Flight of the Soul

Dishonesty dishonors.

Personal integrity matters.

I am angry

I will not deny it.

I am angry.

The men calling out ‘bitches, deserve this.”

I am angry.

The lack of representation.

I am angry.

The years of continuing hypocrisy.

The hijacking of democracy.

The ways that met the means

and the means were ugly.

I am angry at watching the feast of ego parading around in front of me. I am angry at hurts being inflicted, hearts being broken, and children being victimized.

A spotlight is being cast on the things that aren’t working, so they can be addressed, atoned and freed, bringing everything up and out of the shadows for a Love filled healing so we can experience the Truth.

There is no more hiding. There will only be healing.

Love met the truth today.

I will no longer tolerate the loss of personal integrity.

I will no longer tolerate degrading behavior.

While I do not have the answer to the complex web of societal issues, I do know this, I can practice personal peace of mind.

I will no longer turn a blind eye to behaviors that cause harm

Feigning shock when harm ensues.

I will join together in a practice of humanity

I will hold myself in high regard.

I will own what I know.

When a brother stumbles I will extend a hand of support.

I will offer respect and grace in every moment.

I am angry. I see it all. I take it all in. I choose what’s next.

Love > Fear.

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Melanie Lutz is a writer and love activist living in LA, CA.

@mobilemel on twitter

Jesus Mels Love Land Melanie LutzSo often the use of the bridge that Jesus is and represents gets exploded in the words, energies, and seething anxieties fostered by fear. The idea of winning in this day and age in the public square comes to mean something entirely different than was intended.

We as citizens, as people, as humans, as occupiers of land are involved in each others lives, we are together in ways that are seen and unseen, we together create the harmony of our lives on earth. When a brother is in trouble we are all in trouble. When someone has forgotten love, it is our job to remind them it is here.

God is going to Trouble the Water.

It has been said, if you are not thinking with love (as God would) your thinking is not true. Don’t fool yourself into thinking your anxiety and your fear leads you to right action. If you are not thinking with love whatever you do, however you want to act, may become hypocrisy. Religion is a binding back, but the spirit of Christ light is not contained, it is an ever present energy available in each moment and within all things to move.

Choosing to practice loving principles where you give it over to God, not with blind faith, but faith in love, faith in christ, God, Krishna consciousness to allow life to shine brightly through the human foibles of the body. We are massive and wonderful projectors, the human body is an amazing instrument and with care and love and practice of choosing to act with love, to let love lead the way, you find yourself in a deep space of peace and harmony and all that once challenged you, that brought you weight and discomfort is lifted, allowing you to rise up, sharing the gifts you have been given and exploring the power and majesty the world represents.

No matter what— Jesus consciousness remains, Jesus can take it, waiting, ever present, eternal to return you all the way to love, your truest home. Whatever circumstance, fears, stress that arrives in conscious form as you come to and through your troubled waters, Christ Consciousness is there, as a light, always, a way, available, to transform and harmonize.

We together keep our hearts open to love and support each other. It is all that ever was and all that will ever be. Do not despair, we raise up our hearts, we keep moving through and we continue in our practices of kindness, love, charity and grace.

The illusion of any Golden Idols that live and breath in our fields of consciousness, idols that we can be distracted by or that may cause us to harden our hearts, or rest awhile as the horrors rage, do not hold with love, when we make up connected to its purest power, and live through our hearts and pray deeply that we will meet each other, that we will cherish each other and we will be with each other as we give birth to a new world.

Love Activism Pro Tips (3)Remember on this day and any day you find yourself caught up. Take a moment to return to the beginning. “Let there be light.” Add to that Let there be love, and anything else that comes up in your heart. Say his name, Jesus, use the bridge between the worlds to tell it like it is.  Give all of your heart fearlessly. Do it all. Jesus can take it and transform it and bring peace on earth. Justus needs us.

There is so much power in the symbol of Jesus, the mere ideas of his work and existence and presence has spawned over 30,000 different variations of Christianity across and around the planet. The ways may be many, the avenues robust, we are never alone, we are always loved and we are here to share our gifts and believe in each other with love.

If you find yourself in times of trouble. Stay in the space of your heart of your inner power.

Gird (up) one’s loins and prepare yourself, dear warriors, we are here together, to rise up and into what is next.

Release everything that does not serve.

Pause and be still. See how far you rise above any BS (Limiting Belief System), release your mind from all chains, seek the level where you find peace, at home within your inner power. Be grateful you continue to liberate yourself, take flight in joy, restored to sanity, to freedom and to love.

Bring joy into this world.

Bring light into this world.

Bring peace as you go.

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“Wade In The Water” is a traditional Spiritual Arranged and directed by Rob Dietz

September 11 prayers for the deadAs you know we are often writing prayers of comfort to those in need and in the 17 years since the events of 9/11 we have cried tears of loss.

Today, when I saw this poem, The Dead of September 11, by Toni Morrison a new way of being on this day emerged. It is a day of connection to all, to our ancestors and our loved ones, to those we’ve lost and those we love.

May these words bring you openings, and brings us into a world where we remember we are our brothers, our neighbors and we love all.


Some have God’s words; others have songs of comfort
for the bereaved. If I can pluck courage here, I would
like to speak directly to the dead–the September dead.
Those children of ancestors born in every continent
on the planet: Asia, Europe, Africa, the Americas…;
born of ancestors who wore kilts, obis, saris, geles,
wide straw hats, yarmulkes, goatskin, wooden shoes,
feathers and cloths to cover their hair. But I would not say
a word until I could set aside all I know or believe about
nations, wars, leaders, the governed and ungovernable;
all I suspect about armor and entrails. First I would freshen
my tongue, abandon sentences crafted to know evil—wanton
or studied; explosive or quietly sinister; whether born of
a sated appetite or hunger; of vengeance or the simple
compulsion to stand up before falling down. I would purge
my language of hypberbole; of its eagerness to analyze
the levels of wickedness; ranking them; calculating their
higher or lower status among others of its kind.
Speaking to the broken and the dead is too difficult for
a mouth full of blood. Too holy an act for impure thoughts.
Because the dead are free, absolute; they cannot be
seduced by blitz.

To speak to you, the dead of September 11, I must not claim
false intimacy or summon an overheated heart glazed
just in time for a camera. I must be steady and I must be clear,
knowing all the time that I have nothing to say–no words
stronger than the steel that pressed you into itself; no scripture
older or more elegant than the ancient atoms you
have become.

And I have nothing to give either–except this gesture,
this thread thrown between your humanity and mine:
I want to hold you in my arms and as your soul got shot of its box of flesh to understand, as you have done, the wit of eternity: its gift of unhinged release tearing through the darkness of its knell.

The Dead of September 11 (Toni Morrison)


May love surround you all the days of your life.

Love, Mel


What dreams are you ready to manifest today? What world are you ready to change? What offering are you ready to give today?

Seize this moment to be kinder to be more loving, to give of yourself to another, to be of service, to bring someone who has lost a loved one a meal drop off and a hug.

Find ways to contribute to your community to be a part of all that is with your loving heart.

Mels Love Land Melanie Lutz Rise

Rise Mels Love Land (3)Consider the possibility there is another way to look at everything, with love.

Enjoy a day full of love, full of looking at the world with loving thoughts for yourself, for your neighborhood, for you community, for your family and for you work in the world.

Love unconditionally and with an open heart.

Enjoy yourself today.

Love, Mel


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Melanie Lutz is a writer and Love Activist living in Los Angeles, CA.

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May you know freedom, may you know joy, may you know the quiet wonder of a gentle night walking in your neighborhood. May you bring peace to all you meet. May you never go hungry, may you share all the gifts you have been given. May you be kinder today than you were yesterday, may you bring love with you wherever you go, may you be a light filled example for others to follow, may you have patience in abundance, may you know truth in its purest form, may you always be surrounded in blessings wherever you may wander and may you enjoy the quiet lightning of just, right action to do what needs to be done.

Melanie Lutz






May today’s return to prayer bring you deep inner peace. Stay connected to your inner power and light.

Love you. Mel



Melanie Lutz Picture Only Love is Real

Melanie Lutz is a writer and Love Activist living in Los Angeles, CA.

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aretha-franklin---growing-up-with-her-fatherShe meant so much to so many. Her spirit soared through her voice to lift us all up, to connect us and to bring us the steely determination of what it meant to be a powerful, purpose filled woman, sharing her gifts with the world. May Aretha be surrounded in grace, may her spirit deeply know peace. May her family and friends and all of us find comfort in the lessons and the love she has left behind.

Every woman understands the way she approached her work, her family and her responsibility with a fierceness and grace and pride. A women who knows strength lies in putting your arms around other women, living life in the fullness of all that life has to offer. She shared her passions in so many unique ways and touched so many lives simply by being an inspiration for generations.

All Hail and much respect. We will continue to say little prayers for you.

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Love you.



Allow me to be used for kindness

Allow all my defenses to be lifted

Open me up and break me open

In ways beyond my understanding

Into the faith of the moment

And a vision that is righteous

In the deepest reaches of my being

with infinite love and gratitude

Melanie Lutz

Martin Luther King Jr. often said 

“there is a power in our hearts 

more powerful than the power of bullets” 

… and today in the land of the free 

and the home of the brave 

its never been more important 

to remember.

It is time to help each other transcend our limiting beliefs 

and head into the field of pure possibility. 

As always, I hope your soul’s expression breaks through 

utilizing whatever language is necessary 

for a full rich radiant vibrance that fills your being. 

Listening to what speaks to you and around you. 

As these individual notes join together 

feel the stirrings of our collective heart 

become a radiating social force bringing each 

of our inner struggles and personal journeys 

into the larger unfolding experience, 

giving context and allowing nature to enact 

its most beautiful elegant outflow 

beyond the gravity 

of our day to day. 


exactly what is necessary 

for the fullest experience 

in each moment.

“All the natural movements of the soul are controlled by laws analogous to those of physical gravity. Grace is the only exception. Grace fills empty spaces, but it can only enter where there is a void to receive it, and it is grace itself which makes this void. The imagination is continually at work filling up all the fissures through which grace might pass.”  ― Simone WeilGravity and Grace

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From the Bronx to Kansas to Washington to Texas Americans are waking up to their beautiful power to rise up, to help create community and organize for the common wealth. Thank God.

All great speeches share one common thread, the ability to divine the truth creating space for the eternal. The words may change. The times may be different, but, in the stirring of the heart a great speech gives birth to the openness of possibility and in that openness we are given a choice, a choice to be moved by a higher vibrational experience into action leading spirit ever forward with faith and grace extending Love to all souls across the planet.

On July 20th in the heart of Kansas,  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stood with Bernie Sandors and Congressional candidate James Thompson and delivered a heart full speech of connection and hope born of action and the deep discipline of showing up. It is not an accident Alexandria stood before the audience of Kansas constituents to deliver these words into the deep river of connection that runs through the heart of Kansas and bends toward love and justice and doing the right thing in community.

Unite for America Kansas Alexandria OcasioMay you be inspired by her words, may you find a way to expand the conversations you are having and show up where love is being discussed with dignity and honor and respect for all.





Bernie Saunders is a bridge between the idealism of the original Love Revolution of th 60’s to where we stand in the 21st Century. What the world needs now, as it did then is love. He knew Bobby Kennedy and his vision for the world and the fight it required to complete love’s mission. This quote lives and breathes in what Bernie Saunders speaks of — “Few will have the greatness to bend history itself, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events. It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.” 

We are finding more and more ways to make connections with love, to weave into our collective uniquely American hearts and find what unites us.

Sarah Silverman’s I Love You America continues to shift hearts and stay on the battlefield. Hulu has renewed it for another season. Marianne Williamson’s constant and caring Love America Tour is opening hearts across the country. We are in an All Systems Love moment. What unites us will always be the way we manifest change.

We are leaning into a new order of the day, change is here, transformation is underway and we need your hearts, we need your gifts, we need you to take kind and loving action in your communities to share your gifts to build bridges for our worlds. We are building bridges. Love is leading the way.

The list for societal wellness is simple, the complexity comes from the systems designed to enable a 20th Century. It is the 21st Century, change is advancing faster than we can process, and we need new systems while we gently utilize what remains in place.

Love is ready to address and re-align in loving systems that work for everyone, that promote the general welfare and establish justice in pure domestic tranquility. One nation under God in Love.

Our Must Have List:

-Clean air, water, soil is a minimum entry to the 21st Century

-Health and wellness care for all currently #MedicareForAll

-Immigration systems that allow natural flows and address the root causes of a military industrial complex.

-Re-prioritized Military spending to create peace filled, harmony in our inter-connected, inter-dependent world.

-Education system that allows for the nourishment and upliftment and work flow of all our Citizens. Community driven, collective policies that foster the genius that lies in all our children.

-Advancing Justice and Reform of our thinking around criminal justice and for profit prisons.

-Money out of politics.

Add your thoughts to the list.

Get involved where you are called. Let’s take loving, kind action in our neighborhoods and communities and watch our worlds become more joy filled.





Melanie Lutz is a writer and Love Activist living in Los Angeles, CA.

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