Awake-ness is a function of aliveness, of our connection to the present. Do not fall asleep. Do not fall asleep. Do not fall asleep. We need you in all your radiance.


There is a garden flourishing brilliantly within the grounds of your being. We nourish this with love. Every offering in this space is a call to realize the suffering we see is pervasive and has been with us, our seeing the reality of a systemic breakdown during chaotic times is a shift in perception to allow for a change, a transformation and a remembering of who we are and why we are here. It is an invitation to go deeply into the vision of the heart. The master chakra of the world’s rebirth. This magnificent, beating, wonder, that is ever weaving and writing and pursuing our destiny. This musculature and instrument constantly describing, discussing, co-creating, organizing and announcing its place in the world in each moment.

I like to think of the heart beat inviting us to deepen our awareness, each beat a slap in the face reminder shiiiiiiiiiite is getting done with our without us. With each beat can I connect with all that is and what would a renaissance of loving look like? What would it mean to hear the thoughts of others, not be triggered and take loving action to support and care and love each other.

Couple of notes as we begin the exploration and activation.

Do not give up your power.

Do not give in to hopelessness.

Do connect to what you love.

Do stand up and show up for community care and wellness.

Leave situations better than you found it.

First do no harm.

Allow space for all of it.

Every day, in every way CHOOSE LOVE.

When Martin Luther King, Jr. came back from India and his study of Nonviolent movements practiced by Gandhi he carried in him, essential loving principles unattached to outcome yet with the fierce destiny of now. We are onlookers to a world changed by MLK’s quest for justice, his march for freedom, his organizing abilities, his charm and power, and ability to amplify words of meaning and grace. His efforts were not celebrated, they were necessary. The vast majority is not needed to change their mind, they are awakened by a Critical Mass of folks who say that is it, I am going to choose nonviolent persistent connection to my loving center, to my inter-relational vision of what is true, what is honoring, what is a sacred knowing. The DNA of the universe is a movement of the worlds and its participants to form patterns that interact in infinite and endless possibility born in each moment we make a choice. It is why the DNA of the individual is represented in a single cellular map that allows for the birthing of the person, encoded with purpose in the larger DNA of the universes. We are a part of all that is and as such have the power and grace to align in harmonic patterns.

I’ll stop there as I want to let the words sing through from Martin Luther King, Jr’s beginning thoughts on this concept of sleepiness, and inertia and lack of choice aka non-action and how it began to take form. Not without missteps and trials and tribulations and forces crying, stop it, not now, someday, come on, and the massacre of his physical form to instill the apathy of enoughness into our societal fabric that ended the 20th Century with too few have too much and too many having nothing.

WHAT IF all our thoughts were loving?

In this beginning of the 21st Century, keep your seat of the heart, keep your soul as the code of now, the presence of what is, check your fear at the door, establish an order for the days that includes choosing, non-violent, committed, loving action, full of the necessary bruises, assignation of character, mocking, whatever comes you have the will for it, you know the way and everyday you choose the non-violent, necessary work of loving community, is a day of celebration.


Toward that end, I’m never too far from the collection of essays, speeches and books written by Martin Luther King, Jr. The Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches of Martin Luther King, it is a wonderful source book to see the development of a movement in love cut short too soon and one we pick up tenderly, with grace, and gratitude for all our ancestors who continue to fuel our revolution and evolution of our worlds toward harmony and peace and justice spoken out loud into being as loving transformation.

Anger is an elegant energy to bring to this experience of our contemporary cultural conversation to connect to as we transform to a better way, where love principle guide us to peace. Do not disavow parts of yourself in this movement to return to an all systems love world where we are at peace with ourselves and every decision we make is at the center of our well being.


From the chapter Love, Law and Civil Disobedience this talk to the Fellowship of the Concerned in November 1961 – lays out the conversation that confounds folks of good will today – what is this inaction in the face of injustice, how do we turn to our inner power of the people, the majority of folks against the few oppressors, how is this inaction met and returned to the seat of its soul.

He began with this explanation ~abridged, for blog purposes…

“Now there are three ways that oppressed people have generally dealt with their oppression. One way is the method of acquiescence, the method of surrender; that is, the individuals will somehow adjust themselves to oppression, they adjust themselves to discrimination or to segregation or colonialism or what have you. The other method that has been used in history is that of rising up against the oppressor with corroding hatred and physical violence. Now, of course, we know about this method in western civilization, because in a sense it has been the hallmark of its grandeur, and the inseparable twin of western materialism. But there is a weakness in this method because it ends up creating many more social problems than it solves. And I am convinced that if the Negro succumbs to the temptation of using violence in his struggle from freedom and justice, unborn generations will be the recipients of a long and desolate night of bitterness. And our chief legacy to the future will be an endless reign of meaningless chaos.

But there is another way, namely the way of nonviolent resistance. This method was popularized in our generation by a little man from India, whose name was Mohandas K. Gandhi. He used this method in a magnificent way to free his people from the economic exploitation and the political domination inflicted upon them by a foreign power.” read more here.

Relating the experience of today’s global interconnections, constant warring, disconnection from our inner gardens in the complications of oppressive capitalism, and global machismo, perhaps it is time to consider the possibility there is another way.

Sending love and if anyone needs something please let me know. Should you want me to uplift an offering or highlight work you are doing please reach out. May your blessings in this time be many and may you feel the grace of today as the offering of possibility it is ?

Would love your thoughts and loving nonviolent actions you are embracing and embodying in your beloved community.

Love, Mel


PS. I am not posting this to disconnect from our neighbors and friends and family who are suffering. This post and others like it are an invitation to go deeper, to connect to the world in which we are here to share our gifts and co-create and collaborate in everyday loving, kind actions.


Melanie Lutz is a writer and love activist living in Los Angeles, CA. She has been working for the past several years on a docu-series, Mels Love Land, that asks the question ‘What if all our thoughts were loving?”

Her twitter is @MelsLoveLand

IG @MelsLoveLand



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