Flight of the Soul

Flight of the Soul

A Father’s Gift. Prayer for New Love and Dreams Fulfilled. The Truest Love Story the Return to the Heart of the Matter.

posted by Melanie Lutz

For Father’s Day, SynergyTV Network, approached me about a crowd sourcing project for one of the tiny books of poems and affirmations I wrote called I am a Great Man.  Not even understanding the full nature of what crowd sourcing was I agreed to participate, the call went out for photographs of the great men in our lives that deserved celebration, that by their presence in our lives fill our days with love.

Because the turnaround time for the project was so quick a few responses and shared photographs came in after the edit.  Each submission made was a gift to the Team working on this project as it shared the connection we all have to our loved ones and the messages they deliver and the ways in which we long for the connection, free and clear, that lives and breathes in our memories as we achieve new pathways to open loving hearts in our present.


For this Father’s Day wanted to share one of the submissions that touched me deeply, because it contained a wish and a prayer for something I hear expressed in a lot of the sharing circles I encounter as a writer, lecturer, facilitator and teacher of how love liberates.

Her wish…

“Please bring me a love that honors who I am, that celebrates my uniqueness, that gets the reason why I am here.”

This resonated for me as the cry of the heart for that soul mate to meet our hearts, allowing the universe to do what it does in delivering that other, that person who fulfills the deepest truth of love’s unconditional power.  It isn’t “complete me,” it is, “allow our open sacred connection to work for the highest good of each, in our fullest expression of who we are, living from the deepest truth of love as interdependence in mutuality and understanding, compassion and always grace, for the other and for ourselves.”


The first prayer to ignite possibilities is “bring me a love that is worthy of my being beyond category.  Allow me to experience the grace and flight of true love born of the highest expression of my most excellent self of all that I am and all that I hold dear, allow me to love all the ways I am and let that resting place become the birthplace of my truest love, my dearest beloved, the most loving holiest soulful expression of paring in oneness with my beloved.  Remove the obstacles that might hamper my seeing, allow me to enact the journey of flight into all that will be, allow me to release into the fullest trusting of my heart to lead me where I need to go, to receive the gifts I am here to receive, whatever happens, allow the dance of destiny to my hearts content to continue allow the waltz to take flight as happiness surrounds our days and be a blessing to all who interact with my union built in love, with love and through love.”


Do not get caught up in the dream, open up to the reality of love and all its wondrous powers to heal, expand, grow and cherish each and every part of ourselves.

I used to think that I could not go on.  That life was nothing but an awful song

Now I know the meaning of true love, a meeting of the everlasting arms

If I can see it I can do it, If i just believe it then there’s nothing to it.

I believe I can fly.

From Lorelei Shellist in gratitude and recognition of the first Great Man in her life.

YouTube Preview Image

“My Dad, Bernie Shellist – he taught me to dance… I’ve been looking for a dance partner as good ever since.”



My Dad Bernie Shellist at Padres Game 2004 – 90 years old.










I loved to dance with my dad…when I was in my 20’s he was in his 60’s

Dance Dad 1











Here I am dancing with dad again …in my 40’s and he in his 80’s

Dance Dad 3











Dad gives me away the second time

Dance Dad4












Dad front row…3rd from the left

Dance Dad 5







Dad as a boy after immigrating at the age of 6 in the hull of a ship from the Ukraine.

Dance Dad 6












Dad giving me away the first time when I was 18 – he must’ve been 50

Dance Dad 7











A Prayer for All looking to experience more love, more joy and that eternal satisfaction of experiencing the twin soul of grace in love with another….


Dear God,

Bring me new love in the ways that you know will nourish and support my most loving heart and be a blessing to all who experience our love.  Allow this person to fall gently into my life, with no planning, through guidance lovingly planted to lead us to each other, allow my heart to open beautifully in receiving this gift of ease and excitement and true elegant partnership.  May I be open to effortless ways of revealing this deep soulful relationship that will flourish with each passing moment in ways that will thrill my spirit.


Lots of Love.

May all your sweetest dreams come true.  Many blessings.

#AllSystemsLove #FathersDay #Grace #FlightoftheSoul


Life in Loving Action.  Right now.

posted by Melanie Lutz

When you feel you can’t go on.  It is a great to stop and say  — play on.  Let whatever it is play on.   There is a moment of freedom in taking a wonderful deep releasing breath out and relax for beat entering into a new stream of possibility.  Life is achieved in the opening within a stretch in the space beyond the reality of wha seems to be driving you crazy.  Step up and Into this moment.  As you feel the breath leave your body emptying you to the next breath hear what wants to be performed listen with love in these gaps to take action Loving leads you home.

Every.  Time.

It doesn’t matter what label, what distinction what categorization, what separation, love is the same.  Love is powerful and is always to be trusted.


Develop Your Edge Expand and Integrate.  Release your story, have faith in your inner wisdom.

Whatever happens, allow there to be a center of great understanding within.


Acting out the ego patterns of needing it to be different, unhappily perpetuates the very blocks to being and loving which they were devised to protect from or compensate for. They paradoxically bring about the death of relationships or the annihilation of individuality.

Resolution of the conflicts of the power pivot beyond dependency bring the individual to a new and enviable level of relating. In the recognition and valuing of the real self and the real other lies the potential for mature loving which ultimately enhances one’s capacity to be.


The life of any given individual has its own internal organization and consistency. What may appear irrational comes to make sense when it is viewed within the context of one’s entire life, particularly the earliest years.

They cannot always be counted on realistically to lend themselves to the service of the extended self-examination and self-discovery that goes with the process of change. They cannot always be expected to bear the burden of the ups and downs of one’s feelings, of the preoccupation with one’s self and psyche, or of the need for patience and forbearance as one tries and retires new attitudes and behavior.

You are all you have therefore, make yourself the most beautiful, tender, wonderful, fantastic person in the world. And then you will always survive.


Reminds me of this Excerpt from Medea

The Oracle comes to Medea and says….

‘Medea, what is left? everything is destroyed, everything is gone….’ Medea says ‘what is left…there is me. what do you mean what is left…everything is left… I am left.’

When we recognize this importance of you again returning to a respect for you, a love of you, and realizing all things come from you, then you can give to others.


Be loved through it all with reassurance and support that stands as a testament to you most wonderful inner self, deep in your own wisdom on fire with the flames of grace and completing every step necessary to remember your own inner tahiti.Butterfly


Good affirmation.

I love

I am enough

I hold myself dear

I am smart enough

I am assured enough to take care of myself

My ego doesn’t need to be stroked

My actions when pure are more than enough to feel the strength.

of love’s miracle, available in each moment.

I love myself.
You being you is enough!!

You are loveable

You don’t need to do anything

You being you is enough!!!

I notice you

You are lovable

You don’t need to do anything

You being you is enough.

Have a wonderful one!



Say YES! Make Today and Everyday Miraculous.

posted by Melanie Lutz

“Every day I remember this is the miracle. Me and you in agreement to share the truth with love and allow healing to occur.  In this I experience God’s great wonder working through me.”

In the face of all my fears there is love. Within all my relationships their exists the power to heal perceptions and lift my human condition to a divine inner state of vision and peace where I am in full knowing of heaven on earth. Like Joseph Campbell’s “We have not even to risk the adventure alone, for the heroes of all time have gone before us – the labyrinth is thoroughly known. We have only to follow the thread of the hero path, and where we had thought to find an abomination, we shall find a God; where we had thought to slay another, we shall slay ourselves; where we had thought to travel outward, we shall come to the center of our own existence. And where we had thought to be alone, we shall be with all the world.”


I look at Vanessa with that child’s wonder with that ‘seriously, do you see how profound all this is…?? !!’

“The labyrinth being thoroughly known.”

The way is simple.

“Just like you said. I come in every week and have stared at that framed labyrinth on the wall without any insight into its meaning and bam here I am just experiencing  it.”

“Vanessa, we have gone deep.”

Vanessa nods.

“Healing comes from that meeting place within. That deepening of connection to the divine where you are wholly your self in connection with the vibration of your unique oneness. Anything other than that is destroying your vibrational note.  You see the whale in the distance in chasing after it, in responding to the pull to have the object of your affection in your possession. You destroy yourself, you destroy your nature that’s the way of it.”


“It is what the ego does to deflect the truth.”

“In chasing the whale/idol I am in a pattern that leads to my illusion and until it shatters in destruction I am in a fever of craving it.  IN deepening and GFG-ing I am opening. Opening. Opening to all that I will ever need. Every treasure imaginable. Every effort remembered as a time sucker away from the quantum moment of the instant. Vanessa.

I say in this moment.


Excerpted from Vanessa by the Sea

In the Path of service to our soul’s code all tasks are part of the journey.  The voice of our inner intuition delivers us exactly where we are supposed to be.


Let God Speak into your heart. Walk into the truth. Listen to Your Intuition

posted by Melanie Lutz

In listening to your intuition, in allowing a higher power to move you beyond and above your fears grace is delivered.  Greatness lies beyond any limiting thinking.

YouTube Preview Image

Joanna Gaines, co-host of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper”

Credits: Produced by Robert Fuller ( of Antioch Community Church ( in Waco, Texas, for The Gathering, held at McLane Stadium on Palm Sunday, March 29, 2015. Cinematography: Robert Fuller and Jeff James. All music sourced from Musicbed (


Magnificent Affirmations – Forgiveness

posted by Melanie Lutz

Love in itself is the first and final act of life itself. Love is the presence of the eternal. All we can hope to get from an other is an expression and reflection of love that will bring up everything unlike itself – all of it available to be looked at and released in the healing space of two by two.

I take the bridge from meaningless conflict To a world of peace

I take the bridge from nowhere

To the everywhere of connection

A place of complete compassion

I take the bridge of forgiveness

I take the bridge of acceptance

I take the bridge of atonement

I transform my experience by transforming my thoughts

From fear to Love

I don’t enter illusions

Because I see the truth


Today, now and always I am a magnificent woman.


That loving center of the human heart in each moment whole and complete affecting an outward ripple of love “that no man can tear asunder.”

This magnificent journey of the soul started in love remarkably continues. Symbols we recognize, keys we are given and doors we go through.




posted by Melanie Lutz

Advice is sometimes not worth the letters that hold it together.  It is often requested and often ignored.  All of us have our own perfectly perfect inner guidance planner/system.  We are always getting the answers that are designed for our highest good and the good of all.   You have the answer for your souls calling.  Never forget to check into your own intuition and sit with your self in silence embracing the answers designed for you.

Advice can be a celebration of your authentic self as it is a reflection of your dreams in full support of your deepening knowledge of your path and expression in life.  ‪Keep in mind – in giving advice over the years (I don’t place a judgement on what has worked or hasn’t worked as every experience is supremely valuable.) There is no right or wrong. You keep asking for what you want and need and eventually you arrive at a completed project.


The following is offered in service of deeper and deeper love of your heart song.


Focus on being your most authentic heat warming self, share your passions, follow what thrills your soul, know what you love and what you don’t. Get experience.




Develop a deep discipline of listening to your intuition. Whatever works for you to disconnect from the voices of the crowds and connect to your own source and purpose for being here, for telling a story, for producing a project.



Simplify, clarify and then amplify your project communications.


Practice patience.


Let the creative process work through you.


Don’t get discouraged (be down, be whatever you need to be) take the next small step forward and keep moving.


Backward or forward doesn’t matter. Stay present to doing what is asked of you and follow up on your word.


All the promises we make and break we do to ourselves. If you make a commitment keep it. End of story.



Leave whatever work space you enter better than you found it, better for your loving presence.


Share the gifts you have been given, don’t hold back, in sharing what you have come here to share you will find there is an unending expanding energy that never runs out.


Learn how to ask for help into the heart of that powerful giving and receiving exchange. Where each party is better for having come together to co-create giving what each has to give.


Make sure you know how to handle your finances.


Always return to what feels most peaceful and meets your dreams. My thing has always been the Disney thing enjoy the experience of  ‘dreams are wishes your heart makes.’  And DREAM BIG!



Let you heart lead the way.


Every great expression, award, experience returns to this one connected truth of our human experience.  The truth shared through one heart in love with itself and the world connecting us and inspiring us by its naked grace.

Everyone has their own path to sharing their creative expression and working in the entertainment business and what that means is different to each of us. It takes a village is not just for raising children it is also the way the entertainment business works.

‪Opening into the questions as to your why, will give your heart support in delivering you where you need to be.

‪General advice is just that. However, keep reaching out and being curious – allow doors to open whether it is with the person you are reaching out to or someone else who has heard your request or the universe delivering the perfect person.


‪When you make requests the universe always answers in one way or another and as a writer remaining awake to the other spaces of the subtler energies gives you a facility to being open to change and holding the intent of your purpose (telling the truth of the human condition in projected story) without getting stuck anywhere.

Each of us has an intuition that creates the web of our destiny. We have all the answers as to what is next for us bit by bit you give all of yourself to what is in front of you planting seeds for what is next and you put it together.

‪Whatever advice feels peaceful and thrills your soul — follow that. Whatever work expands your heart and opens to a deepening sense of who you truly are, share those and keep creating.  Stay in the space of the note you came here to play and play it. Whatever movesyou follow through, have the experience, trust it will all lead you somewhere. There is no right or wrong only openings into the present moment.


‪My path has involved so many things and experiences and productions and self discovery and a never ending force to share the truth.

‪What does your heart and soul cry out to do that can not be denied!?  What loving action can you take right now to nourish your soul.


Melanie Lutz is a writer living in Los Angeles, California.  For more information  Mels Love Land available on AMAZON Kindle.

Amazon Kindle Mel's Love Land Top Holiday Gift


Awake in Heaven in the Heart of Love

posted by Melanie Lutz

You want to become a great screenwriter because you have been inspired by great screenwriting. It is as simple as that. Words on a page brought to life by actors. Those moments in the movie theater where your heart thrills at the glorious movement of images projected on a screen showcasing the true beauty of human expression, understanding and grace.

One of my favorite moments where great screenwriting is fully on display comes from the Samuel Goldwyn produced The Bishop’s Wife starring Cary Grant as an Angel that comes down to earth to help Bishop David Niven and his wife played by Loretta Young.  There are so many devastatingly beautiful moments in this movie where the screenwriter working with a wonderful director and a charismatic star weaves in biblical references in the most delicate and impactful way revealing the deepest truths lying beyond any word or feeling and always what it means to reconnect to the love in every situation.


Here’s a lovely re-connecting moment from the film.

YouTube Preview Image

if you want to be blown away and are a fan of Psalm 23 watch the film and catch Carey Grant drop into the power and truth beyond the words.

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.


Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.

It is a lovely use of one of the most popular and powerful psalm’s in the Bible, shared in the context of a highly entertaining romantic comedy.

This, and many other cinematic gems live and breath in the performances and artists and writers and actors and craftsman in this era of film making.  May we rise to meet their example as we carry on the work ahead of us as story tellers.


Film, cinema, movies, represent the moments of inspiration in our projections of life that provide the fuel to deliver on the promise of each new blank page.  Each dream and dreamer, loving the imagination of possibility and synthesizing ideas for consumption, entertainment and in my humble estimation for enlightenment.

For fun… screen the original version and contrast it to the Denzel Washington, Whitney Houston version.

Let me know what you think.
POP Tree Melanie Lutz


“Get ready for a Hurricane!” Giving as Receiving. Loving as Sharing. The Butterfly Effect with Kindness and Courage

posted by Melanie Lutz
“Get ready for a hurricane!”  The butterfly effect – one butterfly flapping its wings can cause a hurricane. Like one single act of kindness encourages other’s to do the same.
“Get a whole lot of butterflies to flap there wings in the direction of kindness and you change the world.”
Link to the video/article on Chris Rosati working to make a difference in his community and how each act of kindness ROARS across the planet.

There is no greater ‪joy than discovering the thrill of the soul in giving as receiving.  Get out there and do something loving in a courageous act of kindness today and everyday and watch your world completely unfold in so many miraculous and loving ways.


AMP Experience is working with community groups, non-profits and alliances for loving change to AMPLIFY things that matter.

Please reach out at to get involved and get your Angel Assignment!

In the meantime, here’s a non-profit Dance Company full of Dancing Heart activists I support that are doing the work of the Angels in addressing social justice through Movement to Change the World.

Critical Mass Dance Company

For further reading on the ways we need to work together check out Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything. Beautiful Solutions…


Find your own way to give back or join us here at Flight of the Soul … Lots of Love, Mel


Give Back program Melanie Lutz


Giving can be as simple as a note of gratitude to someone you have never met who showcased a kindness.  In gratitude for all that you have, take a beat and think about what you might be able to give right now.  Allow the spirit to move you and have fun!


The Day that Reminds All of Us Dreams do Come True – OSCAR

posted by Melanie Lutz

Today and everyday is a day to let our souls speak their mission and stretch into the future and develop a practice of vision.

Expand yourself no matter what your circumstance and remember as Rilke wrote to live the question.


Beyond the glitz and glamour and the who is wearing what and why, beyond the business, the promotions ($75,000 gift bag – I’m looking at you) and the who wins and loses are the deeply held stories and the lives that are shared with a global audience opening up doors of inspiration and shedding light on what we on the planet need to remember.

“Each of You Who Know The Joy of Freedom are Winners.”

Gerda Weissmann Klein’s Oscar® acceptance speech for the documentary “One Survivor Remembers” chronicling her six years living with the horror of Nazi encampment offers up an open hearted expression of grace.


“I have been in a place for six incredible years where winning meant a crust of bread and to live another day. Since the blessed day of my liberation I have asked the question why am I here? I am no better.”

The beauty in this survivor’s story and Gerda’s sharing is that she reminds us in the face of outlasting unimaginable hardness and evil, there is open ness and there is Love.

“In my mind’s eye I see those years and faces of those who never lived to see the magic of a boring evening at home. On their behalf I want to thank you for honoring their memory. And you cannot do it in any better way than when you return to your homes tonight to realize that each of you who know the joy of freedom are winners. Thank you on their behalf with all my heart.”


Forgiveness does not mean forgetting it means transforming the anger and releasing that which can no longer torture you. That which is in the past. Because it doesn’t exist and can no longer hurt you. It means honoring yourself, your history, and those who have touched your life by living yours in full emblem of the truest space of a Loving heart.

Freedom is the foundation of strength and joy and as Gerda so beautifully puts it, contains the magic of choice. The choice to spend a boring evening at home and to honor each other with Love. Something that should never be taken for granted.

When the sun breaks through the darkness of a new day we get to give thanks for the joys of freedom and abundance we do have and to extend love to those we encounter. If you are tempted by the blues, and we all are, it is part of the human condition, or drawn into believing in the fear, be gentle with yourself and remember we have all been given a choice, a choice to see the Love in whatever situation we find ourselves in. When you are loving to yourself the hurts and blues and depressions become bare-able, and when the question comes up “Why Am I Here?” one answer you can count on is to shine your light as brightly and lovingly as possible.


Like Richard Harris at the end of Lerner and Loewe’s Camelot (the musical retelling of the story of the legend of King Arthur, Guinevere and Lancelot) when realizing the battle is lost, pulls a young soldier from the battlefield to send him out into the world to tell the story of this place where freedom and joy and grace lived and breathed.

Ask every person if he’s heard the story

And tell it strong and clear if he has not

That once there was a fleeting wisp of glory called Camelot

Don’t let it be forgot

That once there was a spot

A brief and shining moment

For happy ever aftering

That was known as Camelot


We are here to extend Love on the planet. To act in Love and to be Loving. Nothing more is required. As this years Oscar awards© fade into memory let us remember together the part each of us plays in our own award winning dramas.

With the proliferation of technology and the advancement of weaponry to destroy it is clear there is one path through… Remembering the truth. Peace is your responsibility and Love Remains the Answer.

“One resists the invasion of armies; one does not resist the invasion of ideas.”

— Victor Hugo from his History of Crime “

Leave the past behind and open up to different thinking; where peaceful ideas are our imagination’s new army.

Watch Gerda’s acceptance speech here…


YouTube Preview Image

Excerpted from Melanie Lutz presents Mel’s Love Land an expression of the soul outstretching from the heart.  Lots of Love, Mel

Melanie Lutz is an award winning screenwriter, author and all around magnificent woman. Her upcoming book LOVE LAND is a collection of ideas to open your heart WITH LOVE. For more information check and


Flight of the Soul Time – Divine Love and Wisdom on Tap

posted by Melanie Lutz

In the preface to Emanuel Swedenborg’s Divine Love and Wisdom the Latin Translator of the text talks about the sketch of a Roman Garden that adorned the title page of each of Swedenborg’s books under the phrase Cura Et Labore “with care and work.” The image of a beautiful garden with a cherub like Angel watering the plants tending to the well loved garden’s growth and harmony strikes to the core of any process.

It is a reminder of the wisdom and grace that exists when discipline is applied to commitment in realizing the fruits of our labor. It represents the opportunity for us to make manifest the joys of a life fully lived in divine Love. When we enrich each moment with care and work, making conscious choices. Free of the energies that keep us bound. We allow nature to take its course in harmony without calling out the struggle, we effortlessly step into the full beauty of existence.


Move into the garden of your being remembering everything is as it is. You are exactly where you are supposed to be and you know absolutely how to tend to your needs.

Swedenborg was one of the first and my favorite dude to express the idea of religion into the revelation of light and to translate the ideas into the concept of spirituality tramping through the late 1600’s through 1772, that all the doors lead to the same place.  His roots into the ideals of mysticism are well documented and another of the Renaissance spirits who illuminated concepts outside of the current limitations of present conscious understanding.   Like Benjamin Franklin who would follow in Swedenborg’s self publishing divinely inspired writings Swederborg is an inspiration.   Men of vision and insight and continual curiosity expanding principles into the hearts and minds of humanity to lead the way forward to freedom.


Spending the end of the year enjoying the spirit and love and all the wisdom imaginable celebrating how far on the journey to discover the truth I had come was the ultimate gift.  I know how blessed I am to know what I know and to get to participate with so many of you in sharing this beautiful, wonderful life.  Thanks again for all the miracles and thanks again for the laughs and most importantly thanks for all the memories.

Keep in mind, you are enough, nothing to do to be more of who you are.

“A wise old Owl sat on an oak, The more he saw the less he spoke, The less he spoke the more he heard, Why aren’t we all a bit more like that wise old bird?”

Take today to begin new endeavors open up to new projects allow new relationships to flow while treasuring the old as the days stretch forward filled with more and more light and love.  May this new day bring you everything possible in service for the highest expression of who you are.  May you live in the fullest expression of joy and happiness possible and may you always remember whatever your circumstance the center of inner peace is yours.


Thanks for stopping by to experience more and more of the light the fuels the Flight of the Soul — always on

lots of love,


Melanie Lutz Mels Love Land LOVE always remains the answer

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