Flight of the Soul

melnaie lutz Vanessa by the Sea roadwayEmanual Swedenborg connected the other side and heaven in the concepts of divine love and wisdom leaving a rich soul full experience.

The spiritual world is distinct from the natural world but connected via an energy present in all things. When Ghandi years later discussed that the ends are inherent in the means he picked up this thread of the eternal truth.  Therefore there are angels and spirits in the world.

As Swendborg wrote ‘As these things have not been known it has also been unknown that the light and heat that angels and spirits have is different from the light and heat that men have; also that light and heat in the spiritual world derive their essence from the sun there, as our light and heat derive their essence from our sun; therefore the essence of light and heat from their sun is spiritual, while the essence of light and heat from our sun is natural, to which, however, a spiritual from their sun has been joined, which enlightens man’s understanding when the natural enlightens his eye.’ He speaks to the holiness of all things. We stand in the spirit of all the means in our things in each moment we remain present to the now within each encounter.

Continue to see beyond what your human eyes and ears are taking in. Continue to allow love to lead the way. Continue to connect to the heart of the matter. Take action. Be loving. Enjoy yourself.

Love, Mel

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We are grateful for those who protect and serve. Who risk there lives in service to a principle of freedom.

War is a complicated part of our humanity. Our projection into this part of the psyche ‘the horrors of war’ and its impact, long after the event of trauma and upset.

Universal and a group of acclaimed filmmakers bring you Thank You for Your Service, opening in October. A powerful work of understanding all sides of the story that explores the deep level of damage that conflict, war, battle zones and what it means to return home.

Check out the Trailor here.


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For your courage

For your Love

For your sacrafice

Thank you for your service. In Theaters October.

Enjoy the music video of the compassionate outcry HUMAN by Rag n’Bone.

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#MelsLoveLand #Peace

Her cry is all of our cry. “Enough.”

Her pain and heartbreak is all of our our pain and heartbreak.

“the system continues to fail black people. it will continue to fall you…”

No more.

We will reconnect with our neighbors. We will get out into our communities, away from the telvison and phones and celebrate our unity. We will not allow  our hearts have this moment to reset and bend toward love.

We hear this cry. We hear this cry. We hear this cry. We will reach out with understanding. We will connect to our humanity. We will stand together and take action and be united.

First we grieve. We grieve for all senseless loss we are witnessing. We grieve for this woman and for all of us.  Heart broken.

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May all energies transform and may someway a miracle befall this situation. May we all be guided to peace filled action and love and nourishment for justice moving forward in all of our communities.

All Systems Love.


Dance and Activism as a loving movement. No artist of the 20th century bridged so many of the arts like Martha Graham. She was and remains a trendsetter, an inspiration to the psyche of performance and artistry and connection. She created pathways of understanding that transcended her main vocation – that of a dancer and choreographer.

Everytime I see and hear Martha Graham these words rise in my heart.

No compromise. Do not give way. Move forward. Express. Connect.

Her own words “Do what you know. experiment with movement. until you find with some secret language that speaks to your body, your heart” to me is the fullest epression of the soul’s desire to express itself in harmony with the world. Martha Graham choreographed and danced for 7 decades. She had many firsts, the first dancer to dance at the white house, and it goes on and on.


Nobody broke through the ground of their being like Martha Graham. She shared her story through movement, through expression, through psychology. Hers was majesty in action that never failed to enlighten.

As choreographer Alonzo King shared “When I see a great dance, I see fearlessness and selflessness. I see Ghandi, Helen Keller, Harriet Tubman, I see sacrifice and unfailing generosity. I see intelligence and intuition. I see humor and joy. I hear a voice guiding me ‘when you fall down, get up. You are able to do more than you think. When you feel you’ve given all you’ve got – give more.’ I see how life can be lived.”

Martha Graham would describe her work that came out of a contraction, that impulse of a life blood of movement “the plunging force of God that strikes through me.”

As a tribute to all of us who continue to pursue our passions, living in our light and expressing our being-ness with a divinely sacred sense of belonging and connection. I share ie. ‘reprint’ an article written by Martha Graham.

I am a Dancer
By Martha Graham

I am a dancer. I believe that we learn by practice. Whether it means to learn to dance by practicing dancing or to learn to live by practicing living, the principles are the same. In each it is the performance of a dedicated precise set of acts, physical or intellectual, from which comes shape of achievement, a sense of one’s being, a satisfaction of spirit. One becomes in some area an athlete of God.

To practice means to perform, in the face of all obstacles, some act of vision, of faith, of desire. Practice is a means of inviting the perfection desired.

I think the reason dance has held such an ageless magic for the world is that it has been the symbol of the performance of living. Even as I write, time has begun to make today yesterday-the past. The most brilliant scientific discoveries will in time change and perhaps grow obsolete, as new scientific manifestations emerge. But art is eternal, for it reveals the inner landscape, which is the soul of man.

Many times I hear the phrase “the dance of life.” It is an expression that touches me deeply, for the instrument through which the dance speaks is also the instrument through which life is lived-the human body. It is the instrument by which all the primaries of life are made manifest. It holds in its memory all matters of life and death and love. Dancing appears glamorous, easy, delightful. But the path to the paradise of the achievement is not easier than any other. There is fatigue so great that the body cries, even in its sleep. There are times of complete frustration, there are daily small deaths. Then I need all the comfort that practice has stored in my memory, a tenacity of faith.

It takes about ten years to make a mature dancer. The training is twofold. First comes the study and practice of the craft which is the school where you are working in order to strengthen the muscular structure of the body. The body is shaped, disciplined, honored, and in time, trusted. The movement becomes clean, precise, eloquent, truthful. Movement never lies. It is a barometer telling the state of the soul’s weather to all who can read it. This might be called the law of the dancer’s life-the law which governs its outer aspects.

Then comes the cultivation of the being from which whatever you have to say comes. It doesn’t just come out of nowhere, it comes out of a great curiosity. The main thing, of course, always is the fact that there is only one of you in the world, just one, and if that is not fulfilled then something has been lost. Ambition is not enough; necessity is everything. It is through this that the legends of the soul’s journey are retold with all their tragedy and their bitterness and sweetness of living. It is at this point that the weep of life catches up with the mere personality of the performer, and while the individual becomes greater, the personal becomes less personal. And there is grace. I mean the grace resulting from faith — faith in life, in love, in people, in the act of dancing. All this is necessary to any performance in life which is magnetic, powerful, rich in meaning.

In a dancer, there is a reverence for such forgotten things as the miracle of the small beautiful bones and their delicate strength. In a thinker, there is a reverence for the beauty of the alert and directed and lucid mind. In all of us who perform there is an awareness of the smile which is part of the equipment, or gift, of the acrobat. We have all walked the high wire of circumstance at times. We recognize the gravity pull of the earth as he does. The smile is there because he is practicing living at that instant of danger. He does not choose to fall.

At times I fear walking that tightrope. I fear the venture into the unknown. But that is part of the act of creating and the act of performing. That is what a dancer does.”

Quotes from Martha Graham In Performance

Check out her legacy at

“It is through this that the legends of the soul’s journey are retold with all their tragedy and their bitterness and sweetness of living.”

When your heart is alternately breaking and expanding with equal beats in a rhythm of truth you are fully alive, bearing witness to the events of our days. You are in each present moment awaiting the exercise of love.

Beyond all of the judgments and fear and hatred and blind loyalty and hopes that someone will save us is our inner powerful still small voice that knows what we need to look at in our lives, what actions need to be taken, what world comes into being with all that happens that there are the commitments we make to show up for someone.

This is a choice.

A privilege.

A way of being in a very human world.


There are actions we know we need to make for ourselves and those actions lead to the person we are, that remains unchanged, that stands in the vulnerable light of humanity and knows the care and consideration of being held and seen and supported and free from oppression and fear and joy and love and wildness and all that appears in these spaces. On the surface it may be a time of truly devastating tragedies and deep ungrounded indulgence bringing up all our worst fears, numbing us into inaction because what was will not be what is. Tempting us to fall asleep. On a deeper level we are being called and encouraged to move into the adult conversation, to open up wide to the great resourcefulness and incredible displays of true inner spirit we are longing to reclaim. TO STAY AWAKE OR TO AWAKEN WITH GRACE into the eternal now where we remember our power and beauty and love.

Like Mark Antony urging mourners into action over the body of Julius Caesar “If you have tears, prepare to shed them now.” It most certainly won’t be the last. But, remember these are adult tears. Propelling loving action. Finding solutions. Standing up for what is right. Being the one who makes love a way of being.

Love, Mel

#FlightoftheSoul #AllSystemsLove

May love surround you and work through you. May you offer your heart to the service of love. May you find peace today and everyday. May blessings and peace flourish in your presence.

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Flight of the Soul Melanie Lutz Mel's Love LandThere is a statement ‘Grief is the last act of love we can give to those we love.’ Sending prayers and love for those affected by the concert bombing. This is for all those who feel betrayed, shocked, hurt, depressed, oppressed, unsafe, hatefilled, anxious and unseen by the injust actions we are witnessing.  A loving reminder… There are more people in the world who are loving than there are haters. There are more people in the world who are kind than there are those obsessed with destruction. Do not lose sight of the whole picture in the pinpoint of a destructive pain filled act caused by a soul in trauma bent on causing others the pain he himself is experiencing as a disconnection from the whole.

Waking into the open heart of grief and the questions of Why? and What can I do? One thing comes up instinctively. Prayers. Is a time to mourn, to hold each other in love and grace and to remember we who hold space of prayer for those who are in need, are indeed, always safe, held whole and blessed.

Manchester VigilWhen the unimaginable happens it is a time of deep connection to all and remembering how fragile this precious life we are privileged to experience together, to remember we are more alike than we are different and that we do not know how or what someone is going through, what pain and distress creates they want to enact that pain on others. One of us does not represent all of us but it is part of the human psyche, we can all relate to, that momentary distress and fever as to lash out.

Manchester Vigo Photo By: Emilio Morenatti / AP

Manchester Vigo Photo By: Emilio Morenatti / AP

When the unimaginable happens it is a moment to reflect and reconnect in a deeply cleansing way to an eternal channel of inner light and peace. One great way is through our breath and in that space using our hearts and words and love to express prayfulness to connect with the other side, prayers for peace, for love, for holding, for transition, for grace, for belonging, for connection, for peace, for understanding and power, power enough to allow the flow of our tears and anger in kind and compassionate ways that demonstrate the majority of our humanity, the parts of us that know how to keep our hearts open to each other, that allows space for the gaping ache into transformation, where we feed all our children with love, knowledge and nourishment for a world that knows deeper and every increasing levels of peace and we project that into our news, our homes and communities by beginning where it starts… in our own hearts.

Prayers for grace, for all.  The quantum field of possibilities beyond all of it reminds me of a Rumi quote – grief can be a garden of compassion. If you keep your heart open through everything, your pain can become your greatest ally in your life’s search for love and wisdom.

Number One is a Big One….

1) Sometimes there is nothing to do but be loving.

Melanie Lutz Mels Love Land
 Like Einstein shared ‘Time and space are illusions of consciousness’ let it all go, and be present.  Everything happens in the perfect time.

2)  Things that I thought took so much time to unfold, really took no time at all upon their completion.  The experience was everything.

barbara barry girl_thumb[2]
Why worry?  Worry is a choice. Choose to be loving instead of worrying.  Whatever happens you are going to be fine or you are going to be dead.  Have fun.

3)  No matter what circumstance seems to be put in front of you, the deepest truth of our loving humanity is always available.

You can do magic Melanie Lutz Mels Love Land
 Live your life.  Don’t hold back. Dance when your feet want to dance.  Burn the candle. Feel the love.  Share your passion.  Walk through an open door.  Take a nap. Do whatever your heart wants to in the commitment to expanding your practice of humanity.

4)  Mistakes mean nothing in the course of a life well lived, where the foolishness of love are the adventures of the soul.

possibilities Mels Love Land
Let Love Lead the way.  Enjoy the breeze of grace.  Live in the fullness of now and enjoy the joy and thrill that brings the soul in allowing the moment to flourish.  Allow the power that blossoms the seed into its promised code and on and on to flow.

5)  Love is the most powerful force in every situation.

miracles mels love land
 Life is filled with mistakes and pains of growth and surprises and joys and failures and successes who is to say anything is a problem.  You are exercising your life you are fulfilling a practice of mastering the joys of experience.

6) Practicing love is the exercise of the heart.

Budda Blessings Mels Love Land Melanie Lutz
 Acceptance.  Forgiveness.  Love. This Moment. That is All.

7) Love’s perfection lies in the acceptance of each moment.

A dream is a wish your heart makes
You are never lost, you are merely on your way to being found.

8) When you let love lead the way you always end up exactly where you are supposed to be.

 love is all you need
Vision is an expression of the heart.  Allow your heart to see and find yourself in the presence of the miracle of each encounter.

9)  If you are not thinking with love what you are seeing and saying (to yourself and others) is not real.

***This one is a blink, blink, blinky mcblinkerson one, requiring a love yourself heart opening detachment and release of the ‘you’ve got to be kidding me.’
Ocean tides and sparkles and diamonds and rainbows
 The past is over it can touch you not.  Enjoy this simple statement and unhinge your present to be something magnificent.

10 ) Love does not live in the past or predict the future, it is complete in this present moment, highlighting what needs ‘present’ attention beyond the blocks of self false beliefs placed in front of the heart.

Mels Love Land
Don’t be one of these people.  Love and allow that to create a powerful boundary between you and everyone you encounter.  Love sometimes says no and it says it so clearly there is no where to go.  Love invites more love and gives every situation the power of possibility.

11) People find loving tough because on some deep level we all get the simplicity of Martin Luther King Jr. influenced by love statement ‘our job isn’t to like everyone, it is to love them.’  So those that bug us, irritate us, drive us to the brink, are in our lives to teach us love.

The ache of the heart is your compassion and self love pouring into new air.  Expanding without reserve.  Embrace and celebrate the assholes in your atmosphere and choose to see all of it as a call to love and send loving blessings and then get the hell away from any asshole.

Melanie Lutz

These Loving thoughts are part of #MelsLoveLand All Systems Love Download PDF 11 Ways to Let Love Lead the Way Here as part of the ongoing Flight of the Soul efforts.

May love surround you and work through you. May you offer your heart to the service of love. May you find peace today and everyday. May blessings and peace flourish in your presence.

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Being a love warrior is standing in support of wellness in our homes, ourMelanie Lutz Mels Love Land #Minimag Issue 10 Love Everyone communities, our world. A warrior shifts percepttions by sharing the truth. A warrior supports us in growth, delivers necessary information, speaks with justice for those who need support and always remains in service. It is remembering we are the creator and the created born to heal that which goes off track. It is the truth that we are here to be in service to each other, to lover our neighbors and to care for the welfare of all those in need, it is to be kinder and to act with courage and love.


There’s some deep mofo stuff happening in the world. We are at a point where half the planet is overweight and the other half are starving.  Where you can’t shake a stick without someone going off the anxiety spectrum of fear and defensiveness. A few things I know for sure. There are more people who are kind
and loving than there are people who are filled with hate.  There are more ideas to protect the planet than there are people commited to destroying it. There is a shift at play in consciousness, we are on the cusp of a widespread
transformation in our reality into something else. We are presented with a choice in each moment, whether we are going to choose love or choose to stay asleep. Whether we are going to take loving compassionate action or stay silent and inactive. Whether we are going to be numb to the necessary intentions of healing or we are to become an active peace warrior and let love do its thing.


Take a loving action today and see how it feels. Here’s a little Mels Love Land talk on being a love warrior and shifting your perspective on Soundcloud.

James Gene Don Barry Lutz Brothers portrait in army oufits kids

My nephew would bust into every room he entered and say “I have a great idea.” Believe me, not all of his ideas were great.

I applaud his verve and I appreciate and celebrate him, he was born that way and was given the gifts of compassion and empathy and balance to go along with his idea full mind. Thoughts become form. The ends are inherent in the means. You find what you are looking for. Everyone is here for a reason. Each relationship, action, creates an equal and opposite re-action.

Transformation is underway. We are learning the ways of a Trump less world as he showcases all of the people, ideas, energies, systems that are old minded, not of the people and have no concept of joy and love being at the center of all our well being. Fear and loathing, hate and hypocrisy are being revealed for deeper holding, more love and we are experiencing a release into what is possible.


New spaces, where open hearted grace leads the way, where you don’t know everything, where ideas are the soldiers of new joy systems. Where we do not need more, so you have less. Wake into a new now where you can experience yourself, your life, your love, knowing you are powerful beyond measure.


It is a wonderful world, filled with wonderful people and when we meet our fears with an open heart. When we hold space beyond the tyranny and the bombasticness where each of us has the privilege of waking up to what they have been asleep to justice and kindness and love remain. What action are you called to do.


You can imagine someone who has succeeded in building, creating, one kind of business by projecting an image, whose personality has yielded results independent of being of service to anyone other than himself, whose every thought was catered to, who no one said “No” to saying — ‘Hey, the two party system has created alot of poop sandwiches. I could do a better job than those boobs.’ I’ know how to build things. I could build something better than what is going on. I could save the day.’ A person so caught up in his own magnan-ignoramousness that he related sitting in his gold lilted tower yelling back at Fox News claimed as experience that He knows what to do. While it is understandable. It is unacceptable.


Right now. We are given a great opportunity…. To Experience the world without a Trump. Without a greed driven, money centered, patriarchal view of things through a lens of fear.


The blessing of his unmagnanimous life, is the realization without it and him and the thinking that created it and him. The world is really a wonderful place. It really is a wonderful world.

There is something in the air and all of us are being called to help fix what is broken. Yes, we have all contributed to the mess we see. Yes we can all do better than we are doing. There is no doubt a shift is occurring, people are waking up and we are in our connectedness arriving at the mountaintop for deepening our collective heart and stepping forward with a healed world.

We are witnessing the fall of fear. Fear is up to be loved, understood and its oppressive energies released. Every story, every major newscast is showcasing it.

It is not the midnight of our discontent It is our eleventh hour of grace where we change course and establish a world where enough is enough. Where we don’t need more so someone has less. Where we think about the whole in balance, without grabbing unnecessarily because we can. Where we see the illusions for what they are, where we stand together sharing our gifts and celebrating each other. Where we are kinder to each other than we were the day before, where love is brought to every situation and we allow a gentleness into the process of this new world we are entering together.

Where we create towers and walls and avoid transformation of our fear monsters we remain stuck in an old paradigm. Release all of it today. Gentle both, the old world and the new. Allow a grace to enter the conversation and allow actions to be loving and do not buy into someone’s blustering. Let the winds of change bring you to the center of your own inner power and light and stand up, take action, be love in a new way, today and everyday.

Lots of Love for the actions that lie ahead….

From a recent article

“How much damage Donald Trump’s presidency wreaks before it ends remains to be seen. Yet he himself is a transient phenomenon. To allow his pratfalls and shenanigans to divert attention from matters sure to persist when he finally departs the stage is to make a grievous error. It may well be that, as The Times insists, the truth is now more important than ever. If so, finding the truth requires looking in the right places and asking the right questions.”  Love demands that we delve deeply into and through the surface of what is seen into what is unseen and inquire and be willing to consider the possibility there is another way to look at the situation.

Read the whole article on the questions we can be asking instead of being distracted…

Are There Questions About US Foreign Policy We’re Forbidden to Ask?

Melanie Lutz picture in LA

4 Mels Love Land #Minimag Issue 10 Love Everyone
In every life a little love must fall.

Love of our streets
Love of our neighbors
Love of our fellow citizens
Love of our neighbor countries’
Love of our business partners
Love of our dry cleaners
Love of our earth mates.



Mels Love Land has been a lot of things over the past five years, an annual #Next100 days of love, these #MiniMag moments of loving activism and soon to be a doc. It is cool to see the shifts in perception from fear to love. A simple question, ‘What if all of our thoughts were loving. If we didn’t blame, shame, judge and remained unattached to the outcome of sharing our gifts and has lead to many conversations and insights. We hope to continue to stay curious and to discover the grace of love in deep presence to all that is.

5 Mels Love Land #Minimag Issue 10 Love EveryoneAs you allow a wave of love to flow, how would your life be different? How would your world be changed? What shift in perception would take place? How would your day unfold? How would your relationships grow? What miracles would fall open before you like so many blessings from out of the blue?

Whatever seems complication remember Love is simple. Live in the mystery. Join in Love activism. Remember always. “It has not yet appeared what it to be” Enjoy your curiosity Bring love to your fear and watch the beauty of the universe unfold. Watch miracles spring forward out of the blue and stay present to being in service.

Maybe today is the day to find out.




When Love and Fearlessness meet you have the opportunity to bare witness to the revolution of your heart. The timeless intersection between these two allows as Socrates said for “the outer and inner man to be as one” striking your unique and perfect note. Setting rights the world and its illusions.

In this space of pure love in the absence of fear is the vibrational signature of our human destiny where our perfect tone vibrates in harmony with our being and the entire universe rejoices animating the universal heavenly symphony, this sound of our celestial DNA to move as Wordsworth said “in one society” in service to our deepest most authentic self we understand and embody the wholeness pattern of the universe. This note makes manifest the destiny of your existence enabling you to be in concert with society as a whole.

May healing and light and joy flow through your thoughts in the days and weeks ahead allowing inspiration to rise from the depth of our heart leading the way to the inspiration of Love as the central intelligence source of true wisdom.

Make love and kindness be a part of your everyday miraculous life.


Over the past five years Mel has allowed love to lead the way, expanding the experience of love as a way of life. Along the way others have joined the love movement and offered up their gifts. It is with great honor we offer up this loving effort for sharing. KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR A SCREENING OF MELS LOVE LAND OR REQUEST ONE NOW.