People are feeling the pinch of their aloneness, the disconnection from family, friends community, going out to eat, experiencing calling with panic attacks, depressed vibes and worry.  Knowing we are in a transformative state actively helping our neighbors by staying home isn’t always a salve for what ails our nerves. Keeping the light of love and co-creating opportunities to release, realign and readjust is sometimes a necessary action. Here’s a few ideas to help during the days of couch to bed to bathroom to kitchen to love.


1. The most obvious is often the best and the truest source of your connection to your well being. Breathe in Peace, Breathe Out Love. Breathe of Fire. Horse Breath, Lion’s Breath. Aunt Mable’s exasperated Breath. Keep on breathing.

2. Laugh, dance, giggle, enjoy each moment, every little thing. Find ways to blow out the excess energy. Pro tip while funny, one time, during extended stay loud farting if you are living with others.

3. Connect to your inner wisdom through affirmative movement practices. Once thing a day that connects you to your intuition. Write a love note for the house. Thank your kidney’s, when was the last time you asked them what they need?

4. Rest well and deeply through the gateway of the heart. Take the bridge of connection, allow yourself to deeply relax into the arms of God.

5. Love deeply, completely and wholeheartedly. Everyone. Love shifts your point of view. Keep it simple. Love.

Miracles are shifts in perception from fear to love. Shifts in perception. When you have situations that spike anxiety, it helps to have some

And, as a bonus, one of my favorite destress techniques is adding a beloved fruit, mandarin, or orange, or a crystal, or a tea bag, or a favorite natural handmade soap to my THIRD EYE. Ahhhhhh.



Anxiety is the world nudging you to reconnect to your loving inner systems, to realign with the powerful high vibes, nothing to be afraid of, anxiety allows you to drop deeply while being raised up in love, to update your systems. New systems aligned with love principles, knowing you are safe and anxiety is asking you to consider the possibility there is another way to look at everything. I’ve been advocating for an all systems love approach. Hope these tips help offer a way for shift and a day for digging deeper into your authentic self.  Which i am taking as a good sign. There is an over abundance of information and yet – what if, there is nothing to do. What if anxiety was an offering to shift your POV. Allow yourself the freedom to go beyond your thoughts.

Keep choosing love and kindness and listen to our loving hearts.  May you find comfort in your bodies natural rhythms.



Melanie Lutz is a writer and love activist living in Los Angeles, CA.

Her twitter is @MelsLoveLand

IG @MelsLoveLand

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