Flight of the Soul

I saw the frantic posts light up social media on my phone ‘Let us know you are safe!’ My heart sank, I steeled myself and dropped into the news and saw the photos and read the headlines. Being from the East Coast I know how deep the ability to keep going, to plow forward, never forgetting the transgression, I didn’t cry as I felt this stoicism to persevere through whatever comes engage my operating system. I didn’t cry when I saw friends post near and far ‘shaken but alive’ reflections on this all too common event. I didn’t cry as I thought of the response that inevitably flowed from our public officials. I didn’t cry.

I didn’t cry for those who died the day before

I didn’t cry for those who died last week

I didn’t cry for those who died last month

I didn’t cry for those who died last year

in Cities, in communities, in neighborhoods around the world

As nothing but rhetoric flowed

I didn’t cry.

After all the actions, inactions and information was processed and life once again resumed with that ever dampening feeling of ‘on to the next’ I thought of my ‘love’ work in the world and all the amazing people contributing to our common health and wellness, who are deeply loving this land we have come to embody and share with our neighbors, visitors, and communities.

Marianne Williamson at the Saban TheaterIn listening to one of my teachers Marianne Williamson speak after the latest deep assault on NYC and the will of our country — she offered an open hearted acknowledgment and a shift in perspective, past the judgement, right up to the door of forgiveness  “hate was able to get to the man who drove the truck into the bicyclists, because love didn’t get to him first.”

Her point. Hate recruits with a vengeance and Love not so much.

It gave me pause in my grief and anger.

The young man was captured by a sick ideology and gave over because love did not reach him in the 29 years before he got behind the wheel and turned it into a testament of hate, and destroyed the lives of those who had much to contribute, disappearing them from the world.

In hearing this, I thought ‘how could I be more loving? How could I do more?’ I am a love activist, at work in the areas of our collective heart, building, nourishing a love platform, I proactively work everyday to send out loving messages and be a loving presence in the world. A miracle worker, if you will. I work to demonstrate love. I don’t always get it right but I am involved in the effort and committed to social justice as love in everyday action and with care and work I practice kindness and love as a way of being.

I know Love requires sustained effort and calling in and moving forward, it is a verb, and when we put it into action miracles occur naturally as expressions of that love.

What could love have done in the past 29 years to shift the trajectory of the world that Man inhabited that lead up to the moment he was lost to a vehicular murder of innocent people?

What might we consider as we continue to co-create a field of love so great and connected and powerful that hatred will never take root and sway our children toward hate full ness?

The answer is simple as most things are. We pick ourselves up. We dust ourselves off. We forgive and we move forward with more love.

In fact, we continue to create a field of love so great, aligned in earth harmony, that worlds will shift, thinking will evolve and the fiercest spaces and places of hate will transform into present loves full and fertile in complete miraculousness, now and forever.

It is no secret, we know better, and there are many ways for us to do better. How often I want to do more and expand my sharing when these things like this happen, I wish I could do more. In this thought, and seeing this young man, who was caught in an ideology bent on destruction. A man in so much pain and suffering the only way he could be heard was to destroy.

When I thought about this world where we can lose someone to hate as they are taken over by a vibration that is not loving;

My stoic hearted damn broke;

swelling my chest, deepening my breath, squeezing my heart, releasing from the depths of my being —- tears.

Tears for all the heartbreak. Tears for all the heartache. Tears for all.

I cried for those lost.

I cried for the families who have to deal with the pain of moving on now and forever.

I cried for our lost boys in positions of power who so desperately want to be heard, who want love, who want to know respect and who are stained by grasping power instead of a loving power that enlightens the ages.

I cried for this young man lost to love and all our sons and men lost to this waring battle with hate.

Confronted by the idea that love didn’t reach this young man. That he was infected with hate and felt it was his duty to kill others. Confounded by the idea that anywhere along the way, this man’s heart could have been transformed by love, by understanding, by kindness and how that was lost in the currency climate that has pervaded our civility.

I cried as I thought of my unforgiving thoughts toward this man.  First do no harm to others.

I cried into the anger that rises in light of senselessness acts of hate that hides the truth — this is a beautiful world filled with beautiful people.

I cried for a 29 year old who fell over to hate

I cried for those who died last week

I cried for those who died last month

I cried for those who died last year and years before that

I cried for those who will die tomorrow because we choose war over peace

in Cities, in communities, in neighborhoods around the world.

I cried to mourn what I need to mourn.

I cried through my prayers for a world reborn.

I cried as nothing but rhetoric flowed from Public servants designed to steward our common goodness, to use our public funds for common wellness, forget, forget, forget.

I cried to release my frustrations at the 40+years of misallocation of resources and hate spewing, back door dealing, money glorifying BS that has raped our public good for the perverse wrong use of power to enslave free men’s rights.

I cried for those whose voices I hear, answering the cries that pervade the earth.

I cried because I love this world we live in and all the people in it.

I cried as I remembered Love is an inward practice of connecting within, finding the unforgiveness and releasing into the field of possibilities.

I cried in celebration for all  the many tender hearts doing amazing work in the world to lighten another’s load, to feed, nourish and support our world’s children.

I cried with joy for the many sharing the gifts they have been given.

I cried with wisdom as any idea born from love has the power to create untold miracles.

I cried knowing Love is available in every situation.

I cried as love enveloped my tears

flowing into a prayer.

Let love not come too late.

Let love not come too late.

In this prayerful completion, freedom prevailed.

Grateful to Marianne for all that she has born witness to and the sharing of her life and her experiences with A Course in Miracles. When she recounted hearing serial killer Charles Manson testify in conscious rant at his murder trial “…every time you have turned your back on anyone, that is who I am.” a bone chilling bolt of electricity highlighted the truth. Hate will fill the void left by lovelessness. Her point being that this moment is when we do harm to others, where we inflict wounds that sow seeds of hate, when we do not act with love, that place where we do not love the other as ourselves. When we withhold love it hurts and that hurt bears unnecessary suffering, when being loving would bring connection.

It is easy to be angry, it is easy to lash out, it is easy to want to punish.

What isn’t easy?

Showing up differently.

What is possible?

Reaching out to understand another.

What do we need to do?

Build bridges of connection.

In this light

Where we have we gotten it wrong, we are going to make right use of love.

We, today, wake up, and act in right use full beds so we celebrate the joy and power available in each heart we meet. Where is it we can show up differently with love and kindness a d strength to remind our selves .

I rise into this moment and remember there is work to do, there are things to clean up, there are ways that I make the world a better place and I start with my house, my neighborhood, now. I With joy and understanding, in the every way that I can love the land I see that gives me so much and allows me the opportunity to not only live but to love deeply, completely and wholeheartedly.

Love will lead us all the way home. In our light filled commitment to move through the uncomfortable space of having the conversation, of being name called, holding space for all of it. Living in the beginning and ending of all that wholeness and healed expression and earth wellness means.

Let’s take this moment to find our inner power and love as powerfully as possible. Love is in action all over the planet. It is shifting storylines, waking people up and is in right use all throughout our communities.

My tears do not make me weak, they fuel the way ahead. They water the seeds of new possibilities where we remember our neighbor are ourselves. Where we know that what we do to one of us we do to ourselves. Who we are is a representation of all, the wholeness of the earth and its people, let us not diminish each other. Let’s go deeply into our hearts and our inner power and remember in that space of inner love and light we will meet everyone we know in the grace of a new world.

I didn’t cry because there is nothing I could do, I cried because I know the power of love to shift the trajectory and outcome of our communities.

Love, Mel



A great all systems love festival is in the planning stages for 2018 — email us with your loving ideas.

Love is meant to be put into right use full ness. Love is an action. It is an experience. Love is what love does. Love in action bares witness to the truth seen with the heart, soft focusing beyond the recording of the eyes and ears expressing heart vision.

Each act of love is a demonstration of the powerful right use of the heart, the example of our oneness of loving our brother as ourself. It is everything that transforms the present moment into love’s miracle. It is you and me in resonance vibrating ever forward with love. It is seeing into a situation and recognizing the act we need to take, it is sharing our gifts in each moment knowing all acts are divinely timed. Showcasing the way we are privileged to offer ourselves by showing up to do what is necessary, to speak into the void of possibility and call out love. To name it and claim it for justice, to reside in a land of truth and connection. This act of showing up for love, in some cases differently than we have previously, in some cases with more love, in some cases with a fierceness of knowing the desired affect and outcome will restore an alignment to our soul’s purpose. To love and respect each other and become beacons of caring and kindness in our communities.

At a recent Center for Cultural Innovation workshop on Street Dance Activism expressing the choreography of liberation taught by Shamell Bell, I found myself with a group of about 11 people in ceremony, circling up to share and connect. The group was diverse and rich in heart and soul force all had arrived at this particular workshop in one way or another, all with ears to hear and love to share. We listened to each others stories, each of us representing an amalgamation of all races, identities, generations, ideas, backgrounds, talents and abilities. In our circle We had come together to learn, to share, to grow into new ideas and learn from the work of a committed movement activist deeper techniques to disrupt systems thinking, and move into alignment with love and common community wellness.

Melanie Lutz Love ActivismThere was a Mother who brought  her 10 year old Son to support his development growth and understanding around the roles he is going to find himself in as he moves through his teenage years. In Her sharing you could feel the fierce beautiful Lioness protecting, teaching and demonstrating for her Son the ways of being in this world that requires more from each of us than ever before. She went on to share that her Husband drives with his wallet on his lap in case he is pulled over by the Police so as not to give them a reason to get nervous. She shared the vigilance required to be a WOC and a POC in the America we find ourselves in, where an old world is passing and a new world is forming.

With each sharing hearts opened in deeper and deeper respect and understanding and when it was time to move and engage in choreography that expressed our liberation over the fears we brought to the sharing circle it was clear the love activism of this class time was being present with love to all the emotions, and uncertainty and expression, that showed up, to be with all the stories, all the heart break, all the transformation and all the healing of being together in community.

Ms. Bell powerfully concluded the workshop with this chant from longtime social justice warrior Assata Shakur’s work…

It is our duty to fight for our freedom.
It is our duty to win.
We must love each other and support each other.
We have nothing to lose but our Adobe Spark (3)chains.

Said three times— softly, louder, then lastly as full primal scream

(Spoken For all those who can’t be present) This chant is used through several movements including BLM movement. Found this youtube video of it online as demonstration of the power of the chant…

For those who wonder what is Love Activism…

You show up. You answer the call. You express yourself with clarity and be a light as demonstration of your loving whole, healed and beautiful self.

Love, Mel.



Maya AngelouA daily reminder that we are equals in the eyes of love … “no human being can be more human than another human being.”  We remember together that each of us carries the weight of oppression, the weight of injustice, the weight of homelessness, the weight of hunger, the weight of any ism that feels like it is flourishing in our fear. A simple look at the world from the POV to Love expanding outward from our Heart center cutting through the veil.

Maya Angelou’s reading of her poem “For Old Black Men” with Paul Laurence Dunbar’s 1892 poem “We wear the Mask” brings tears to my eyes every time.

Have a listen and when you are done, let us know how you feel.

Does it make you want to stand up and walk forward “Bringing peace in your heart wherever you go?” or something else.

For me. It touches a part of my soul that knows the debt of honor we owe to those who day in and day out do the work necessary to transform consciousness. I celebrate all of them, and all of you. Take this moment to honor all the work and heart break and dreams that has lead to this moment.


As a bonus here’s Maya Angelou, years earlier reading the poem. we wear the Mask/For old black men…

“We smile, but oh my God….”

With respect and honor and love.



What we do to one, we do to ourselves. Mels Love Land asks the questions …. Why not love thy neighbor as thyself? Why not see beyond the mask.

poems text follows:

Maya Angelou
poem a combination of two artists work spoken word…

We wear the mask that grins and lies.
It shades our cheeks and hides our eyes.
This debt we pay to human guile
With torn and bleeding hearts…
We smile and mouth the myriad subtleties.
Why should the world think otherwise
In counting all our tears and sighs.
Nay let them only see us while
We wear the mask.
We smile but oh my God
Our tears to thee from tortured souls arise
And we sing Oh Baby doll, now we sing…
The clay is vile beneath our feet
And long the mile
But let the world think otherwise.
We wear the mask.
When I think about myself
I almost laugh myself to death.
My life has been one great big joke!
A dance that’s walked a song that’s spoke.
I laugh so hard HA! HA! I almos’ choke
When I think about myself.
Seventy years in these folks’ world
The child I works for calls me girl
I say “HA! HA! HA! Yes ma’am!”
For workin’s sake
I’m too proud to bend and
Too poor to break
So…I laugh! Until my stomach ache
When I think about myself.
My folks can make me split my side
I laugh so hard, HA! HA! I nearly died
The tales they tell sound just like lying
They grow the fruit but eat the rind.
Hmm huh! I laugh uhuh huh huh…
Until I start to cry when I think about myself
And my folks and the children.
My fathers sit on benches,
Their flesh count every plank,
The slats leave dents of darkness
Deep in their withered flank.
And they gnarled like broken candles,
All waxed and burned profound.
They say, but sugar, it was our submission
that made your world go round.
There in those pleated faces
I see the auction block
The chains and slavery’s coffles
The whip and lash and stock.
My fathers speak in voices
That shred my fact and sound
They say, but sugar, it was our submission
that made your world go round.
They laugh to conceal their crying,
They shuffle through their dreams
They stepped ’n fetched a country
And wrote the blues in screams.
I understand their meaning,
It could an did derive
From living on the edge of death
They kept my race alive
By wearing the mask! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!


An adaptation of the poem by Paul Laurence Dunbar “We Wear the Mask”
We Wear the Mask
We wear the mask that grins and lies,
It shades our cheeks and hides our eyes—
This debt we pay to human guile;
With torn and bleeding hearts we smile,
And mouth with myriad subtleties.
Why should that world be overwise,
In counting all our tears and sighs?
Nay, let them only see us, while
We wear the mask.
We smile, but, oh my God, our cries
To Thee from tortured souls arise.
We sing, but oh, the clay is vile
Beneath our feet, and long the mile;
But let the world think otherwise,
We wear the mask.

The answer to life’s deepest questions come in the quiet space of the heart listening.

Our soul knows all.

‘The soul loves to meditate, for in contact with the Spirit lies its greatest joy. If, then, you experience mental resistance during meditation, remember that reluctance to meditate comes from the ego; it doesn’t belong to the soul.’

What do you think?

love, Mel



Beyonce delivers Freedom for International Day of the Girl.
Thankful for Beyonce for her work, for her passion and the inspiration that Girls have a voice and a light to shine. Grateful she is here  to inspire us and wake us and move us and allow us the privilege of being better today than we were yesterday in her reminder to love deeply. Deep enough to liberate our Girls around the planet.

We all have one or two words from this woman’s songs that strike so deeply to our soul that we are forever opened in the wake of hearing, this is one of them, for me,  easy, light and meaningful, these most expressive and wonderful words of wisdom you can ever hear…


Remember to send light. #InternationalDayoftheGirl

Liberate. Educate. Nourish. Girls. ❤️ Everywhere.


YouTube Preview Image

xander mels love landWhen I make a mistake I like to look at it as paving a new way to the truth.

In the spirit of the new year — Teshuvah is always new.

For every new mistake you make you merely create a new way to see.

Forgiveness and atonement as the gateway into a new beginning, a new year…

Wishing you a most happy Rosh Hashanah to all and to all a good day…


“May you be inscribed and sealed in the book of life for a good year.”

Love, Mel

“After 911 we were called to be our best selves after sept 11th it’s important to remember our best selves to rise to what was necessary, not because it was easy…”

Mel talks with Mara Brown about the light workers called to Ground Zero to help the souls reach God.

Service and love and peace and how can I be of assistance through deep listening is the space to occupy after unimaginable suffering and disaster. There was so much love post 9/11 and if you imagined the world today if our reaction had been peace and not a brutal attack and war.

What if All Our Thoughts Were Loving?

What if All Our Thoughts Were Loving?

For all the souls resting in power —

I will be still, and let the earth be still along with me. And in that stillness we will find peace. It is within my heart, which witnesses the losses we have experienced. Peace is shining in me now.


Love, Mel





The most impactful thing about the days and months and years after September 11th for me was listening to the experience of our nation’s children.  I heard so many kids explaining what the day meant to them and what their plans were to help make the world a better place.  One thing was clear.  It shifted the course of their futures. This event struck all of us on so many levels and continues to be a marker in the conversation about the brotherhood of man and how we practice humanity around the globe.

So many stories of loss and love and heart break and bravery and compassion remain as New York continues to reimagine and rebuild. I ran into this clip of Angela Lansbury at the Mormon Tabernacle discussing her concerns and reaction in the year after the attacks and how as a Grandmother she wanted to respond to what she witnessed.  Angela Lansbury asked herself what she could contribute with her talents.  The answer was as simple as it is beautiful… to sing a song using her voice to spread a message and remind all of us it is our job to be there for our kids, all our kids.

“All of us, grand parents, parents, aunts, and uncles, we all have to try to do everything that we possibly can to show them that they are safe and loved and that good will triumph over evil and right will prevail.”

As she sings this beautiful song for the Christmas show at the Mormon Tabernacle Ms. Lansbury speaks the truth and spreads the message that all of us deeply understand.  Not only do children listen to everything we say.  They are sponges of the world they inhabit and it is our responsibility to nourish their hearts and souls with love. Reassure the little ones.  So they feel safe and whole. I don’t know how you hold September 11th in your heart but I do know that for me it remains the day that millions of children’s hearts shifted in consciousness and their understanding of safety took a beating.

To everyone, now and forever I join in this message from Stephen Sondheim, sung below so beautifully by Angela Lansbury….

Nothing’s gonna harm you, not while I’m around. Nothing’s gonna harm you, no sir, not while I’m around.
Demons are prowling everywhere, nowadays, I’ll send ’em howling, I don’t care, I got ways.
No one’s gonna hurt you, No one’s gonna dare. Others can desert you, Not to worry, whistle, I’ll be there.
Demons’ll charm you with a smile, for a while, But in time… Nothing can harm you Not while I’m around…
Not to worry, not to worry
YouTube Preview Image

While we may experience worry and stress it is our job to protect our children. To shield them from harm’s way and to enlighten their journey. It is our job as parents and teachers and land lords of the earth to rise into our magnificence and teach our children well.


Lots of Love,



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As a little bonus. Here’s an interview where Angela Lansbury talks about the moment of owning her star turn in the show MAME and the challenge to being in the spotlight… “As my great friend Katherine Hepburn said you ‘Take stage.’  A Wonderful moment. You decide you are going to go for it.”


I respect VICE News for embedding a reporter into the process and behind the scenes so we could have this insight. Please be aware – Charlottesville: Race and Terror on HBO. Watch. Please.

YouTube Preview Image

Everyday in every neighborhood this talk takes place. It is absurd. Hateful and ridiculous. There is no one to hate. That is an illusion.

Jews are not in a conspiracy. That talk is an illusion.

Dr. William Barber spoke words that drill time through me in these conversations… “there is no right or left it is only right vs. wrong.” What you witness through this report is not right behavior, thinking, or action. It happens. People are out of their ‘right’ mind.

We have the ability to stand up with Love. Wrong minded behavior falls in the light of day. When we stand up to hate, where it is, in our neighborhoods, in our homes, in our media. We see it. We address it. We choose a course of action.

Move into it – dissipate.

Get Support to Deal with It – Community.

Change your thinking – inner power.

Turn on the light. Remain convicted in Love.

There are more of us who are loving than there are haters.

What is witnessed of hate and fear can be healed.  What is witnessed of love expands naturally.

This is not loving behavior. It is not right. There is no one to hate. To repeat. That is a false illusion.

Let me know your thoughts on this.

Let me know what you plan on doing.

God bless.



6 Mels Love Land #MiniMag Issue 11 | Adventure Melanie Lutz

The deliciousness of living gives birth to the ecstasy of each moment in the adventures of our heart, those moments that come forward in the quiet uncertainty of the unknown, that thrilling goosebump filled connection with all that is. Take this moment to ground into your soul’s code.
When you are in the soul filled adventure you are filled with courage and acceptance with each step. As Mels Love Land #MiniMag Issue 11 | Adventures joins the other loving issues. A few words of love. We are united in love. We are united in our sorrow. We are united in our humanity. We, together can work in our communities to extend love. Do not get side tracked with gobble de goob noise or what people ‘in power’ are doing, we are in charge of our powerful selves, we know how to act, to be, to love. We march forward, with our heads turned backward if necessary, and do the loving thing we came here to do, to be in service, to take an adventure into the testament of hope regardless if we see the impact. We must do what needs to be done. Let’s continue to discuss what matters, lets continue to act with kindness and love that speaks in the space of our collective heart loud enough for all to hear on a vibrational level.
Our inspiration for this issue 11 is the incomparable Eleanor Roosevelt in Riverside Park on the upper west side in the glorious late Spring time in NYC.
Allow this issue to embrace your dreams, to nourish them with each step you take and allow it to remind you….
2 Mels Love Land #MiniMag Issue 11 | Adventure Melanie LutzTO TAKE ACTION.
find a way to do what needs to be done – to talk about things that matter
to live in the oneness of now – knowing all of us are one of us.
each of us is connected – one’s suffering is all of our suffering
right minded thinking blazes a trail – for all to see. Get out there and do good. Be kind. Live in the light of all that you can be. Enjoy the connection to the adventure of connection.
Love, Mel.
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