NATO: casting a nuclear shadow over humanity, subverting peace in our time

posted by Harry J. Bentham

La politique, quand elle est un art et un service, non point une exploitation, c’est une action pour un idéal à travers des réalités.

Politics, when it is an art and a service, not an exploitation, is about acting for an ideal through realities.

Charles de Gaulle

At a time in history when there is said to be a “new” Cold War, it is not surprising that many people in Europe feel a need to side with Ukraine – portrayed as the victim of Russian aggression in every US and British mainstream media source from the center-left rightward.

Animated map: Note how NATO continued to expand after its raison d’etre, the Soviet Union, was gone. Reasons for this continued presence were flimsy, ranging from hypothetical missile threats in Iran to, now, “Russian aggression” in Ukraine.

The reason it has come to this restoration of the Cold War is the result of one organization: NATO. Even if everything they say about Russia’s aggression is true (all substantive evidence for this has been absent, over and over again) it does nothing to vindicate NATO’s responsibility for the current crisis and the reversion to cold hostility between east and west. NATO’s very raison d’etre is based on that hostility. NATO is based upon systematic, organized aggression and wars of conquest against regimes it considers to be “rogue”. This arrogance affects every one of us, and is reducing the chances of survival for civilization itself. It is pushing the world to the brink of nuclear war, knocking at the doors of sovereign states firmly outside the region this alliance was originally devised to protect.

Let’s consider this: If the Soviet Union hadn’t collapsed, how do you think they would have reacted to NATO expanding eastward to include western Germany and the Baltics? Worse, how would the USSR have reacted to NATO asserting claims to Crimea as an integral part of its own security area? Such madness would have provoked a nuclear war. None of us would be here to reflect on it. Even the craziest warmongers in the United States would not have disputed this outcome. Sadly, those hypothetical events really have taken place – only gradually. They may have happened over the course of years, but for Russia’s security concerns they might as well have happened in days.

In the year 2014, we have found NATO entrenching itself in territories it was never conceived to defend, even threatening the world with nuclear war over territories inessential to its own security like Lithuania and Latvia. It has become a reckless blackmailer intent on world conquest, pushing the “red lines” and bellicose security commitments deep into regions it should never have had any designs on. With every withdrawal of the Soviet nuclear threat in Europe, it appears that the NATO nuclear shadow has grown, leaving all of Europe at the mercy of the most brutal and relentless war machine ever to menace the international community.

I wish I was exaggerating, but I’m not. It would be false for me to say the United States wants the whole world join NATO, even if NATO is an apparatus for world conquest. In many ways, the NATO expansion and collision with Russia is a geopolitical accident. Less to do with encircling Russia, the true reason for the expansion was to recruit new NATO armies in eastern Europe to participate in American-led wars. This is a point that has been made quite resolutely by US social scientist Immanuel Wallerstein in a recent commentary, in which he lays the blame  for NATO expansion on the US disenchantment with its traditional allies in France and Germany. The US saw eastern European countries as more reliable recruits for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and so it tried to add these other countries to NATO.

The Baltics don’t have any reason to feel secure by joining NATO. NATO would never force the US to defend the Baltics against Russian “aggression” (which will never come), but it will force the Baltics to send human shields to bolster the US military in any further pointless wars in the Middle East.

The success of the Novorossiya rebellion in Eastern Ukraine isn’t just essential to Russia obtaining a buffer zone against NATO aggression and strategic nuclear realignments in Ukraine, but to the security of Europe itself. Peace is non-alignment, and the forces for peace in Ukraine are the forces for peace in Europe. Our very lives may depend on their ability to deter the regime patched together by Doctor Frankenstein and others from the US State Department in Kiev.

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Amplifying your voice as a blogger: practical guidance

posted by Harry J. Bentham

L’accent est l’âme du discours.

Accent is the soul of language.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

I am constantly looking for new ways to enhance the voices of fellow bloggers and make the web an even more anarchic and democratic place than it already is. With that in mind, I’d like to direct you to some of my recent work.

A significant part of my efforts has revolved around the construction of my own websites and blogs, to continue what others have so kindly enabled me to do. As well as this very blog, L’Ordre, hosted at Beliefnet, I have operated two newsletters called ClubOfINFO and Maquis Books. The former has been used to circulate politics, business, and technology news and analysis, and the latter has been used to circulate fiction stories and book promotions.

Recently, I have expanded the spectrum of newsletters I am operating to include, in recent days, CISpiritual, and, just today, CI Breaking. It may seem ambitious for me to endeavor to run all of these different newsletters, but it doesn’t require all that much effort. The platforms used are extremely quick and easy, and they consume only one day of my week to fill them with rich content.

To obtain the secrets of my personal online publishing success and apply them yourself, I have an incredibly useful Kindle booklet that won’t hurt your pocket to download. The booklet is short, succinct, substantive, and guaranteed to work for everyone from the humblest to the most ambitious bloggers. I encourage everyone to possess it as a manual. Evaluate it for yourself, and don’t forget to leave me your star rating on Amazon to direct other customers to its secrets.

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The US provoked conflict in Europe to restore its “leadership” glory days

posted by Harry J. Bentham

On parle toujours mal quand on n’a rien à dire.

One always speaks badly when one has nothing to say.


As the G20 summit takes place in Australia, the agenda is meant to be economic growth, but the conflict in Ukraine is on many observers’ minds.

One of the most overlooked and yet important bits of information about current world politics is the geopolitical relationship between the United States and key European powers like Germany, France and Britain. Most commentators would like to tell us the Cold War-model alliance has returned or has been enhanced as a result of the Ukraine crisis. That makes it likely that the US is the main beneficiary of that crisis, and the primary actor covertly ensuring it continues. Russia gains nothing from prolonging the Ukraine crisis. The US gains everything.

The Americans most responsible for the Ukraine crisis, such as Victoria Nuland and other neoconservatives still influencing the US administration, have no friendly plans for Europe.

Europe does not gain from the anti-Russian sanctions, as I have already argued in a previous article at my column on Press TV. In that article, I rely partly on a candid analysis by Stratfor’s George Friedman talking about European energy dependence on Russia and a commentary from US social scientist Immanual Wallerstein. The latter explained how the US Republican war-hawks and neoconservative ideologues (who have recently enjoyed a triumph over the Democrats in the Senate) disapprove of the assertiveness of key European powers Germany and France. I would argue that Britain too has become less of a slave to the US in recent times, as shown by its unprecedented refusal to join the failed US coalition against the Syrian government in 2013 and the decreased appetite Brits have for wars – especially wars led by the US.

Before the Ukraine crisis, the US was doing very badly in the eyes of European powers. It had suffered a serious injury to its relations with the European powers over its spying on Germany and other states it claims to be allies. Snowden’s disclosures showed the US to be the primary enemy of freedom and democracy in the world – the very same values the US now pretends to be defending in its new Cold War with Russia. How ironic that the US regime’s exposure and public humiliation as barbaric unilateralists violating all of our rights on a truly global scale is the motivator of their new Cold crusade of “democracy” against Vladimir Putin.

The US spying on Germany, the seriousness of which is in no way reduced by the distraction of the Ukraine crisis, provoked outrage in what was called an unprecedented breach. The US wants to sustain its “leadership” of the Europeans for its global primacy, so it incessantly poked and provoked the Ukrainian crisis of 2014 and the entire specter of Russian “aggression” to diminish the role of the European Union and restore the old-fashioned role of NATO, led by the United States. It is the crisis caused by Edward Snowden’s revelations of the US betrayal of its allies through unilateral spying (Snowden’s asylum in Russia simply adds insult to that injury) that has led the desperate and dwindling United States regime to restore Cold War-style relations.

There is nothing alarming or aggressive about Russia’s concerned engagement in the Ukrainian crisis – a crisis started by the US regime as part of an anti-Russian crusade ever since the beginning of the so-called Euromaidan nationalist movement. The regime that pushed Ukraine to geopolitical crisis, and is seeking external threats and wars to hide its internal crisis, is the United States. We have reached a point at which the United States and its primacy in the world can only be preserved by creating and justifying armed conflict and perceived “threats” to keep people from examining the imperfection of their own society. This conflict started in Washington, DC, and there it will end.

I hope to write another article on the subject of the schism between US and European interests, and how that schism could deepen even more as a result of Republican war-hawks regaining much influence in the Senate.

If you are quick, you might still be able to download my fiction collection Red Skies while it is being offered free today.

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ISIS isn’t Islamic, as the Lord’s Resistance Army isn’t Christian

posted by Harry J. Bentham

Sans la logique, on a des opinions, on a pas de croyances.

Without logic, we have opinions, we have no beliefs.

Prosper-Olivier Lissagaray

Above: Joseph Kony and top officers from his “Lord’s Resistance Army”. Would the Christians who think Islam is a violent religion first like to apologize for unleashing these terrorists on innocent people in Uganda and the former Sudan?

Yesterday, I drafted an essay aiming to counter the intellectually suffocating and racist Islamophobia that leads right-wing pundits (including atheist celebrities Sam Harris and Bill Maher) in the US and Europe to label Islam as a terrorist religion incompatible with democracy. Their depiction of Muslims as inherently the most militant and Islamic doctrine as the most responsible for violence tacitly depicts Christians as less prone to violent extremism than Muslims, and is both fraudulent and racist for a multitude of reasons.

Since the 1990s, the world has indeed witnessed the horrors of self-proclaimed Christian terrorists and warlords, often on a larger and more horrifying scale than supposedly Islamic-inspired terrorism.

Because Christian terrorism and war crimes were confined mostly to Africa, they have gone sadly unnoticed among the public in the United States and Europe, whose closet racism leads them to not acknowledge African Christendom as part of Christendom or a region we should be concerned about. Sam Harris and Bill Maher can be counted among those racist, lazy intellectuals, as they are helping to suffocate chances of a helpful conversation on the true threat of the religious extremism within all faith communities. They speak as if they have an informed and cosmopolitan understanding of all the ideological threats in the world today, yet they offer nothing but bigotry and slander.

“Christian” terrorism is alive and well. In the Central African Republic, horrific war crimes committed by Christian extremists against Muslim civilians have taken place even this year. They have even been reported to include cannibalism. Is this cannibalism Christian, and is it my right to accuse Christianity of cannibalism and the use of child soldiers in the way people like Bill Maher and Sam Harris accuse Islam of terrorism and repression?

It would be offensive and lazy for an intellectual to really depict the people committing atrocities in the CAR as somehow demonstrating the danger of Christian doctrine, just as it is hurtful and inaccurate to depict rogue bands of extremists committing atrocities in Iraq or Syria as representatives of Islam. However, when faced with the continued false discourse against Islam, which depicts this particular theology as a source of terrorism, there lies shock value in giving Islamophobes in the Christian community a taste of their own medicine. If Christians want to challenge Muslims regarding the rise of groups like al Qaeda and ISIS, then Christians must also apologize for the mass murders and mutilations perpetrated by the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda. This is the true absurdity of accusing whole religious traditions of the crimes of specific warlords and armies.

It is my understanding that any attack on a whole religion simply for supplying theological ideas to a sect is a slippery slope. It is no harder to blame one religion for the crimes of a few fanatics than it is to blame another. Do not be misled by the anti-Islamic mainstream media, which is much too fast to label terrorism “Islamic”, and yet hesitant to point out the Christian faith of so many terrorists and warlords.

To actually discredit illegitimate and violently imposed religious movements, be they “jihad” groups like the so-called Islamic State (also known by the acronyms ISIS, ISIL and Da’ish) or “crusade” organizations like Uganda’s Lord’s Resistance Army, one must call attention to their reverence of illegitimate leaders and idols and their misrepresentations of their own religious doctrines. This is the shortest and most devastating way to expose these false movements and unite local populations against their lies and blasphemies.

By Harry J. Bentham

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