Flight of the Soul

Mels Love Land Day 91 8th Next 100 Everything I've Learned About LoveStand in your practice of love and feel nourished by the light within all things. Live your life as a testament and total commitment to this feeling of love, peace and justice.

All I Know About Love I Learned From You
Healing is returning to love.

Affirm It 
I listen to my loved ones.


“What we need in the United States is not division; what we need in the United States is not hatred; what we need in the United States is not violence or lawlessness; but love and wisdom, and compassion toward one another, and a feeling of justice toward those who still suffer within our country, whether they be white or they be black.” Robert Kennedy in the wake of the assassination of Martin Luther King

May we heal the soul of America through our open loving heart.

Love, Mel




Consider the Possibility There is Another Way

Melanie Lutz Day 80 8th Next 100 Practice Trusting Your Intuition
Trust Your Intuition
Allow yourself the grace available in each moment to act from the still small voice that knows.

Affirm It
I love and trust my life exactly as it is.



“When I think of the infinite, I think of black. Black is forever and then some; it will outlast light. Black is the beginning, the source, the before and the after, the Alpha and the Omega. . . . Shamans taught me that black is the color of the west on the medicine wheel, the direction linked to earth, the female body, introspection, change, death and intuition.” —Connections

May I receive the gifts being offered in each encounter.

Love, Mel

Mels Love Land Docu-Series Wisdom

Mels Love Land Docu-Series Wisdom

Consider the Possibility There is Another Way

Day 71 8th Next 100 Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway

Be fierce in your loving interactions. Be kind in your communities. Lead with Love in each conversation. Talk about things that matter. Be someone who takes action that creates deep and abiding peace of mind body and soul.

Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway
Make your life an emblem of beauty in action. Stand for what is Loving, allowing any action that is necessary, that is just, that is kind, to rise up into being and just do it.

Affirm It
I speak up when I see injustice.

May you know the fullest fierceness of now.
Love, Mel
“Do one thing every day that scares you.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt


Chartres Labyrinth

the Old ones sayNo matter what divides us, we must remain united in the highest order of freedom with respect for our differences and find our common connections.
Next 100 | Day 69 | Do Your Best, No More, No Less 
When the best of us is brought forth, it gives us the chance to let go of the worst of us. Move into deep respect and appreciation for who you are. No holding back.
Affirm It | Day 68
I always do my best, no more, no less.
The Four Agreements (Don Miguel Ruiz)
Be impeccable with your word.
Don’t take anything personally.
Don’t make assumptions.
Always do your best. No More. No Less.
May you surprise yourself with the power and depth of your open loving heart.
Love, Mel
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Day 70 8th Next 100 Count Your Blessings

Day 65 8th Next 100 Pray is the Medium of Miracles
There is a saying ‘you do not ask for too much, you ask for too little.’ ASK to be a blessing to those you meet, ask to share your gifts, ask to be the best, most loving expression of the heart. Pray with grace. Expect miracles.
Next 100 | Day 65 | Prayer is the Medium of Miracles   
Prayer is the Medium of Miracles. Prayer is the way we communicate with God. Ask, through prayer to receive wisdom, grace and love. Ask for what you need to be delivered easily.
Affirm It | Day 65
I am overflowing with blessings.
I can Only Imagine | Wynnona
May all your prayers be answered and may those that are not be realized for the blessing it is.
Love, Mel
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Day 62 8th Next 100 Soul Force


Listen to the soul’s energies and deepen your practice of knowing you are powerful beyond measure.
Next 100 | Day 62 | Soul Force 
Connect to the force of your soul. Feel its unerring wisdom. Deepen your alignment. Take action.
Affirm It | Day 62
I cherish my soul force.
May your soul know its full power.
Love, Mel
The term is Satyagraha (a name Gandhi invented meaning “adherence to truth”) it seeks to eliminate antagonisms without harming the antagonists themselves and seeks to transform or “purify” it to a higher level. A euphemism sometimes used for Satyagraha is that it is a “silent force” or a “soul force” (a term also used by Martin Luther King Jr. during his famous “I Have a Dream” speech). It arms the individual with moral power rather than physical power. Satyagraha is also described as a “universal force,” as it essentially “makes no distinction between kinsmen and strangers, young and old, man and woman, friend and foe.”
Greta Climate Change

Keep your eyes attune to the whispers on the wind listening to what’s required for your soul’s growth.
Live the Truth
Flip the switch, ignite the field, walk into the brilliant light of truth. Right now.
Day 51 8th Next 100 Live the Truth
Affirm It
I let the truth guide my way.
Truth is what is.
May the truth shine brightly in every situation you find yourself.
Love, Mel

Mels Love Land Bookstore (2)When you make Love a daily practice, embracing each step in your process every day becomes a celebration inviting all parts of you to be nourished, healed and held.
Let Love Lead the Way, Love as a Process of Daily Nourishment
Pure Love is the full knowing of the truth of your being. Every breath represents the opportunity
to let love lead the way.
Affirm It
I allow love to surround me and flow through me.
May all your loving actions be returned to you 1000 fold.
Love, Mel

roses at the beachStep into the destiny of this moment completing your commitments with persistence and patience.
It’s Not Where You Start It is Where You Finish
Follow the thread of your efforts to its conclusion.
Affirm It
I am blessed with radiant energy and inner joy as I finish all my heart felt work.
This journey to our authentic self is our destiny. Destiny is the inherent joy of the power of now. We arrive through love in all its blazing glory.
May your dreams unfold in delightfully unexpected and extra gentle ways.
Love, Mel

Forgiveness offers everything necessary to experience complete peace.

Melanie Lutz Mels Love Land Love > Fear

Forgive Everyone 

Take responsibility for your part in any drama that occurs. Enable a lighten-ing of the grip of blame, leading the way to owning your place in the world allowing forgiveness to flow..

Affirm It 

I give up what has happened to me and leap quantum style into forgiveness laying aside blame. Allow me the grace to invite total forgiveness into my heart to wash away all that no longer serves. Allow me to embrace life in love with all that is.


Copy of Mels Love Land S1_ All Systems Love (4)Wisdom

A Course in Miracles is a “universal, self-study spiritual thought system, offering a unique process for teaching forgiveness and how to remove barriers in the student’s mind to the awareness of love’s abiding presence”



May you be free of the judgments and dramas and struggles.

Love, Mel