Americans are overwhelmingly polarized over ongoing presidential election campaigns.

The choice is going to be between Donald Trump – an oligarch accused of disregarding the interests of minorities, and Hillary Clinton – an utterly disgraced public servant too unqualified and incompetent to even serve at the lowest possible grade in the US State Department. But, between the two, one has already clearly caused much more human suffering. I predict her to be the more dangerous candidate.

Hillary Clinton’s actions as Secretary of State were monstrous. She was an advocate of myopic, dangerous foreign policy theories responsible for killing nearly a million people. Even now, the world reels after what she did. It was under her stewardship that it was decided the United States will deliberately incite civil wars in the Middle East and Europe for the purpose of assassinating any ruler she didn’t like, such as Gaddafi.

She played a key role in causing the current flow of misery and refugees and is responsible for thousands of deaths, as well as the growing xenophobia in Europe that is tearing the EU apart.

Most of the wrath by Clinton’s critics doesn’t focus on how many women and children she condemned to be butchered by “rebels” in civil wars. Instead we look at the poor security of her emails. This area alone is actually enough to bar Clinton from any important job for a long time.

Computer illiterate, this supposedly progressive Democrat used her phone to correspond with government workers through a non-government email address about subjects vital to US national security. If this sounds harmless, consider the fact that if the lowest possible employee at the State Department did the same, they’d get the sack. Yet this is who you want to be President. It’s absolutely incompetent to handle even sensitive information, let alone top secret information, through a private email address when you’re in a government job. And this is the same person who favors Chelsea Manning’s detention and torture due to the apparent sanctity of secret government information.

Americans are may elect their first ever President to have been under FBI investigation while campaigning to be President.

Trump might not be sensitive to minorities. “The Donald” might even be unintelligent, but he does know something about who to hire for a job and he would not hire Hillary Clinton. I don’t like Trump, and a Trump White House might make other countries lose confidence in the US, but Hillary Clinton is terrifying for world and an omen of war, famine, pestilence and death on a global scale. She’s terrifying as a person, and would be a lot worse as a president.

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