlines, Shock Waves and Markets in Six Months, and it is available for download from Amazon.

If you do download my work, make sure to leave your rating of the book. Also, if you have already downloaded any of my Amazon works, please remember to rate the titles to help inform customers at Amazon. If you will do that much for me, I could even write my personal thanks here at Beliefnet.

By Harry J. Bentham


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