Consider the possibility there is another way and let’s imagine anew.

For Peace

For Love

For Life…

Hope you enjoyed Mels Love Land: “LIFE” trailer ft. MAESA singing the Navajo Prayer by Jody Healy.

Let our days be a joyful demonstration of our inner connection, power and peace. May a renaissance flow in on the wings of the angels of our better nature.

May a grace filled renaissance flow with our most magnificent energies….

Life, is divine love, in form from Emanuel Swedenborg’s Divine Love and Wisdom.

Together we cultivate the conditions for love to lead the way. Grateful for the ways the flight of my soul always leads me to the peaceful inner power of my being. May you find everything necessary for your journey. It is the heart that sets us free.

Love, Mel


“LIFE” trailer ft. MAESA

Mels Love Land is an original docu-series that asks the question “What if All Our Thoughts Were Loving?”



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