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Notes from the Field New York City Backstage

Notes from the Field New York City Backstage

If you’ve seen Anna Deavere Smith performing her work on stage you understand the grace of a soul in harmony with her gifts. Ms. Smith embodies the real life characters she painstakingly crafts into an emotional, stunning, essential human performance. Using 250 interviews told through 18 Voices, she inhabits her subjects. One person shows are unique in the theater, when done well there is nothing like it as you settle into a journey into the soul of the artist. The experience of watching Anna Deavere Smith becomes a powerful distilled notebook on the state of affairs in our education, justice and prison systems in HBO’s elegant and powerful production of  Notes from the Field.

‘Poverty fritters away peoples lives’ caught in the inescapable birth to prison pipeline that drones on, tragedy after tragedy. Her “We’re going to keep demanding justice.” and “I’ve got a message for black America, don’t expect elitists to make it better, WE gotta make it better” pack the necessary gravitas for the wake up call needed in our systemic thinking.

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It felt like the pacing of a well constructed performance the way Chris Rock talks of the comedian as truth teller, an on stage delivery as that of a boxer in a fight delivering merciless setup and punchlines until the audience is knocked out. Ms. Smith lands her punches in every round as she moves around the issues, breaks through stereotype to the humanity beneath. A transcendant TKO performance offering so much insight and pain and reality set against a stark light of societal malaise in the face of injustice, hatred, preconceptions and everything unjust institutions fall prey to.

Sitting down to talk about the project on Bill Maher she offered the idea that schools may become community centers as we shift our pov from the past traumas and systemic abuse to a future filled with new 21st Century systems. Each persons heart is lovingly expressed by Ms. Smith warts and all, as demonstratration of the truth and stands in the breach for what is unloving to fall away.

Loosely paraphrased ‘If we don’t do something, take the necessary fearless moral inventory, if we don’t address and confront and shift our points of views, our perceptions and our work flows’ She notes “schools are going to look like prisons.”

Over the course of this powerful one woman tour de force She portrays, both men and women, “roughly breaking down to half and half, men and women.” Ms. Smith’s lifetime of character work raises the roof in Notes from the Field laying bare a tapestry of race and the isms clogging our system, the experience of participating in her field work is so complete, by the end of the show, there is no Ms. Smith, it is only, and illuminatingly, the person she is portraying and the resonating beat of a heart sharing an experience of hope and light in the darkness. She gets within the skin, and body, and mind and soul of her subjects with no missteps in her nuanced movements and distilled dialogue. This is truth held up for review, to bare witness along with her, but not of her, this is a great genius at work. This is an artist whose life’s work is on display, in unique and graceful process, full of beauty, and for the audience is like a painting of possibility with each person portrayed on her canvas a portrait of love and we are all the better for it.

Notes from the Field Anna Deavere Smith

After sharing troubling stories, Ms. Smith “wanted to build toward an ending with acts of courage, like the story of the woman climbing the flagpole to bring down the confederate flag…. it reflects the voices of many people not just one race, one gender.”

The ending with Congressman John Lewis transcends witnessing a performer on the stage. it is the essential John Lewis, the man, the activist and a legend, whose life represents his work, standing before a funeral audience with all his powers underlying his words, all the years of walking, and marching, of speaking out, and showing up, with a broken but powerfully beating radiating heart full of the necessary tragedy to understand the territory.

“It is impossible to talk about the criminal justice system without talking about education.”

Further on Bill Maher Ms. Smith posed the question of Notes from the Field “What are we going to invest in… Education or Prisons?” To extrapolate even further “Are we going to invest in mental health?” How are we going to order our society? How are we going to set up humanities most precious commodity for a future free of the past? How are we going to set up the 21st Century to account for the abuses and transform a system that is failing? Great questions we will have to live with as we march, and disagree, and confront and shift and change and develop 21st century concepts of restorative justice.

Grateful for the work of Anna Deavere Smith in laying bare these self evident truths for inspiration to flow.

As her final John Lewis monologue hits home, you are left informed with insight through his eyes and POV as a passing of the torch, that expression of ideas whose time has come with clear fresh eyes looking onto a people ready to take action and brith new systems with justice for all. In a time when, as Baltimore artist Amy Sherald shared recently “the black body is a political statement in itself.” Anna Deavere Smith delivers a portrait and a political statement in full revolutionary color that screams the time for change is now. Thanks to Ms. Smith for delivering a message to awaken the inner giant in all of us to tackle the root causes of emotional pain by celebrating our collective heart, and our collective power.

The world is a miraculous place filled with miraculous people. I am grateful to the stages of New York City, the hearts of artists everywhere who roll up the sleeves and go deeply into the work of sharing from the heart of this nation to expand and bring healing light outcomes for the future of our systems.

When you stand and deliver truth, stay open and simply love, the world opens up in ways you can’t imagine.

“It’s a movement and it is not going to stop.” Amen.

Notes from the Field Premieres February 24th at 8 PM. Take the time to watch her work on HBO. Write the network a note and thank them for the space to broadcast these important portraits of the end of the 20th Century and thank them for being open for the business of the arts in action.

From HBO

Tony and Pulitzer Prize nominee Anna Deavere Smith brings her acclaimed one-woman show of the same name to the screen. The HBO Film presentation dramatizes accounts of students, parents, teachers and administrators caught in America’s school-to-prison pipeline, which pushes underprivileged, minority youth out of the classroom and into incarceration.

Drawn from interviews with more than 200 people living and working within a challenged system, Notes From the Field shines a light on a generation of American youth being pushed into incarceration through Anna Deavere Smith’s stimulating mastery of diverse real-life characters.

Notes From the Field is executive produced by Anna Deavere Smith, Gary Goetzman; co-executive produced by Steven Shareshian; produced by Frank Garritano; directed by Kristi Zea and written by Anna Deavere Smith.


Melanie Lutz Picture Only Love is Real

Melanie Lutz is a writer and love activist living in Los Angeles CA.

Twitter @MobileMel Instagram @CrazyLemonLove


Mel’s President’s Day sharing from Mels Love Land: Consider the Possibility There is Another Way includes excerpts of speeches from two past Presidents, Lyndon B. Johnson and Abraham Lincoln.

Compassionate positioning means creating a stance where you are able to be in a space of compassion and Love and look into the eyes of those who are suffering and feel their suffering without losing your center. When you know your own center, you are in stillness with the truest space of your being allowing you to understand in every situation the space you are holding, and from that space you remember your job is to extend Love. You are not taking on another’s karma, you are merely dealing with your own, and in your knowing of this one detail, you allow other people to grow into their knowing.

From one of my favorite speeches by a President, Lyndon B. Johnson, before a joint session of Congress on voting rights, one of our most basic tools of democracy.
“In our time we have come to live with moments of great crisis. Our lives have been marked with debate about great issues; issues of war and peace, issues of prosperity and depression. Rarely in any time does an issue lay bare the secret heart of America itself. Rarely are we met with a challenge, not to our growth or abundance, our welfare or our security, but rather to the values and the purposes
and the meaning of our beloved Nation. The issue of equal rights (for American Negroes.)
And should we defeat every enemy, and should we double our wealth and conquer the stars, and still be unequal to this issue, then we will have failed as a people and as a nation. For with a country as with a person, “What is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

with these words, in the deepest reaches of our inner power, move into the experience of full and equal human rights around the planet. Lyndon B. Johnson did not “win” the Presidency, he ascended to the office due to the horrific assassination of President Kennedy. Johnson understood that one man doesn’t “make” human rights changes, he merely steps into the space of truth and offers it for review, so the people, all the people, can move into a higher thought pattern, a space of humanity above the “battlefield” and petty tyrannies of fear. He stood in the breach as a bridge of understanding and a meeting place of compassion.

In getting to know the full extent of the accordances of your authentic self, holding the intention to be free of fearful illusions of harm, living in full harmony and equality with the truth, you create a space of freedom by your example for all brothers to step into in the light of Love.

Melanie Lutz | 7th Annual Mels Love Land All Systems Love Next100 | Why We Speak of LoveAWAKEN “THE BETTER ANGELS OF OUR NATURE”

From the last line of the last paragraph of Abraham Lincoln’s first inaugural address delivered one hundred and fifty plus years ago March 4, 1861 as tensions between the North and South were exploding and Civil war was imminent.
“We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battle-field, and patriot grave, to every living heart and hearthstone, all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature.”

All great speeches share one common thread, the ability to divine the truth creating space for the eternal. The words may change. The times may be different, but, in the stirring of the heart a great speech gives birth to the openness of possibility and in that openness we are given a choice, a choice to be moved by a higher vibrational experience into action leading spirit ever forward with faith and grace extending Love to all souls across the planet.

Because of his ability to stand in the face of insurmountable and daunting circumstances and deliver statements like “right makes might” because he was able to be a healing agent over a country deeply divided.

Abraham Lincoln has long captured the imagination of the world and the reasons why are obvious.
He was a true statesman.
He was a leader standing on the cusp of an uncertain future.
He was a researcher who understood a sense of the common defense.
He presided over a war that pitted brother against brother.
He attempted to tide the rift of a long fought battle and seemingly
overwhelming differences of opinion.
He delivered the United States into a new era.
In all the drafts of his speech Abraham Lincoln included a confrontational pointedly aggressive statement addressed at the South that he removed when he delivered the speech. The final line of the Inaugural was to have read….

“Shall it be peace or sword?

The result remains the same – the truth will shine through. The choice is yours how you get there.

Move into the “angels of our better nature” and rewrite any operating manual that isn’t based in Love, that doesn’t include a daily practice of acceptance of yourself and those around you.

Our actions and thoughts always have consequences. Make your thoughts and actions count. Make them Loving. Look at what you are plugging into, what you are putting your energy towards and from what space in your being it emanates. Is it from your head or your heart? Is it fear or is it Love? Is it bringing you peace or making you crazy? When the scripture says “Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” It speaks directly to the emotions that create the rubble of our lives.

Let go of the pride and fear and ask yourself “If I look at this situation with Love — what is the truth?”

Allow patience acceptance and love to flow through you, offering the cornerstone in your psyche necessary for forgiveness, creating sustained inner peace nourishing every aspect of your being.

May we all enjoy peace of mind, Love, harmony with the past present and future creating space for what is next.

Love, Mel


Mel Lutz is a writer and Love Activist living in Los Angeles CA.

Melanie Lutz Picture Only Love is Real

Last Sunday, 2/11, a collective of miracle workers discussed healing of the soul of America to increase the love quotient on the planet. It was a call hosted by wisdom teacher and miracle activist Marianne Williamson, as an offering and sharing broadcast in support of her ongoing 2018 Love America Tour.

Before and After the Valentine's Day Massacre

My entire adult life, our systems have been built on fear and wrong minded thinking that have left us in the hands of a few  (the opposite of the American Dream.)   Acknowledging and understanding history and what has fused and infused in the 20th Century is an important step in relinquishing and accepting the past. As spiritual healers and love activists we are taught and come to know what anything unaddressed is repeated until it is laid to rest. While we can’t change the past we can release it and remain present in this moment with love and atone for all that we did not get or understand and ask for forgiveness allowing miracles to flow from the unhinged electricy of the moment. Marianne talked through the history of America and its principled revolutionary Democracy. In this Sunday ceremonial sharing of the past, the idea on this given Sunday was to set the foundation of a loving opening in the present moment, creating loving impulses to beat into a new day. The principles of love work when practiced. Love does not care about thinking it co-creates to birth the evolutionary outcome of the individuals utilizing its principles.

Marianne talked about the subconscious reversion to aristocracy that has occurred through the end of the 20th century and continued into the beginning of the 21st instead of embodying the full nature of Democracy. Information was offered so all who heard the broadcast could  consider the possibility there is another way to look at our current situation.

Our collective heart on this given Sunday created a field of loving possibility fueled with information for the soul and insights to light the way ahead…

We joined together in shifting our thinking, allowing for the possibility of change to flow freely from any chains that bind it down to lower thought forms.

We got real about the history of American politics and the slide into Authoritarianism.

We got real about everything and acknowledged the causes that have lead to current effects.

Results are inherent in the means

The ways that we live and the ways that we judge

The ways we hold the conversation of the heart and soul

And the ways that love builds bridges

We talked about our kindergartens, our schools, our beings and the communities we occupy and interact with.

We talked about the opportunities we all have to be different today then we were yesterday. It was a powerful talk that spoke directly to one of our greatest natural resources of the 21st Century. Our children those souls born in the 21st Century, who are destined to deliver a world of love and compassion and intuition and patience and grace free of the 21th Century BS but born to deal with the truth through the illusions, free from the chains of the enslavement that made so many contradictory events possible.

Melanie Lutz 7th Annual Mels Love Land All Systems Love Next100 | Why We Speak of LoveMoving forward we created some through lines as those who carry the consciousness of both worlds, new and old, to find spaces to support those who come after us.

These pathways are the reason we speak of love:

To not repeat historical patterns, to not rely on someone else but to plug into the power of the heart.

Sunday’s around the world are days to become one with nature, they are days to rest, to reset, to wonder, to be with all that is and to sit with our father and our brothers and our mothers and our communities.

Today is a new day. A sad day. A day of disgust and disdain for inaction.

What was different about this Sunday? Not much except a collective group (a critical mass if you will) picked up the ball and chose to love with compassion and actively enter the field as warriors in service to the community. It was powerful and a quiet, simple, peace filled, prayer filled time.

It was also the Sunday before what would come to be known as the St. Valentine’s Massacre of 2018, when a 19 year old teenager walked into a FL school with an automatic weapon and killed 17 people, injuring 14 more and shaking up an entire nation.

Here are my takeaways:

Today is a day to begin again.

Today is a day where anything can happen. Good and Bad.

Today is a day where we have the opportunity to lay down our swords and enter a new pathway toward peace in our hearts and minds and it is a day we can perceive no differences as healing of our soul of America.

In my writings, again and again, it is clear the soul knows where it belongs, not some of the time, all of the time, it doesn’t care, it wants to express its DNA’s code. The soul is free from the body, free from societies thinking, free to be present to all that is, free to be an open hearted, loving participant in the ways of a new order built on love.

Diving deeply into the river of consciousness, we experience each other now and forever as our neighbors as ourselves. We must be dedicated to the full and truth filled self-actualization, as there is only one of us here, in concert with all things.

My calling for 2018 is to expand into more and more of my practice of All Systems Love. My 7th Annual Next 100 Why We Speak of Love practice is simple.

We speak of love because–

Too many children are food insecure.

Too many children are on a trajectory to prison.

Too many children are not prioritized.

Now is the way we make manifest the compassionate miracle of love.

Now is the opportunity to release the past and unhinge the future.

Now is the time to love more fiercely. More deeply. More compassionately.

Now is the time to be on our knees in grace.

Now is the time to take loving action

Now is the time to stand up for the truth (which never changes)

No defense is appropriate it does not lead to a miracle.

Defenses need to be laid down and we must find a way to work together to ensure our 21st century evolution is a story of peace and prosperity to ordain and establish a new world.

Beyond division, and hatred and fear is a great healing, a power greater than bullets and we, together, hold that experience. The fullest waking up across our lands is the recognition as we move from love they neighbor to I am my neighbor and bring care, compassion, humanity, and kindness into our neighborhoods and communities. Thankful to Marianne Williamson for her persistent efforts in holding space forever deepening miracles of love. Tears continue to flow for those who have lost loved ones in the Our collective heart while broken, beats in enduring solidarity.

Love. Mel


For Further Open Hearted Grace:

You can listen to a replay of the Sunday talk with Marianne Williamson here discussing her plans for her Love America Tour here and get yourself set to catch upcoming podcasts, see what and who carries loving principles into our communities, neighborhoods and hearts and see her live if you get a chance. It is time for adult conversations, for spirit to go deeply into the loving necessary to sustain a bridge into the 21st heart and beyond, that space where we are free from enslavement of our thinking and we are able to move freely with ideas of peace and love and compassion and constant change and evolution and throw away everything that is not real as we march forward into persistent loving priorities of organizing the worlds we inhabit and offering all of our gifts into this space of heaven on earth as a bridge for our tomorrows and remembrance of returning home to love.

Marking the time of change.

Marking the time of resolve.

Marking the time of transformation.

Reclaiming our time.


Feb 14 9:47

Where do we go from here?

We no longer live in the 20th Century. This is the 21st Century. It is all about the co-creative alignment with love. The 21st Century has new requirements; it demands openhearted love enough for full transformation of perceived differences. The 20th Century thoughts, patterns, systems are dying and a new world order is being assembled.

Melanie Lutz Picture Only Love is RealOur ongoing love activities and current Next 100 Days of Love, Why We Speak of love is to combat the BS that has lived and breathed in our conscious and unconscious airways untethered by love. If the idea of All Systems Love speaks to you. Now is the time for fierce loving connection.

Melanie Lutz Picture Only Love is RealMelanie credits her loving work from her childhood musical movie watching on Saturday mornings after her crack of dawn job of deliverying newspapers. “From where I’m sitting the Sun is shining all over.” Gene Kelly, Singin in the Rain


The Great Tiny Closet Flood of the Early 21st Century

Sometimes it is the simplest sayings that become the most profound.

Topping the list.

Home is where the heart is.

Laying bare the truth.

The truth of who we are.

Through whatever old wounds long forgotten.

Lying in a box pushed out of the light.

Waiting for the call.

To come into knowing.

And remember.

There are events in our lives, some big, some small, some irritating, some enlightening. The great tiny closet flood of the 21st Century was all of these.

A pipe burst behind the wall of my utility closet turning a major storage area into a wading pool, water logging box after box of my hard to throw away unreviewed memory clutter.

After cursing through the disruption in my routine, I joggled through the cobwebs and disintegrated cardboard, breathing in the must of the untouched. It was unpleasant but I have to say, I found some peace in the clean up. I salvaged what I could from the soggy stew of box carnage, there wasn’t much, a beautiful paper butterfly from some memorable event, a note from an old boyfriend that always made me smile, a few other mel-mentos here and there. By and large, it was almost a complete cleansing of the past.


On the way to the trash bins an old hardcard Polaroid of adorable little me, at five years old, perfectly in tact, wholly clean of any flood damage, fell to the cement.

When you think Polaroid. You think moment in time. You’ve captured something, because you can hold it in your hand. Instantly. And. In many cases forever.

This moment held much more than that.

I always marveled at how this picture from childhood held a special place in my heart, evoking a charge of some kind. It was ethereal. I was leaning against a one rail fence, hair blowing, legs crossed, bare footed, flowing into an endless background of greens. It was a cool picture of a confident independent little girl.

In honor of its survival I put it on my desk, propped up against a green key jar. Where it sat, staring at me, until the day it decided to speak, just above a whisper.

“Turn me over”

Reaching across my desk to the hard thick old Polaroid, feeling heavy and at the same time significant. I flipped it over, revealing two handwritten words and a date.

LAKE TRIP (1972) over the faded factory printing: An Original Polaroid Land Photograph (printed in the USA)

Lightbulb. Spark. Recognition. Trauma.

There was a ripple in the air.

This was taken the day I drowned.

All the details rushed forward. Coloring into my mind.

I remembered the cabin. I remembered the lush blue green of the surf and sun in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. I remembered puttering along the lakeshore. I remembered chasing tadpoles toward the dock. I remembered being happily

lost in a great place of fun and imagination and playing, seduced by the elusive tadpoles drifting further and further away from shore, edging deeper into the lake, until, the sandy floor started to sink beneath my feet.

I was caught. Stuck. In some whirlpooly quicksandy type soft spot in the earth. The more I panicked the worse it got. I was being dragged down.

I went under.

By the time anyone noticed, I was in trouble, struggling mightily, fighting for air.

Next thing I knew my mom was splashing next to me attempting a save.

To no avail.

We both went under.

I passed out as arms I would later find out were my father’s pulled me and my mom to the shore.

Waking up. Blinking into focus. Lying in the dark on the bottom bunk of the cabin bedroom. The first thing I saw was wet money next to my dad’s money clip on the bureau.

Scared and afraid. Trembling. I was alone. All I could think was I had almost killed my mother. I was responsible. In the future I’d have to be more careful. Really careful.

Blame fell down hard as I crashed into a fitful sleep, in which my over protective memory guard erased the whole event from my consciousness, leaving in its wake a dull ache, a fear of drowning, and a full blown case of feeling responsible. For everything.

Like many traumatic events too overwhelming to digest it was placed completely beyond my minds eye.

To wait.

Until the great tiny closet flood of ’08 when it would emerge. To be faced. To be remembered. To be embraced.

As a piece of my history. A wound that wanted to be healed. Floating to the surface.

There was nothing I could have done. I wasn’t responsible.

I wasn’t to blame. Everything had turned out alright. I mean. I’m alive. Right. My day dreaming, my humming, my drifting and playing wasn’t wrong.

It was time to put my arms around that scared little girl who drifted off and almost lost her life. To let go of my fear. To let go of feeling responsible.

The memory just another puzzle piece revealing a treasure trove of acceptance. Another participant in my drama coming forward. Connected to the interlocking. Ever beginning and ending cycle of action and reaction and at long last being. All flowing to a beautiful tune. In a natural harmony of events. Letting go into the unseen. Spinning through the dance of oneness defining all the deepest parts of my self in wholeness.

The picture was a glowing calm, over a tempestuous memory that found its way to the surface. No longer wanting to stay underground.

To be integrated with my very foundation.

“Through the unknown, unremembered gate.” (as TS Eliot wrote) Returning home. Creating a place and space of trust and support and revelation. “Arriving at my own door” available to me all along.

Home was within.

Home was without.

Home was here and now.

Home was everything that already was and always is.

There were so many chases and trips, and directions and events and places and experiments, and relationships all searching and never finding.

It wasn’t anything I ever expected. It wasn’t anywhere I expected it. Or with who. It didn’t come into being by me doing anything. It simply existed within my heart space, when I could look at and be with and face my fear, knowing it was only an illusion to keep me from seeing the truth.

The truth of myself. In love.

Eyes wide open.



Excerpted from:

THE BARE MELCESSITIES. Walking Out. Waking Up. Getting Bare.
By Melanie Lutz

208 pp. Outskirts Press. Hardcover $26, Digital $8.

link here

Melanie Lutz is a writer and Love Activist living in Los Angeles.

Melanie Lutz's The Bare Melcessities Book

This year for Valentine’s Day we are creating 100 Hearts with the #Make100 project with Kickstarter to surprise people who have lost a loved one and brighten their ❤️ Day morning.  Valentine’s Day can sometimes be a reminder of what we don’t have, our thought is why not make this year a year where you make someone happy with a gift of Love by becoming a Valentine’s Day Angel. We are a connected, loving, wonderful community who know how to extend loving activities.

It started 7 years ago with a crafty and creative bunch who threw a February Love event for Valentine’s deciding to make hearts to give away as a reminder that ‘you are never alone’ and ‘you are always loved.’ It started with making heart candles paired with hand written love notes, a tradition, inspired by my Grandmother, Thelma and her connecting loving angelic heart. That first event was a wonderful success with lots of healing, tears, laughter and of course, love given and received, and because most of us are overachievers we had created extra candle hearts and notes. It was then the idea came through – give away the extra candle hearts and love notes as Secret Valentine’s Day deliveries so when people opened their doors in the morning of Valentine’s day they experienced a message of love!

My neighbors at the time, Shirley and Kaye, where 92 and 88, respectively. Two women who and had lived in, raised children and buried their two husbands in the house they still occupied with their Husbands, two brother’s who owned the neighborhood Pawn Shop, binding Shirley and Kaye together. These two women were awesome. Loving. Beautiful. Bright and even though they were in their Senior years, their wisdom and love was palpable. You could feel the stories and the parties and the dancing and singing and crying and raising of children in the walls of their homes. We would talk of the ghosts of the past and moments of memories about how Shirley’s child had died before her, and how much she missed talking to her husband and Shirley about how proud she was of her Husband and the life they had lived and the Grandchildren who she loved. As expected, it was super easy to place the hearts on their doorsteps and let them discover them on Valentine’s Day. What wasn’t so expected was the tears of joy and remembrance that flowed from them when they realized on this Valentine’s Day they had received a gift of unconditional love. From one heart to another in community. They were overjoyed with love and so happy to have this special grace fall upon their homes. It was clear the joy love factory of all systems love had hit a home run.

Adobe Spark (22)Today, with so much love to go around, we wanted to make 100 Hearts to share with those who have recently lost a loved one. When they open their doors on Valentine’s Day there will be a beautiful loving gift and a reminder we are all connected in the space of our collective heart.

Purchase a gift for someone you do not know. What a great way to celebrate all the love and expansion and heart space the 21st Century has brought us. What a great way to remember it isn’t just love thy neighbor, it is we are our neighbors.

Join us as we celebrate my Grandmother, Thelma, all Our ancestors, and loved ones and the communities we love. If you are interested click here on Kickstarter to join us.

Thank you for joining in, thank you for participating in extending more love and kindness and thank you for your graceful, elegant, loving, abundant, heart.

Lastly, thank you in advance for becoming a secret valentine angel!!

Love, Mel


Mels Love Land : All Systems Love


Speaking from both sides of the mouth leads to unwelcome outcomes and reveals the insecurity of the source. What is built from the forked tongue will crumble as time embraces its foolishness.

Honor and integrity speak with one voice.

We have all born witness to events that shake us to the roots of our existence. How we deal with these events and the effort of learning that ‘this too shall pass’ allowing the healing around the corner to unfold is the essence of picking a path and sticking to it, from witnessing the darkness and moving into the light, acknowledging that which is necessary for us to be free of that which weighs us down. We find our spots to process through what we need to release the energies that surround our being, we do this in many ways, scrapbooking, facebooking, video games, exercise, a great conversation with a dear friend, these moments of letting down are important to rise into the challenges and meet what comes with a sense of courage and confidence and fun and sun. Finding a way to process through the grief and the sheer unbelievability of loss, disaster and accidents that erupt in our lifetime is the way we find the joy in the present moment, connected to our core, feeling blessed and happy with what we have. This is the practice of humanity where we celebrate what we do have while mourning deeply what needs to be mourned.


7th Annual Mels Love Land Next100 (6)


Take the hugest step on the path to your most radiant self making Love your bottom line.

Day 9 |  Let Joy and Happiness Lead the Way

Don’t be fooled that how you do one thing isn’t how you do everything. The happiness quotient in our life is directly related to the promises and commitments we make and break to ourselves. Allow joy to lead you into the next dimension of total happiness.

1 7th Annual Next100 1- 5 beginnings

9 Mels Love Land Next100

Affirm It | Day 9

I am impeccable with my word with Infinite Love and Gratitude.

9 Mels Love Land Affirmation

It isn’t always easy to understand words it is however a feeling an energy of the heart an awakening that transcends the known and unknown the visible and invisible and works its way into being.

Love, Mel

7th MELS ❤️ LAND: All Systems Love NEXT100 | Why We Speak of Love | Day 9

Mel is a writer, love activist, renaissance woman and curiosity aficionado.
Follow her on twitter @MobileMel | Insta @Crazylemonlove

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Mels Love Land MiniMag Issue 12 | Celebration

Mels Love Land #MiniMag All Systems Love: Mels Love Land MiniMag Issue 12 | Celebration

As the world spins and we take loving action, issue 12 of Mels Love Land asks you to celebrate everything.

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The journey to our authentic self is our destiny. We arrive through love in all its blazing glory.

Day 8 |  Step Up

Step up and into the destiny of this moment. No matter what you think is stopping you, forget it and step up, take that next loving action. Remember you begin again with each breath where everything is possible and new worlds await. It is only important that you take the step forward.

1 7th Annual Next100 1- 5 beginnings

8 Mels Love Land Next100

Affirm It | Day 8

I give my all in each moment with infinite love and gratitude.

8 Mels Love Land Affirmation

We work together to debate and communicate through complicated issues.

Love, Mel

7th MELS ❤️ LAND: All Systems Love NEXT100 | Why We Speak of Love | Day 8

Mel is a writer, love activist, curiosity aficionado.
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Enter the sacredness of your truest home, that space where love and forgiveness meets an open heart becoming a soulful force of nature.  Become today someone who is full and rich and free of the past judgments and dramas and struggles.

Day 7 |  Listen to Your Intuition

Forgive yourself now, then and forever for every unloving thought, release it into the ethers from whence it came. Take today to identify with love and enjoy yourself out there.

1 7th Annual Next100 1- 5 beginnings

7 Mels Love Land Next100

Affirm It | Day 7

I listen with all my senses to everyone I meet with Infinite Love and Gratitude.

7 Mels Love Land Affirmation

We work together to debate and communicate through complicated issues.

Love, Mel

7th MELS ❤️ LAND: All Systems Love NEXT100 | Why We Speak of Love | Day 7

Mel is a writer, love activist, curiosity aficionado.
Follow her on twitter @MobileMel | Insta @Crazylemonlove

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#MelsLoveLand #AllSystemsLove #Love #Activism

Do not get caught in other people’s insanity, or more importantly, your own. Wash the entire story with Love and bare witness to the truth. When a decision is made in Love doubt ceases. Love brings peace of mind and a certainty of purpose. Move toward that sacred feeling of warmth in the embrace of the truth.

Day 6 |  Enrich Each Moment

Move toward the light of Love. Enrich your life with this energy and let everything else fall away.

1 7th Annual Next100 1- 5 beginnings

6 Mels Love Land Next100

Affirm It | Day 6

I am nourished by everyone I meet with Infinite Love and Gratitude.

6 Mels Love Land Affirmation

We work together to debate and communicate through complicated issues.

Love, Mel

7th MELS ❤️ LAND: All Systems Love NEXT100 | Why We Speak of Love | Day 6

Mel is a writer, love activist, curiosity aficionado.
Follow her on twitter @MobileMel | Insta @Crazylemonlove

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#MelsLoveLand #AllSystemsLove #Love #Activism