Flight of the Soul

xander mels love landWhen I make a mistake I like to look at it as paving a new way to the truth.

In the spirit of the new year — Teshuvah is always new.

For every new mistake you make you merely create a new way to see.

Forgiveness and atonement as the gateway into a new beginning, a new year…

Wishing you a most happy Rosh Hashanah to all and to all a good day…


“May you be inscribed and sealed in the book of life for a good year.”

Love, Mel

“After 911 we were called to be our best selves after sept 11th it’s important to remember our best selves to rise to what was necessary, not because it was easy…”

Mel talks with Mara Brown about the light workers called to Ground Zero to help the souls reach God.

Service and love and peace and how can I be of assistance through deep listening is the space to occupy after unimaginable suffering and disaster. There was so much love post 9/11 and if you imagined the world today if our reaction had been peace and not a brutal attack and war.

What if All Our Thoughts Were Loving?

What if All Our Thoughts Were Loving?

For all the souls resting in power —

I will be still, and let the earth be still along with me. And in that stillness we will find peace. It is within my heart, which witnesses the losses we have experienced. Peace is shining in me now.


Love, Mel





The most impactful thing about the days and months and years after September 11th for me was listening to the experience of our nation’s children.  I heard so many kids explaining what the day meant to them and what their plans were to help make the world a better place.  One thing was clear.  It shifted the course of their futures. This event struck all of us on so many levels and continues to be a marker in the conversation about the brotherhood of man and how we practice humanity around the globe.

So many stories of loss and love and heart break and bravery and compassion remain as New York continues to reimagine and rebuild. I ran into this clip of Angela Lansbury at the Mormon Tabernacle discussing her concerns and reaction in the year after the attacks and how as a Grandmother she wanted to respond to what she witnessed.  Angela Lansbury asked herself what she could contribute with her talents.  The answer was as simple as it is beautiful… to sing a song using her voice to spread a message and remind all of us it is our job to be there for our kids, all our kids.

“All of us, grand parents, parents, aunts, and uncles, we all have to try to do everything that we possibly can to show them that they are safe and loved and that good will triumph over evil and right will prevail.”

As she sings this beautiful song for the Christmas show at the Mormon Tabernacle Ms. Lansbury speaks the truth and spreads the message that all of us deeply understand.  Not only do children listen to everything we say.  They are sponges of the world they inhabit and it is our responsibility to nourish their hearts and souls with love. Reassure the little ones.  So they feel safe and whole. I don’t know how you hold September 11th in your heart but I do know that for me it remains the day that millions of children’s hearts shifted in consciousness and their understanding of safety took a beating.

To everyone, now and forever I join in this message from Stephen Sondheim, sung below so beautifully by Angela Lansbury….

Nothing’s gonna harm you, not while I’m around. Nothing’s gonna harm you, no sir, not while I’m around.
Demons are prowling everywhere, nowadays, I’ll send ’em howling, I don’t care, I got ways.
No one’s gonna hurt you, No one’s gonna dare. Others can desert you, Not to worry, whistle, I’ll be there.
Demons’ll charm you with a smile, for a while, But in time… Nothing can harm you Not while I’m around…
Not to worry, not to worry
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While we may experience worry and stress it is our job to protect our children. To shield them from harm’s way and to enlighten their journey. It is our job as parents and teachers and land lords of the earth to rise into our magnificence and teach our children well.


Lots of Love,



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As a little bonus. Here’s an interview where Angela Lansbury talks about the moment of owning her star turn in the show MAME and the challenge to being in the spotlight… “As my great friend Katherine Hepburn said you ‘Take stage.’  A Wonderful moment. You decide you are going to go for it.”


I respect VICE News for embedding a reporter into the process and behind the scenes so we could have this insight. Please be aware – Charlottesville: Race and Terror on HBO. Watch. Please.

YouTube Preview Image

Everyday in every neighborhood this talk takes place. It is absurd. Hateful and ridiculous. There is no one to hate. That is an illusion.

Jews are not in a conspiracy. That talk is an illusion.

Dr. William Barber spoke words that drill time through me in these conversations… “there is no right or left it is only right vs. wrong.” What you witness through this report is not right behavior, thinking, or action. It happens. People are out of their ‘right’ mind.

We have the ability to stand up with Love. Wrong minded behavior falls in the light of day. When we stand up to hate, where it is, in our neighborhoods, in our homes, in our media. We see it. We address it. We choose a course of action.

Move into it – dissipate.

Get Support to Deal with It – Community.

Change your thinking – inner power.

Turn on the light. Remain convicted in Love.

There are more of us who are loving than there are haters.

What is witnessed of hate and fear can be healed.  What is witnessed of love expands naturally.

This is not loving behavior. It is not right. There is no one to hate. To repeat. That is a false illusion.

Let me know your thoughts on this.

Let me know what you plan on doing.

God bless.



6 Mels Love Land #MiniMag Issue 11 | Adventure Melanie Lutz

The deliciousness of living gives birth to the ecstasy of each moment in the adventures of our heart, those moments that come forward in the quiet uncertainty of the unknown, that thrilling goosebump filled connection with all that is. Take this moment to ground into your soul’s code.
When you are in the soul filled adventure you are filled with courage and acceptance with each step. As Mels Love Land #MiniMag Issue 11 | Adventures joins the other loving issues. A few words of love. We are united in love. We are united in our sorrow. We are united in our humanity. We, together can work in our communities to extend love. Do not get side tracked with gobble de goob noise or what people ‘in power’ are doing, we are in charge of our powerful selves, we know how to act, to be, to love. We march forward, with our heads turned backward if necessary, and do the loving thing we came here to do, to be in service, to take an adventure into the testament of hope regardless if we see the impact. We must do what needs to be done. Let’s continue to discuss what matters, lets continue to act with kindness and love that speaks in the space of our collective heart loud enough for all to hear on a vibrational level.
Our inspiration for this issue 11 is the incomparable Eleanor Roosevelt in Riverside Park on the upper west side in the glorious late Spring time in NYC.
Allow this issue to embrace your dreams, to nourish them with each step you take and allow it to remind you….
2 Mels Love Land #MiniMag Issue 11 | Adventure Melanie LutzTO TAKE ACTION.
find a way to do what needs to be done – to talk about things that matter
to live in the oneness of now – knowing all of us are one of us.
each of us is connected – one’s suffering is all of our suffering
right minded thinking blazes a trail – for all to see. Get out there and do good. Be kind. Live in the light of all that you can be. Enjoy the connection to the adventure of connection.
Love, Mel.
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Love is an action.

Love is a way of being.

Love is not found in words, it is found in the heart.

I stand with each of you today and everyday in our heart felt mission to be kinder. to be more loving. to be compassionate and to wake up from the dream.

Join me in prayer and thought and if you are having difficulty in deciphering any of it. Why not just take a read of the 10 commandments.

Love. Now.

Miracles. Always.


Blossoming Love Paris

Blossoming Love Paris

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There are always people on the planet who respect blustering violent actions to resolve conflicts. I am not one of them. Sending love and peace and prayers to the planet in our growing state of inter-connectedness. Connection. Remembering and Love is one of our paths forward.

Join me today, wherever you are in active, loving prayers for our Earth family. All beings in love and support and peace, disconnecting from external broadcasts, harmonizing into the deep reserve of co-creative expression that nourishes our eco-systems, that promotes general well being and full of compassion for all our life cycles and passions and processes. May we be called to take action to support and uplift the worlds we inhabit. May we come into soul full alignment, may we experience a new understanding of any circumstances and may we enter into new right relationships with all our beloved community. #Earthwellness #Now Espérance #Justice #Love


Love, Mel

Melanie Lutz Church

Pictured: Courtyard of the Church of Saint-Pierre de Montmartre (one of the oldest surviving churches in Paris) Among other things it holds a relic of Saint Therese de Lisieux (known as the little flower) with these words — “remember your promise to do good on earth, sprinkle your abundance, your shower of roses on those who invoke you, and get us from God the graces we expect in his infinte goodnessm. Amen.”

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Melanie Lutz

Independence Day is one of my favorite days of the year.

We are endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights and such there is nothing to be taken for  granted.  Unalienable rights endowed by our creator cannot be taken from us.  Our founders intended to break away from taxation without representation and create something new.

We don’t want to be held captive by any force whether it be a King that represents taxation, news channels that have no objectivity, a loved one who blames us for their heart closing, or our egos that perpetuate any personal imprisonment.  It is time to declare the freedom of this time in this moment.

Open up to the possibilities of the unknown.  Nobody who signed the Declaration of Independence knew that Democracy would work (and some could argue quite strongly that it doesn’t) but the ideals of Freedom and Justice and Happiness and the pursuit of working each day to get it right are worth dying for.

The Declaration of Independence represents a testament to the idea that while all of us have different viewpoints, don’t always get along, get so mad we disagree that we can come together when the cause is dear enough and important enough to hold hands and walk forward into the truth.

Growing up in Pennsylvania had a huge influence over my development and ideas often without my knowing it.  William Penn founded Pennsylvania on the Quaker principles of divine equality of all men, women and children directly influencing the eventual home and spirit of the Congressional Congress telling the King of England to go F – himself.  The principles of freedom from tyranny, the principles of a new order for the ages live and breathe in my heart.

This is a special time in the course of human events and we are blessed to be members of these United States of America and when it is time to speak the truth and remember we are endowed with unalienable rights built into our DNA that all men are created equal and it is time.

Hold the truth and have it be self – evident!  Live from that place in your heart and let’s watch a new day unfold.

Some Loving thoughts to open the heart and stay the course to eternal freedom.

Don’t stop a minute before the miracle.

Resurrection is when your eyes are open and you see what is already there

Enlightenment isn’t a change but it’s recognition

Fiery passion emerges out of broken heart

It is Grief support not grief denial

Faith gives assurance that this too shall pass (enslavement turned to promised land)

Sometimes we can’t see. Faith gives us the absolute knowledge that

Crucifixion turns into a resurrection

Experience tears & pain but keep in mind Blessed are those who have faith and they can’t see. There is a plan that I don’t need to see it is there. God lifts above the battlefield.

Get out there and by happy and make our creator proud.

It is an honor to have been born and raised in Pennsylvania and to embody and promote the principles that these countries based on, its origins and the divinely sacred space of my birthplace and all it represents till I take my last breath.

God Bless America and God Bless us All!!


Love, Mel

5 I am a Great Man Melanie Lutz


Dance from the HeartAt The Souther California Chapter of the American Dance Therapy Association Summer meeting at the Art of Living near USC I danced with my sisters and ancestors and community sparking a soul filled remembering of the heart of Paramahansa Yogananda’s Whispers of Eternity.


The words entered the flight of the soul so completely as to remain connected to all movement of all time, to the broadcast of harmonies greatest triumph, that of the heart beating, the soul speaking and the body moving.

This complete expression of the heart in movement and comfort and complexity with the simple turns of the body in motion full of love was a revelation.Melanie Lutz Behin Behrozi Gabriela Garcia Dance from the Heart American Association of Dance Therapy

With gratitude for all our ancestors, all that came before and all that would follow we danced.

We danced for each other, for our joy, for our sorrow, for our friendship and for our community.

We danced to heal ourselves and all those who we are inter-connected with.

We danced to forgive oursleves and those who transgressed against us

We danced for love. Now and forever.

We showed up to celebrate our collective hearts.

We grateful for all the gifts we recieve today and always. In the many ways and traditions of Dance it is an honor to expand this practice to grow and participate in a movement healing energy storytelling practice.

Please enjoy the little sharing on Soundcould below:


Here’s a moment of contemplation from the Yogananda’s book Whispers of the Heart – consider it a cry for freedom.

Make Me a Lion of Thy All-Conquering Wisdom

A lion-cub of the Divine Mother, I was somehow thrown into life in the sheep-fold of human frailties. Living long with the sheep of fear, failure and disease, I bleated with weakness. I forgot my roars which had frightened away all wicked, pestering sorrows. O Lion of Realization, Thou didst drag me away from the sheep-fold unto the waters of meditation. And Thou didst say: “Open thine eyes and roar!” But I kept my eyes tightly closed and bleated with fear. The roar of Thy wisdom reverberated through me, and Thy hard shakings of spiritual urge made me open my eyes. Lo! there in the crystal pool of peace, Thou didst show me my face to be like Thine!

Now, I know I am the Lion of cosmic power. I will no more bleat in fear of weakness and suffering: I will roar with the vibrant power of the Almighty! Bounding in the forest of experiences, I will seize the little creatures of vexing worries, the timid fears, and wild hyenas of disbelief, and devour them ruthlessly.

O Lion of Immortality, roar through me Thine all-conquering power of wisdom! (Whispers, No. 43.)

May wisdom reign. May love be abundant and may all your dreams continue to come true.

Love, Mel

melnaie lutz Vanessa by the Sea roadwayEmanual Swedenborg connected the other side and heaven in the concepts of divine love and wisdom leaving a rich soul full experience.

The spiritual world is distinct from the natural world but connected via an energy present in all things. When Ghandi years later discussed that the ends are inherent in the means he picked up this thread of the eternal truth.  Therefore there are angels and spirits in the world.

As Swendborg wrote ‘As these things have not been known it has also been unknown that the light and heat that angels and spirits have is different from the light and heat that men have; also that light and heat in the spiritual world derive their essence from the sun there, as our light and heat derive their essence from our sun; therefore the essence of light and heat from their sun is spiritual, while the essence of light and heat from our sun is natural, to which, however, a spiritual from their sun has been joined, which enlightens man’s understanding when the natural enlightens his eye.’ He speaks to the holiness of all things. We stand in the spirit of all the means in our things in each moment we remain present to the now within each encounter.

Continue to see beyond what your human eyes and ears are taking in. Continue to allow love to lead the way. Continue to connect to the heart of the matter. Take action. Be loving. Enjoy yourself.

Love, Mel

Mels Love Land Melanie Lutz

Mels Love Land Docu-Series Coming Soon.